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Saying hello!

  • ¡Hola! - Hello! Hi!
  • ¿Qué tal? - How is it going? / How are you doing? 
  • ¡Buen día! - Good day! 
    *You can use this expression at anytime of the day.
  • ¡Buenos días! - Good morning!
  • ¡Buenas tardes! - Good afternoon!
  • ¡Buenas noches! - Good evening! / Good night!
  • *We use this expression when the sun is already down. We use it for greeting people or to say good-bye. We also use it when we go to sleep.
  • ¡Hola a todos! - Hello everyone!
  • ¡Saludos! - Greetings!
  • ¡Bienvenido/a! - Welcome! (singular)
  • ¡Bienvenidos/as! - Welcome! (plural)
  • ¡Hola de nuevo! / ¡Hola otra vez! - Hello again!

Asking how they’ve been

  • ¿Cómo estás? - How are you? (informal)
  • ¿Cómo está? - How are you? (formal)
    ¿Cómo están? - How are you? (plural)

  • ¿Cómo te va? - How is it going? (informal)
  • ¿Cómo le va? - How is it going? (formal)
  • ¿Cómo les va? - How is it going? (plural)

  • ¿Cómo va todo? - How are things? / How is everything going?

  • ¿Qué cuentas? - What’s new? (informal)
  • ¿Qué cuentan? - What’s new? (plural)

  • ¿Cómo has estado? - How have you been? (informal)
  • ¿Cómo ha estado? - How have you been? (formal)
  • ¿Cómo han estado? - How have you been? (plural)

  • ¿Cómo te ha ido? - How have you been? (informal)
  • ¿Cómo le ha ido? - How have you been? (formal)
  • ¿Cómo les ha ido? - How have you been? (formal)
    The question “¿Cómo has estado?” is more direct, it goes right to the person, how is their health, job, etc. The question “¿Cómo te ha ido?” is less direct, it asks how situations have been going to them.

  • ¿Qué has estado haciendo? - What have you been doing? (informal)
  • ¿Qué ha estado haciendo? - What have you been doing? (formal)
  • ¿Qué han estado haciendo? - What have you been doing? (plural)

  • ¿Cómo (te) la estás pasando? - How are you doing? (informal)
  • ¿Cómo (se) la está pasando? - How are you doing? (formal)
  • ¿Cómo (se) la están pasando? - How are you doing? (plural)
    One of the meanings of the verb “pasar” is “to spend time”. This question could be translated as “How are you spending your time?” or “Are you having a good time?”. “Te” and “se” are optionals.

Saying ‘hello!’ after a long time

  • ¡Cuánto tiempo sin verte! - Long time no see! (informal)
  • ¡Cuánto tiempo sin verlo/verla! - Long time no see! (formal)
  • ¡Cuánto tiempo sin verlos/verlas! - Long time no see! (plural)
    verlo = see you (to a man)
    verla = see you (to a woman)
    verlos = see you (to a group of men. OR a group of men and women)
    verlas = see you (to a group of women)

  • ¡Me alegro de verte! - It’s nice to see you! (informal)
  • ¡Me alegro de verlo/verla! - It’s nice to see you! (formal)
  • ¡Me alegro de verlos/verlas! - It’s nice to see you! (plural)

  • ¡Qué alegría verte! - I’m so happy to see you! (informal)
  • ¡Qué alegría verlo/verla! - I’m so happy to see you! (formal)
  • ¡Qué alegría verlos/verlas! - I’m so happy to see you! (plural)

  • ¡Qué gusto verte! - I’m glad to see you! (informal)
  • ¡Qué gusto verlo/verla! - I’m glad to see you! (formal)
  • ¡Qué gusto verlos/verlas! - I’m glad to see you! (plural)

Saying ‘nice to meet you’

  • ¡Mucho gusto! - Nice to meet you! (neutral)
  • ¡Encantado/a! - I’m pleased to meet you! (neutral)
    You can use these expressions in informal and formal situations and with one person or many people. 

  • ¡Encantado/a de conocerte! - I’m pleased to meet you! (informal)
  • ¡Encantado/a de conocerlo/la! - I’m pleased to meet you! (formal)
  • ¡Encantado/a de conocerlos/las! - I’m pleased to meet you! (plural)
    You change “encantado” or “encantada” depending if you are a man or a woman. 
    You change “conocerlo”, “conocerla”, “conocerlos”, or “conocerlas” depending on whom you are talking to. 
  • You can answer with: Igualmente - me too

I hope this was useful to you!
¡Hasta luego!

Zelda's Log #0: The Permanent Roomate

A/N: first chapter! Read the prologue first, if you are a new reader!

The morning following her arrival to Hateno Village, after giving him a kiss on his brow, Zelda left a deeply asleep Link to get acquainted with her new place of residence.

Clad in her more comfortable blouse, pants and boots, she wandered through the winding road up the hill, until she could reach a height at which she could observe the whole place.

The sight brought a satisfying smile to her face.

7:46 a.m.

It’s amazing how Hateno has changed! It was a small settlement a hundred years ago, now it’s bursting with life and activity. Link's​ house is one of the oldest ones - it was about to be demolished, can you believe it?

She kept walking, reaching the premises of the Laboratory, with the intention of greeting its colorful resident.

Despite her extremely youthful appearance, Zelda recognized the sheikah scientist - her glasses gave her away.

‘Goddesses, Purah, what happened to you?!’, Zelda gasped in shock, hands covering her open mouth.

‘Occupational hazards, Princess’, the tiny child-woman said, shrugging and giving her a cheery wink. ‘Good to see you again!’

'Likewise. I came to see​ how you were faring’, Zelda informed her, ‘and to ask if you could see how my Sheikah slate is working’.

Purah checked the device thoroughly while she explained the Princess her findings on the past century - she was not scant on the details of her accident.

‘It’s perfectly fine, but some upgrades wouldn’t hurt’, she explained, tapping the screen. 'Go back to Link's​ and see if he has spare parts’.

‘How do you know I’m at his house?’, Zelda asked.

'Symin went out and brought some gossip on how Hateno’s newest mystery resident arrived with a lady in a white dress on the back of his horse’, Purah explained, gesticulating with excitement. 'Besides the black fog at the castle faded in a burst of light the other day. You don’t have to be a genius to assume you both defeated the Calamity!’

'Which is true’, Zelda assured. 'I wouldn’t be here if we hadn’t, would I?’

'Sure thing! But in all honesty, I think people probably think you just got hitched’, she chuckled, with a cheery grin, 'white dresses can be misleading!’

The Princess’ face looked as a freshly mined ruby.

'Purah, I will return later with the materials’ - Zelda dashed to the door - 'I need to fix this misunderstanding!’

Zelda didn’t even have to open the door, for Link smashed it open. He waved to the scientists.

'I was looking for you’ - he grabbed her hand, taking her with him - ‘Come with with me’. He seemed a bit upset.

'I know I should have let you know where I was going’, she recognized, letting herself be guided by him. 'Where are we going?’

'You’ll see’.

Zelda looked to the village as they approached it. There was a small crowd gathered near the general store. Immediately an idea popped in her head.

'A-are you going to introduce me…’, she asked nervously. ’…to the people?’

He nodded, smiling widely.

'What are we going to tell them?’, she asked, trying to find the words to explain easily who was her and how she got there.

'The truth’.

She squinted at him, not sure if he was going to tell an abridged version of the facts, or actually the whole story.

Before she could even muster a word to introduce herself, Link surprised her.

‘This is Zelda’, he presented her, 'she is living with me from now on, as my permanent roommate. Be nice to her, please, she is new to many things’.

No more details. A very Link introduction for sure. Only one thing made her iffy.

People kindly greeted her, giving her a warm welcome. Some people even gave her gifts, mostly prepared meals and flowers.

Once she knew all the names, both returned home.  

'Permanent roommate? Seriously?’, Zelda asked, certainly upset, leaving the gifts on the table. 'What kind of concept is that?’

Link huffed.

'I’m sorry, but what else would I say to them?’ - he shrugged- ‘We’re not newlyweds​, like some people thought, and they already know mostly everything about you but your name’.

'What do they know about me?’, she asked startled, worried about his answer.

'I’ve been running around all the corners of Hyrule for months, talking more and to more people than I ever had in my entire life’, he informed her. ‘Most folks in Hyrule know about me and my mission’ - he sighed, drooping his shoulders - 'go figure out the rest’.

'And I was thinking how fantastic would be a life in anonymity, at least for a while’, she sighed in resignation.

12.35 p.m.

I had a really eventful morning. Not only I was able to catch up with the findings of a very rejuvenated Purah - my Sheikah slate is in dire need of updates in comparison to Link’s - but I was also introduced to the villagers by my “permanent roommate” - a term coined by Link to describe our current living status, which I find uncomfortable, to say the least, considering all that has transpired between us.

After lunch, Zelda went to the Lab to upgrade her slate, and wandered around, trying its new features.

3.17 p.m.

I am amazed by the upgrade features! I am out of words by the compendium. I’m so eager to complete it; I might be able to add something new if I am lucky enough to discover a creature or a stone.

The rustle of grass took her eyes away from her writing. She already knew who it was.

'What do you want, permanent roommate?’, she asked, closing her notepad, not even turning to face him. 'I’m busy with my research’.

‘You aren’t. You always do that thing when you are mad’, he noted, 'You shut yourself away, not telling why you are acting like that’ - he sat on the grass next to her - ‘I’m not leaving until you explain yourself’.

‘Your poor choice of words when explaining our relationship to the villagers’. She cut straight to the point.

And then it dawned on him. Zelda heard the slapping noise of his hand against his face and a troubled groan.

‘I’m sorry’, he apologized in a pitiful tone, ‘I didn’t mean it; I thought it described well out situation’.

‘I know’, she acknowledged, turning to face him, ‘That’s why I went to be grumpy on my own. I can be petty if I want to’.

‘I do remember that’.

‘It’s not just that though… I thought people didn’t know who I was’, Zelda commented, playing with the grass blades. ‘I wanted a fresh start, to do whatever I wanted, specially researching’

'No one is telling you what to do now, but’ - he stroked her hair- 'you are who you are, and you can’t rub that off you…You can be a scholar, and still fulfill your royal duties’.

She nodded.

'Let’s go back home’, he requested, offering his hand for her to stand up, 'I made you cake’.

'Sounds like a good plan’, she observed, holding his hand.

They walked hand in hand back home, silently, stealing glances.

Once home, she realized that next to the cake was a beautiful notebook, covered in leather.

'I forgot to give you your birthday gift last night’, he admitted, handing her the item, 'I thought you might want to continue your research in a proper logbook’.

Her eyes widened, with a spark of glee shining on her emerald irises, and a wide smile graced her lips. Her priceless reaction made him feel extremely rewarded.

'Goddesses, it’s fantastic!’, she shouted, examining it, ‘Thank you’ -she held the notebook against her heart- 'this means so much to me’.

He just remained silent, cheeks tinted red.

‘I have a lot of research to do’, she told him coyly, tapping the hard-covered notebook. 'I consider you have the qualifications required to be my assistant… What do you think?’

‘As long as it doesn’t involve eating raw hot-footed frogs’ - he made a disgusted gesture - ‘I accept’.

His answer compelled her to give him a big kiss on the cheek.

7:33 p.m.

This is the first, albeit unofficial entry in this log. I have to catch up not only with a hundred years of research, but also with all the people who remain from our past and present. Link will join me in this quest, not only as my guardian and assistant, but also as something else - to my surprise, this logbook had a charming dedication, perhaps added after a misunderstanding we had during the day, related precisely about our relationship status:

May we never be apart ever again.

-Link (your permanent roommate, who loves you)

Being reunited with the group after a long time would include:


Originally posted by twddaily

• After being separated from the group a long time ago, wandering and fighting alone through this world the day would come you’d stand before Alexandria’s gates not knowing who you’d meet again

• You would look up the gates hearing a familiar voice calling your name

• Looking up you would see Abraham shouting chuckling and with glowing eyes down to you what a tough walker asskicking badass you are to make it here after all this time before opening the gates

• You being startled realizing that you’ve not only found a safe place but also a part or maybe even all of the people you missed that long

• You being greeted by a stunned Rick, who would just give you a hug and welcome you to your new home after he completely realizes that you’re alive and healthy before saying that he will show you everything after the others have seen you

• Michonne would come happily over to you with Judith on her arm while you are stunned about how much she has grown

• Daryl would come over to you and shortly after standing before each other not knowing what to do he would hug you tightly and tell you afterwards that he can’t wait to go on runs with you again

• Glenn would sit hours in the evenings after your arrival on a porch talking with you about everything that has happened to you and to the group during the time you were gone and the losts they had

• Maggie would happily tell you that she’s pregnant and seeing her that happy with Glenn would be the best greeting gift you could imagine besides seeing them again

• Father Gabriel saying that this, you coming back to them, strengthens his believes in wonders

• Seeing Carl with the bandage around his eye would shock you the first moments letting you worry about him but also being happy to see him again and him telling you after some days how all that has happened

• Eugene coming to you afterwards with a repaired radio as a gift to show you how happy he is that you’re back through not really knowing how to show it to you on another way

• Carol would be extremely happy to see you again and would be relieved that you’re safe and sound and after you heard about her baking cookies, you would have a big basket with them standing on your porch one morning

• After Rosita saying that she weren’t sure if you would make it to ever meet them again, Tara would say that she never gave up on thinking that one day you would come back

• After all, every single one of them being happy that you’re back with them, knowing that without you the group isn’t complete


Greetings in Te Reo Māori - Mihi

[When I went to New Zealand I took evening classes in Te Reo Maori; here are some of my notes.
Please note that this isn’t a complete list of every possible greeting but rather a list of the ones I encountered the most frequently. Feel free to correct me if you spot any mistakes/make additions :)]

Saying hello


Kia ora - hello
Kia ora kōrua - hello to you two
Kia ora koutou (katoa) - hello to you (all) (3 or more people)


Haere mai - welcome
Tēnā koe - greetings to you (1 person)
Tēnā kōrua - greetings to you two

Tēnā koutou (katoa) - greetings to you (all) (3 or more people)
Tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou katoa - greetings, greetings, greetings to you all (3 or more people)
Tēnā koe e hoa - greetings to you friend


Mōrena - morning
Ata mārie - peaceful morning
Ahiahi mārie - peaceful afternoon
Pō mārie - peaceful evening

Saying goodbye

E noho rā - goodbye (said to someone staying)
Haere rā - goodbye (said to someone leaving)
Ka kite (anō) - see you (again)
Aroha nui - lots of love (often used to sign off letters to friends/loved ones)

[ Insert Impressive Badassery ]

This is a little team x reader fic requested by anon. @eggrok asked to be tagged, so here ya go. This was requested forever ago (it’s been months, i’m awful and infinitely sorry guys, i suck), but here it is. This isn’t the longest fic, but I’m still trying to get back into writing again, so please bear with me. Please enjoy :)

You are very short (about 5'2"-ish) and not very physically intimidated but really you’re very intimidating

Originally posted by molarbearr

“Everybody?” Emily called out, stepping onto the catwalk and pulling at the attention of the rest of the team, “Meet the newest member of the BAU!”

You followed behind her as she traipsed down a small set of stairs, showing you to a huddle of people around a group of desks, all smiling in greeting. One of them, a spindly, nerdy-looking agent was practically craning his neck to look down at you. Most people in your life had to do this with you, but it never bothered you much. You had bigger things to worry about.

Garcia, the technical analyst, leapt at you almost immediately, the widest smile you had every seen pasted across her lips, “Welcome!” She cheered, “Oh, you’re so cute! Y/n, we are going to have so much fun together!”

Then Luke stepped up, his expression kind and teasing in some odd way, “It’ll be nice not to be the new guy anymore,” He flashed you a winning smile, “You sure you’re up for all this, Pipsqueak?” You knew he was harmlessly teasing you and you weren’t bothered one bit as you shrugged.

Emily could tell what he was hinting at and she crossed her arms with a laugh, “Oh, you do not want to get on y/n’s bad side, Alvez. Trust me. She is an expert in martial arts, a trained sniper, and studied as a spy for the CIA for nearly a decade.”

Now Luke looked impressed and suddenly you were the one grinning.

The oldest of the group, the polite male who stood in the back with a calm smirk, spoke up, “That’s quite an impressive resume, y/n.” Rossi said. You recognized his name and face. This man was quite the legend among the federal ranks, of course you knew him. And now you were going to be working with him (no pressure!).

“I don’t think I’ll have all that much trouble stepping up, Alvez.” You joked back, turning to look directly at Luke. This was going to be a good fit. These people? Yeah, you definitely liked them and it seemed like they liked you, too.

“Alright, guys!” A blonde walked out of an upper conference room, Emily had mentioned her name was Agent Jareau, “We’ve got a case.” Her expression turned grim, and thus began your first day as a profiler of the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit.

The Last Time

As the poison consumes you body and soul, even the smallest rays of bliss become harder to reach.

Genre: Smut and angst

part one Part two

Sehun’s feet began moving towards the scene before he could properly process what was happening. He swiftly grabbed your wrist and yanked you from Suho’s grasp.  

“What do you think you are doing?” He spat through gritted teeth. His jawline was rigid as he waited for a response. 

 "Let go of me" 

 "I wasn’t talking to you" he snapped, pulling you closer to him. His muscles were tense as he tightened his grip on you. It took a lot of effort not to cry out from the pain he was causing you.

 "I think you need to let her go.“ Suho chimed in, trying to remain calm despite his youngers flurry of emotions. The two stared each other down for what seemed like forever before Sehun finally let go of your wrist. 

 "Fine, have it your way.” He tossed your wrist away as if it burned him to touch you. Disgust reigned over his features as he took one final look at you, drinking in your entirety, before walking away. You watched his retreating figure as he stormed down the hall from which he came. Your throbbing wrist invaded your storm of thoughts, bringing your attention back to the here and now. The skin there was red and angry where his fingers were.Surely it would leave a bruise the next day. Suho gently reached out to grab your injured wrist. He carefully inspected the extent of what Sehun did, being extra gentle as to not make it worse. 

 "You should really put some ice in this" he breathed, still holding your wrist. He held a look of utmost sincerity as he spoke. It was almost as if he was genuinely concerned. You weren’t about to accept his pitty however, not after what just happened. 

 "I’m fine, thank you" you hastily remarked pulling your wrist back. “I’m going to go, thank you for your help.” You hurriedly turned on your heel and walked out the tall glass doors of the building. You just went wherever your feet led you, not caring that it had started to rain. If anything, the rain was welcomed, because it cleared the streets of any people, and allowed your tears to freely fall. 


 Sehun stormed down the hall, furious that Suho had the audacity to try and comfort you. You had left him, so it was your fault if you felt any remorse. Besides, it was none of the leaders business. Suho needed to keep his hugs away from you and anyone else he knew Sehun was interested in. As he continued down the hall, a familiar face rounded the corner. 

 "Oh, Sehun oppa" she greeted with the brightest smile on her face. It was his new assistant, aka, your replacement. 

 "Oh Wendy, it’s so great to run into you. I had something I needed to see you about.“ And with that he pulled the overly happy assistant into the nearest supply closet, just as he had done with you only a month before. 

His lips were instantly on hers, greedily sucking and biting. He forced his tongue into her mouth, swallowing any protests she may have had. His hands were all over her body. Squeezing her breast, grabbing her ass, pulling her wrinkle free frilled blouse from the confines of her black pencil skirt. He all but ripped open the buttons to her top while ravishing her neck. He purposefully left marks on every inch of skin he could. 

Soft moans filled the small confines of the storage room as Sehun had his way with the assistant. His pants were proving to be to constricting for him, so without detaching himself from her now bruised neckline, he loosened his belt and lowered his pants just enough for his fully hardened member to spring free. Soon Wendy was hoisted against the wall, her skirt was pulled above her hips, and her small Lacey panties were ripped off her. Her chest was rapidly falling and rising as she continued to have labored breaths. In a normal situation she would have chastised Sehun for destroying her prized delicates, but in this moment she was at a loss for words. 

Sehun expertly aligned himself with her dripping entrance before lowering her body down in a swift motion. He filled her to the hilt, causing her to scream out louder than anticipated at the sudden intrusion. Any passer by would have heard the commotion, but Sehun was smarter than that. He knew that the only people in the area at this time of day were Wendy and you. Wendy was a little preoccupied with him at the moment, and based upon the events that unfolded in the lobby, he knew you were long gone. All the better for Sehun.  He pulled out of Wendy before slamming back into her at a rapid pace. Lewd sounds of skin on skin filled the room as he continued to pound into her. All the while she repeated his name like a mantra. 

 "Sehun I’m so close” she raggedly breathed. A few more hardened bucks of his hips and she was unraveling in his arms. Sehun wasn’t finished though. He never let up his pace as she finished riding out her high. As Sehun grew close, he pulled her off his lap, and force red her onto her knees.

“You know what to do.” Was all he spoke. Immediately she latched onto his shaft with her lips. His hands were latched in her dark locks as he all but fucked her face. Wendy was used to this though. It was the agreement they had made. He would fuck her till she reached her bliss, then she would finish him by sucking him off. A pretty fair trade in her opinion. Sehun was close to his release. This was made evident by his unsteady movements and scattered grunts. Wendy bobbed her head a few more times before Sehun rammed his member to the back of her throat. His hot seed spilled down her esophagus as she choked from her gag reflex being triggered. Sehun pulled away from her, his member springing from her lips with a light popping sound. Wendy crumbled on the floor trying to catch her breath. After tidying himself up, he gave Wendy a helping hand in pulling her to a standing position.

“Good job. You always were a good little slut for me.” He winked before heading out the door and into the hall. Wendy knew what to do. Straighten herself up, wait five minutes, and continue on with her day as if nothing had happened. It was easy really. No one would know of their relationship, but she would still have her sexual needs fulfilled. 

 After giving herself a once over, she proceeded out into the hall, carrying on her business like she would any other day. She sinfully smiled to herself thinking about the whole situation. The day you had left Sehun, he came to her with a deal that was too good to be true. They would have casual sex, of course without him releasing inside her. She would suck him off, and that would be their little secret. What Sehun didn’t know was that Wendy had tricks up her sleeve. Once the time was right, she would use their “secret relationship” to climb herself higher up the corporate ladder of S.M. Entertainment. And if that didn’t work, then their relationship would go viral, and Sehun would be ruined. An evil chuckle escaped her lips as she finished her last task of the day. 

 What a win win for me


 After you were dripping wet and frozen solid, you found that your feet had carried you home. Shivers racked your body and you head felt lighter than air. On the walk to your porch, the ground felt as if it was moving beneath you. With unsteady hands you grasped onto the handrail before losing your balance completely. The three steps that led to your door seemed doomingly impossible as your head began pounding with a migraine. Rain continued to pour down upon you as you made began your ascent of the stairs with heavy steps. It took all your strength to pull yourself up the final step, and up onto your door stoop. By this time the edges of your vision were blurred, and any strength you had was quickly dissolving.

Your makeup had long been washed away by a mixture of tears and rain drops. A few stray pieces of hair clung to your face and neck as you struggled to find your keys in your purse. Your vision was continuously getting worse. What seemed like hours was only a few seconds, but with how you felt, it was a miracle you had even made it up the stairs and located your keys in your oversized purse. With shaky hands, you finally got the key in the lock. You must have really been feeling ill because you could have sworn you heard someone calling your name. 


 "I’m going crazy ” you mumbled to yourself as the struggle began to open the door. Your grasp kept slipping on the doorknob from your wet hands. Frustration was beginning to line your emotions. 


Hearing the non existent caller of your name frustrated you even more. Just when you were about to give up, you took the hem of you shirt and wrapped it around the knob. Finally it turned enough to open the door. 

 "Finally” you breathed to yourself, taking your first step in the warm, dry sanctuary you called home. But before you could fully celebrate your accomplishment, your vision finally succumbed to the numbness your body felt and your legs gave way beneath you. The hardwood floors of your foyer rushing up to meet your face was the last thing you remember before everything turned black. What you didn’t know was that a strong pair of arms stopped you from falling to the floor. 

A/N: Finally a part 2. I was feeling better today, so I finally was able to update at least one of my stories. Who do you think was there to catch her? Or better yet, who do you hope it was??

Originally posted by katherine8595

Nothing Away
  • Series: Overwatch
  • Pairing: Boombox (Junkrat x  Lúcio)
  • Chapters: 10/10
  • Words: 10.835
  • Subject: sligthly alternated universe in which a fanboy Junkrat fucks everything up.

@scarecroweyes wanted me to publish this so here it is :) 
It’s a ten-chapters-long fic that will probably either make you squeal or cringe or both so be prepared. Last warning, I like streams of thoughs.

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Chamber of Secrets - Part 4

Pairing: Bucky x Reader (eventually)

Summary: After the Avenger’s falling out, you were put in charge of putting Bucky together. Under King T’Challa’s orders, you were given a month’s time to create a new arm while simultaneously figure out how to get the triggering memories of his past out of his mind. As the time goes by, you found yourself confiding in him, despite his frozen state.

A/N: Some tags are kind of freaking out on me, so if you if it doesn’t work I’m really sorry, I don’t know what to do. 


Previous Part


“Hello, everyone, welcome to Wakanda, my name is Y/N Y/L/N and I will be in charge of this project.” You greeted the four people standing before you, all dressed in formal attire and had their white lab coats on. Everything was finally coming together and you couldn’t be more excited about it.

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A Thousand Silhouettes - Part Two

Summary: The last thing Brandon Stark remembered was darkness, and it was darkness he woke to.

Brandon Stark survives King’s Landing with scars both physical and emotional. The world as he knew it has changed, and at the center of it all is a bastard boy with his mother’s eyes.

Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Archive Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Categories: Gen
Fandoms: A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin
Relationships: Brandon Stark & Lyanna Stark, Brandon Stark & Ned Stark, Jon Snow & Brandon Stark
Tags: Brandon Lives, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Hurt/Comfort, Uncle-Nephew Relationship, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD, (just in case), Platonic Relationships, Family Dynamics
Chapters: 2/4

Read at AO3, or read here:

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don’t you want to take me home?

pairing: daveed diggs x reader

request: “wanted to request one (with Diggs if you don’t mind) where you’re an old friend of Lin’s and you and Daveed meet on opening night. You can take it anywhere you want after that.”

summary: reader is one of lin’s oldest friends, so of course she’s at the opening night after-party. and of course diggs is into her.

warnings: NSFW! smut, alcohol, flirting, bathroom sex

word count: 4,262

a/n: title from clippng’s ‘tonight.’ this happened. idk. still going to hell.

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i !!! truly cannot express how wonderful this last month has been, i’ve created some new friendships and have been greeted with so much positivity and welcome with rejoining the final fantasy community. ❤ and i just – really am excited to see what else unfolds on this blog. so again, thank you so much for all of your love and support. you guys are amazing. ❤❤

below are the new friends i’ve made (and friendships i’ve made previously on tumblr!) who have made me smile hugely. you guys possess the purest hearts and i just want to smother you all i love and keep you. ❤

@prcmising ☆ @blackmage-lulu ☆ @gaearise ☆ @bealtian@fragilefated☆ @smartminded ☆ @stormfated☆ @liibertatcm ☆ @yunafied ☆ @mekrdhehk ☆ @glacianwove ☆ @oedhero ☆ @gangleadiing & @lockedfighter ☆ – i seriously need to save some money up so i can fly to meet your wonderful faces. love you ❤❤

below are the people i admire. i’m writing with some of you, and the others i hope to one day interact with! PLEASE KEEP UP WITH WRITING AND NEVER NEGLECT IT, you are all so talented – keep up the amazing work, friends. ❤

@visuacri ☆ @blasteredged ☆ @salvatiss@hopeblcd ☆ @summoners-path ☆ @infiniitas ☆ @glacianastral ☆ @ofbraver ☆ @ofargentum ☆ @spirit-lance ☆ @leofatali ☆ @baajisms ☆ @keybladc@fantasybuster ☆ @magitekelite@blitzband ☆ @timelesstyrant ☆ @estanima ☆ @lunarxmaiden ☆ @cracle@blindingstrike & @wisdomholy ☆ – *STANDING OVATION TO ALL OF YOU* you all are amazing writers, you all are worth it, and you are all loved. keep writing your beloved characters. ❤ *blows kisses at*


Glimmering Gold

Summary: Love hangs in the air like stars and snowflakes, like a promise—and Taehyung is hopeful, he really is. / Or, a story about coming apart and coming back together.
Pairing: Taehyung x Reader
Genre: Angst/Fluff
Word Count: 10,248
Author’s Note: A little early for Christmas, but I know if I didn’t post this now I wouldn’t have time until after the holidays. Either way, my gift to you guys as a thank you for making my past 2 months here so special and memorable. This took extremely long for me to write and I apologize, but I hope it’s not too messy.


(present day)

He almost can’t believe his eyes, the sudden shock to his system rendering him completely incapable to move as he stands with his hands at his side and the breath catching in his throat. He grows numb from dismay, from a flood of emotions, and he can’t even begin to think about what kind of fear, apprehension, regret, love would be dancing behind his eyes at the same moment.

He had been stupid to think that after all this time, after all these seconds, minutes, hours, weeks away from you would have been good for him. Especially given all the shit you’ve both been through, it should have been easy to let go of you, easy to push you to the back of his mind and busy himself with the real stuff, the important stuff. So what if he’s spent far too long trying to stop being so hung up over you? You were his first girlfriend, his first love, and everything else in between. He had created a whole new perspective, a whole newfound respect for his life—one that became undeniably brighter with you in it.

And then you had to go and stomp over all that hard work, all that care and effort and love. He should have hated you, despised you even, for turning him into something he almost couldn’t recognize anymore.

But however, in spite of everything, in spite of the passiveness, the awkward glances and the silence that felt more like heavy tons weighing on his shoulder, his heart still beat for you. The sight of you elicited fire in his nerves, making him feel alive for the first time since you walked away, since he let you go.

It had been six months since he last saw you, that final sunny morning in June—you, in a sundress, eyes full of tears, him leaving your apartment, shattering the last remains of trust that could have possibly been lingering in the atmosphere.

But now, 3 weeks before Christmas, dressed in a navy blue winter coat, beanie, black jeans, boots, and a smile, arms filled with carefully wrapped presents, the love and attention clearly shown, long hair decorated with the falling snow outside, standing in the door frame as Seokjin opens it wider to make it easier to step through—!


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marco95z  asked:

hello I'm new here and I love your au and your drawings and I have mine sans called soma! sans my au spiriatale ^^ (I am Italian, and use google translator ^^)

Greetings! and welcome! Nice to meet you! It’s always great to meet new people! ^^

Also! thank you!!! I’m rather disorganized here at the moment in terms of au development, but I’m glad you like the au and art ^^;  

*w* ooooohhhh but I love Soma’s design! SO FLUFFY!!!

((and it’s perfectly fine! I use google translate sometimes as well XD Feel free to speak in whatever language is more comfortable to you ^^))

anonymous asked:

Soulmates? Or Coffee Shop?

Thank you!  I’ll do Soulmates because I’ve probably spent a grand total of 5 mins in a coffee shop in my life except for the one time I had lunch at Starbucks.

1.  People go throughout their lives colorblind to one color, and they only gather the ability to see that color when they meet their soulmate.  It’s different for everyone, but the color is related to some feature of their soulmate.

2. Therefore Caroline has never seen the color red, and she hates that.  It makes organizing events, especially valentine’s day, very difficult..  

3. During the Founders’ Day picnic, Caroline is trying to do her best welcoming committee greeting to the new family who just moved into town when suddenly while she is being introduced to the middle son, Niklaus, that she sees it.  Red, his lips are red!  Her eyes lift to his and she can tell by what she sees there that she isn’t the only one who is experiencing the sensation of what seeing a new color is like.  

4. But the asshole won’t tell her what color it is.  Caroline doesn’t understand what she did to piss fate off that they would curse her with such an arrogant, conceited, handsome jerk for a soulmate.  Don’t even get her started on his dimples.  

5. Months later after he wears her down to first go out with him, then date him, she finally finds out that it’s yellow, the color of her hair.  Or as he explains it, her light.

Send me an AU

I got a couple of requests to continue this guy, (the one where the reader gets transported to the Overwatch universe) so here it finally is, part 2!


 The quiet wasn’t tense, not exactly.

 "Awkward,“ seemed to be a better fit.

 No one quite knew what to say after takeoff, convincing themselves that you needed a moment to think. 

 However, the thinking wasn’t really helping. The over activity of your brain spun with the fact that these people were here, and that this was real. These people, these heroes, sat next to you, living breathing, just as you were. 

 In simple terms, it was mind blowing. 

 In the corner of your vision, you see Ana’s hand, hesitating, before resting with motherly reassurance on your own. 

 "How are you doing?" 

 "I’m….fine, I guess.” You glance up at her, with a tired smile, to prove your point. 

“That’s good.” Spoke Mei beside you. 

 "Do you need anything?“ Angela crossed the floor to you. With cruising altitude already reached, she tended to her equipment on the table near a booth for the past few minutes. "Would you like me to check your vitals again?" 

 "No, but thank you." 

 "We will be returning to our destination soon. Please return to your seats.” Athena’s voice sounded from overhead, allowing the agents time to prepare for the return home.


 The exit after landing was quick and orderly, and you were ushered with Angela and Solider to what looked like a high tech school nurse’s office. 

 Was it inappropriate to ask them questions? At this point you were practically being interrogated, but you couldn’t help the nagging feeling of uncertainty incasing your thoughts. The only operating watch point you knew of was in Gibraltar, and this place was most definitely not Gibraltar. Where were you exactly? 

 It didn’t take long for Winston to appear. 

 His existences overall never seemed so wild until he was right there in front of you; and when he went to shake your had you never felt so small in your life. 

 "It’s good to see you’re doing well!“ He spoke with steadfast enthusiasm. "I’m Winston! After you’re done here, we’ll show you where you’ll be staying for the time being. Is there anyone that you would like to help show you around?" 

 Pffff, yeah, tons. But, not wanting to sound creepy for already knowing everyone’s names, you settle for a halfhearted shrug. 

 He nods then speaks again, "that’s fine! I’ll let you finish then!” He proceeds to leave and promises to return soon. 


 The questions ended soon enough, with Mercy informing you that it would be best to see her often, both for a checkup and mild therapy session. 

 Winston meet you outside the doctor’s office, a floating Omnic by his side. 

 "Ah, hello again! This is Zenyatta, an Omnic who works alongside us. We thought it a good idea for him to join.“ 

 "Greetings.” He waved his hand in a circular motion. “I am what you may call a monk, and therefore well versed in peacefully transitioning human and Omnic alike to new, possibly overwhelming livelihoods." 

 You greet him back, already feeling his calming aurora surround you. 

 "Shall we begin?”


 As you travel they begin to explain simple things, who they were and what they stood for, while being carefully vague and lighthearted. 

 "And this is the left dormitories.“ Winston began, leading you all down a wide hallway. "This one will be yours for the time being." 

 You studied the door, trying to sere the numbers into your mind, as to not forget. 

As Zenyatta began commenting on living in the dorms, the door to the right of yours slide open, causing all attention to be turn to the person leaving their room. 

And, out came McCree, in casual clothing, with a laundry basket held in his arm. His eyes meet yours. 

 "Y'all must be the new neighbor I’ve been told so hastily about.” He shifted the basket from one arm to the other, giving you the once over. “Jesse McCree, pleased to make your acquaintance!” He reached out, presenting another hand to shake. 

 You took it, introducing yourself yet again.

 "Lookin’ foreword to gettin’ to know ya neighbor!“ He stated before passing your small group en route to the laundry room.


 The day continued, with a mostly empty base, much to your dismay and relief. Most of the time, the rooms and halls were either empty or contained the few people you had already met. 

 As the corner was rounded on the way to the mess hall, a distinct booming voice was heard; and when the door was open it reveled a small group, and the owner of said voice. 

 "Welcome friends!” Reinhardt greeted, letting the other two set their eyes on you.

 "Settling in okay?“ Asked Ana, who was seated across from him. 

 "Yeah, everyone seems so nice.” You answered with a false confidence, still shy to these new (but not really) people. 

 "Ah yes! Its always good to meet new people,“ he elbowed his friend to his left, "right?" 

 The Swedish man sent him a quick glare his way before turning back to you with a hello. 

Reinhardt let out a hardly laugh, and patted Torbjörn on the back. "Another friend in the making, no?" 

 "Yes, now quiet down before you give me a headache!”

 "You always have a headache, Torbjörn.“ Ana let out a soft laugh, making the smaller man sigh. She faced you once more, "are you hungry? We have plenty of food." 

 "Uhh, yeah, a little.”

 "Oh! Then we can take a break to eat.“ Winston commented, showing you to the kitchen. The distanced sound of a microwave soon echoed off the walls you as you entered it. 

 "Ayy, take that scrap elsewhere.” Junkrat, who was leaning half of his body on the counter in front of his cooking food, complained. 

 "Junkrat-“ Winston began.

 "No, it is quiet alright.” Zenyatta interjected. “It is not his fault for being uncomfortable with my presence, nor do I blame him.” He began to drift to the door. “I will wait outside." 

 Junkrat childishly repeats what he says in a mocking tone and props his upper body up with his elbows. "Can ya believe that bucket o’ bolts?" 

 Roadhog, who was leaning on the counter behind him, grunts in response. Oh, geez, and you thought Winston made you feel small! 

 "And whose this you got with ya?” Jamison raises an eyebrow. 

 Introductions pass again, and, at this point, you begin to think that a base wide announcement of your presence would make things a whole lot easier on your part. 

 "Yeah, if foods what cha need, you can eat whatever ya want. EXCEPT for the noodles. Those are mine.“ Junkrat eyes you and Roadhog makes a noise that sounds close to disappointment. 

 You agree to steer clear of his noodles and cross the room to where the food was held, noticing that the only noodles that were there were of the instant variety. 


 As the meal winded down, you feel yourself struggle to stay awake. The craziness of the day finally catching up with you. 

 Zenyatta took notice and promptly suggested that the tour could continue the following day, to which you agree, and escorts you back to what was now your room. 

 You lay on the moderately comfortable mattress, staring at the ceiling, letting the drowsiness swallow your being, until your conscious is left in the black realm of a dreamless sleep.


 Yay! Now we have about half of the cast introduced all together! I most likely will continue this, in at least one more chapter. I am enjoying writing it, and I hope you enjoy reading it just as much!

6th and San Jacinto

Pairing: Jared x Reader

Summary: You live in Austin, and one night out with your friends, you decide to go to San Jac Saloon. The co-owner is there, and he makes it a point to make sure you get special treatment throughout the night.

Word Count: ~4,100

Warnings: drinking, general bar atmosphere, smut (you knew it was coming), cursing, unprotected sex (be safe!)

A/N: of course, talking with @spontaneousam led to yet another fic idea. This one, I’m calling a collab. She basically gave me the idea, I wrote it with her as my editor. Thank you, Brook! Here we are, ladies and gentlemen, my crisis.

***Credit to @seenashwrite for the second gif!! Thank you so much again for making it!

You slipped into your tightest dress, your strappiest heels, and make sure your makeup was perfect and set, sure to last you through the night. Austin, Texas, the city that never sleeps - oh, wait - ah, whatever. You and your best friends had planned a night out on the town, heading down to 6th Street.

It was insane. The street was blocked off by police barricades, cops on horses lined the street, mobs of people were shuffling from bar to bar. You noticed a kind of quiet place, right on the corner. San Jacinto street. It ran all the way through Austin, practically - straight through campus, downtown, and then even farther than that. You waved for your friends to follow you through the pack of already drunk people crowding the door of the bar just down the street.

As you entered the corner bar, you noticed how different the atmosphere was. Other bars were bumping dance music. This one had country playing through the speakers. You could get used to this place.

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Hello everyone!  My name is Sayuri, I’m 19 and I’ve just moved to San Myshuno from Tokyo, Japan on a once in a  lifetime opportunity to cheer.  I sent in an audition tape of me doing some gymnastics and the recruiter actually liked what he saw so here I am!

I also do some modeling on the side from time to time.  This is the first time I’ve lived on my own but I’m looking forward to seeing what the city has to offer as well as meeting some new people. 

For a little about me, I love cloud watching, cheering, burgers & sushi, the beach, lingerie, yoga, family, horror movies, photoshoots, playing piano , dancing, concerts , and Drake. Anything else you’re curious about, just hit me up!