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imagine this: you’re walking through school. it’s your first day of class after moving to a new area. you go to your first period class. there’s only one spot left, next to a lanky person with messy black hair.

you sit next to them. “hey,” they say. you reply with a greeting of your choice. suddenly, the bell rings, and your new first period teacher walks in.

“hello class,” she groans in a low voice. oh geez, you knew this person was an old conservative woman right from the get-go. “welcome to your new class in high school. would anyone like to introduce themselves?”

the tall person next to you stands up. “me,” they say. the teacher nods, muttering something under her breath. “hello, i’m max. i love history and i’m into the social justice movement. i’d love to meet people with similar vi-”

“shut the hell up,” the teacher says in response. max sits down.

the two of you begin to get along, making jokes about the latest fads and having matching wallpapers. you begin texting and making jokes about how your teacher looks like sans with tits. that’s when you’re scrolling down your dashboard one afternoon.

there’s a promo with an icon of an anime character, with the user having the url “ilovegeorgewbush”. the promo reads, “hey im max and im gay. promo me?”

you assumed the url was a joke. you decided to go on this max’s blog. soon you found out, no, this wasnt a joke. “dont follow if you think you like george w. bush, past president of the united states, more than me. this is not a joke just fuck off.”

you begin to laugh uncontrollably before you look at their face tag.

it’s the max from school.

you feel your laughing come to a halt.

Chamber of Secrets - Part 4

Pairing: Bucky x Reader (eventually)

Summary: After the Avenger’s falling out, you were put in charge of putting Bucky together. Under King T’Challa’s orders, you were given a month’s time to create a new arm while simultaneously figure out how to get the triggering memories of his past out of his mind. As the time goes by, you found yourself confiding in him, despite his frozen state.

A/N: Some tags are kind of freaking out on me, so if you if it doesn’t work I’m really sorry, I don’t know what to do. 


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“Hello, everyone, welcome to Wakanda, my name is Y/N Y/L/N and I will be in charge of this project.” You greeted the four people standing before you, all dressed in formal attire and had their white lab coats on. Everything was finally coming together and you couldn’t be more excited about it.

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Being reunited with the group after a long time would include:


Originally posted by twddaily

• After being separated from the group a long time ago, wandering and fighting alone through this world the day would come you’d stand before Alexandria’s gates not knowing who you’d meet again

• You would look up the gates hearing a familiar voice calling your name

• Looking up you would see Abraham shouting chuckling and with glowing eyes down to you what a tough walker asskicking badass you are to make it here after all this time before opening the gates

• You being startled realizing that you’ve not only found a safe place but also a part or maybe even all of the people you missed that long

• You being greeted by a stunned Rick, who would just give you a hug and welcome you to your new home after he completely realizes that you’re alive and healthy before saying that he will show you everything after the others have seen you

• Michonne would come happily over to you with Judith on her arm while you are stunned about how much she has grown

• Daryl would come over to you and shortly after standing before each other not knowing what to do he would hug you tightly and tell you afterwards that he can’t wait to go on runs with you again

• Glenn would sit hours in the evenings after your arrival on a porch talking with you about everything that has happened to you and to the group during the time you were gone and the losts they had

• Maggie would happily tell you that she’s pregnant and seeing her that happy with Glenn would be the best greeting gift you could imagine besides seeing them again

• Father Gabriel saying that this, you coming back to them, strengthens his believes in wonders

• Seeing Carl with the bandage around his eye would shock you the first moments letting you worry about him but also being happy to see him again and him telling you after some days how all that has happened

• Eugene coming to you afterwards with a repaired radio as a gift to show you how happy he is that you’re back through not really knowing how to show it to you on another way

• Carol would be extremely happy to see you again and would be relieved that you’re safe and sound and after you heard about her baking cookies, you would have a big basket with them standing on your porch one morning

• After Rosita saying that she weren’t sure if you would make it to ever meet them again, Tara would say that she never gave up on thinking that one day you would come back

• After all, every single one of them being happy that you’re back with them, knowing that without you the group isn’t complete


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All of those citizens watching television that night would likely see what was to come onto their television screens. A man clad in black and red, two swords adorning his back and a gun holstered at each hip. He stood at a podium, tapping lightly at the mic in front of him, each tap yielding a loud thump on the speakers.

“Testing. Testing. Is this thing on? Helloooo–Oh, it is? Sweet! Let’s do this thing then.”

“Greetings, Hive City. And welcome to Deadvision, my new television series updating you on the happenings of the city. You’ll be seeing a lot more of me because I’ve decided to make a very important announcement. Due to the vast majority of people in the city and just how unruly it seems to have become, it’s come to my attention that this place needs a little change. Something that can be spoken of in times where everything is tough. In fact, some might even say this event just might be life-changing.”

“I’ll be running for Mayor of Hive City soon. I hope you’re ready to have a blast.”

And the TV cuts out.

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Soulmates? Or Coffee Shop?

Thank you!  I’ll do Soulmates because I’ve probably spent a grand total of 5 mins in a coffee shop in my life except for the one time I had lunch at Starbucks.

1.  People go throughout their lives colorblind to one color, and they only gather the ability to see that color when they meet their soulmate.  It’s different for everyone, but the color is related to some feature of their soulmate.

2. Therefore Caroline has never seen the color red, and she hates that.  It makes organizing events, especially valentine’s day, very difficult..  

3. During the Founders’ Day picnic, Caroline is trying to do her best welcoming committee greeting to the new family who just moved into town when suddenly while she is being introduced to the middle son, Niklaus, that she sees it.  Red, his lips are red!  Her eyes lift to his and she can tell by what she sees there that she isn’t the only one who is experiencing the sensation of what seeing a new color is like.  

4. But the asshole won’t tell her what color it is.  Caroline doesn’t understand what she did to piss fate off that they would curse her with such an arrogant, conceited, handsome jerk for a soulmate.  Don’t even get her started on his dimples.  

5. Months later after he wears her down to first go out with him, then date him, she finally finds out that it’s yellow, the color of her hair.  Or as he explains it, her light.

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New Names for Eldarya Episodes
  • Episode 1: "Fairy Rings are Bullshit and I was Proved Wrong"
  • Episode 2: "Stop Throwing Me in Jail I'm too Pretty for This"
  • Episode 3: "No Thanks, but I'm Keeping the Pet"
  • Episode 4: "I'm Human Please Stop Lighting Me on Fire"
  • Episode 5: "Your Dogs Suck and I Wanna Go Home"
  • Episode 6: "What's Up With These Smelly Turtles"
  • Episode 7: "The Wolf Lost Our Boat on Shit Turtle Island"
  • Episode 8: "Gordon Ramsey Meet and Greet"
  • Episode 9: "Welcome to Silent Hill feat. Why is that Tree eating People"

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Ooh! Can we get some fluffy/angsty Jeremwood, pretty please? (FAHC or in the office)


Alrighty, Here we go!

Title: Miscommunication Monday

Pairing: Jeremy Dooley/ Ryan Haywood (Jeremwood)

Warnings: slight language (Rated T), a bit of Shakespeare, because Ryan’s a theater nerd and this is legit how I’ve flirted at people before.


Day One:

Jeremy had honestly never been happier.  He was starting his dream job, and everyone he’s met so far had been nice and friendly, and had welcomed him to the team.  Well, all but one.

Ryan had, so far, stared at him with increasingly wide eyes when Geoff introduced Jeremy as the new member.  Then he had proceeded to flub his way through a greeting- which Jeremy couldn’t exactly fault him for- and then went completely silent.  Geoff laughed and left Jeremy with an apparently re-booting evil genius.  

After he seemed to finish staring into Jeremy’s very soul, Ryan Haywood abruptly sputtered something about “the Ides” and escaped through the door.  Jeremy stood there, trying to figure out what the hell had just happened.  And was that fucking Julius Caesar? Really Haywood?

Day Three:

Jeremy had just finished editing one of the new let’s plays when his computer decided to kill itself.  He immediately let out the instinctive groan of annoyance.  Geoff seemed to notice what had happened and smiled.

“You should ask Ryan for help, he’s good at fixing this stuff.”  Jeremy nods, worried by the amused and vaguely conspiratorial look his boss then shares with Gavin.

Jeremy first decides to solve it on his own, but after an hour or so he gives up.  He is making zero progress- in fact, he’s pretty sure he made it worse- and Ryan can probably have it fixed in a few minutes.  

He asks the jittery man back to his desk and explains the problem with a lot of gesturing and pointed looks towards his computer.  He turns to Ryan and realizes he actually has to crane his head back just to look the older man in the eyes.

“D’you think you could help me?” Ryan nods, and Jeremy steps back slightly to let him sit down. “Thanks Ryan, I’m pretty bad at this apparently.”  Ryan only shrugs and continues looking through the error window.

It takes him all of twelve minutes to fix the problem, and thanks to auto save the edits Jeremy had done were still there.  He thanks Ryan again when the man stands to leave, and watches the tall man shrug and blush.

“Though this be madness, there is a method in it.” And then he’s striding away and Jeremy is stuck again thinking of classic literature and seriously Ryan, Hamlet?

Day Fifteen:

So far, all of his interactions with Ryan have involved either blushing, flubbing, another quote, or some combination of the three.  Jeremy confided in Michael and Gavin, but got only a dismissive “Ryan’s a weird guy” from the former and a grin and wink from the latter.

Jack didn’t have any ideas as to what was happening, and no one in the B-team thought much of it.  His last resort was Geoff.

“Ryan’s a little… well, he’s weird with a lot of things.” Geoff had that same look of mischief Gavin did. “He doesn’t hate you, if that’s what you’re worried about.”

“Geoff, he keeps quoting Hamlet at me.” All that gets him is a boisterous laugh and a pat on the shoulder.

“Don’t worry about it, try asking him why next time he theater-dorks you.”

Day Twenty-one:

Jeremy is a very mature adult man with a job and taxes and everything.  That is another matter entirely from the entire weekend he spends doing his best to read and memorize Hamlet.  It seems to be one of Ryan’s favorites to quote from, and Jeremy has become convinced that this is all some sort of elaborate hazing prank.

During that day’s let’s play, Jeremy decides to go for it.  Gavin had just made another ‘Mad King’ comment when the opportunity struck.

“Nah,” Ryan responded, dragging out the word a bit.

“Madness in great ones must not go unwatched.” Jeremy smiles to himself at the tiny stutter Ryan gives in response and kills Gavin’s character again.

Day Twenty-nine:

Someone brought in cookies (Jeremy did, B-team’s been bothering him about missing his baking).  By now his and Ryan’s back and forth quoting was starting to get ridiculous.  Geoff calls it flirting for nerds, which only makes both of the participants blush.

He brings half the batch into the office, leaving the rest for B-team in their offices.  He’s hardly sitting down when Gavin and Michael start circling.  It’s a fun environment, with everyone eating the treats and joking lightly.  Pretty great for a Monday.  

Ryan  doesn’t seem to be very included, so Jeremy picks up the plate of cookies and walks over to the man’s desk.  He holds it out as an offering with a small- hopefully reassuring- smile.

“Sweets to the sweet?”  Ryan startles slightly and looks up at him, meeting Jeremy’s eyes.

“Thanks.”  Jeremy earns a smile for his efforts and that makes all the time reading and baking worth it.  

Day Thirty-three:

Geoff and Michael had officially declared a night out tonight, so the six of them were supposed to head out to some new, “laid-back club”.  Jeremy had never heard of such a thing, but the Brit did happen to be a sort of expert on these things, as far as Jeremy could tell.

Jack quickly got out of it, but Ryan was claimed the designated driver by Geoff and he graciously agreed.  Jeremy didn’t think this was really Ryan’s scene- he knew for sure it wasn’t his.  

As it turns out, Geoff and Gavin are the most evil people on the planet, in Jeremy’s honest opinion.  First, Michael ended up having to stay home with Lindsay, and then Geoff and Gavin left an admittedly fairly drunk Jeremy with Ryan in the car.  Which is never a good idea.  

Jeremy gets very… touchy, when he’s drunk.  Which is why he is currently hanging off of Ryan’s waist in a hug that has lasted the entire walk up to his door, plus a minute or two.

“Jeremy, I have to-” Ryan pauses, and Jeremy laughs.

“D’you gotta go memorize more Shakespeare Rye?”  His speech is slurred a bit and he’s oblivious to the sudden frozen state of the older man.  “B’cause it took me a while to be able to quote so much of it.  Y’must be like, a genius at it.”  Jeremy straightens up, letting go of Ryan to stare the taller man in the eye. (or to try, he’s struggling right now, on his tippy-toes.)

“Uh, Jeremy?”

“You’re really pretty Ryan.  Like, you’re very nice lookin’.  Y’know that?”  Jeremy nods to himself, then frowns.  “S’shame you don’t like me Rye.”

“I don’t-” Jeremy sighs, turning to clumsily unlock his door.

“See ya at the office then.”

“Jeremy, I don’t-”  Jeremy closes the door, kicks off his shoes and pants, and promptly throws himself into bed.

Day Thirty-six:

It’s Monday again, and Jeremy has a headache and a black spot on his memory of friday night.  He somehow go home, so he figures he didn’t do or say anything to terrible.  He spent Sunday re-reading sonnets and playing Papers Please for his channel, and he’s freshly replenished his supply of quotes.

It’s almost lunch by the time he realizes something: Ryan hasn’t quoted a single thing at him yet.  It isn’t like they haven’t interacted, they filmed an entire Verses and Jeremy shot plenty at him.  He tries to run through everything he’s done in his head but only comes up with one possibility:

Friday.  He did something on Friday and now Ryan hates him.  Or likes him, Jeremy still isn’t entirely sure what the quoting meant to the gent, but he’d personally come to see it as a friendly sort of flirting.  He tries to engage the man for the rest of the day, but nothing seems to get Ryan to respond.  Fuck, Drunk Jeremy really must have been awful.

Eventually he corners Geoff, trying to find out if he’d said something rude to Ryan.  All he gets in response is a shrug.  Gavin tells Jeremy that Ryan drove him home alone, and Jeremy feels even more panic.  Jesus christ, what the hell had he said?

Day Thirty-seven:

Jeremy struggles through another day of guilt and anxiety.  Ryan still isn’t quoting, Jeremy still doesn’t know how he managed to ruin their dynamic.  Eventually, he’s had enough.

Jeremy corners Ryan this time, stopping him after a he’s finished filming The Know.

“Did I say something to you?” Jeremy took a half-step back, puzzled by his own wording. “On Friday, I mean, did I say anything to you that was bad?”

“Well,” Ryan shrugs, blushing. “You thought I was attractive-”

“Oh God.” Jeremy covered his face with his hands.  Damn his stupid drunk self.

“-and that I don’t like you.”  He peeked out from behind his hands to find a frowning Ryan staring down at him.  “So, you said that.”  

“Is that why you stopped?” Jeremy is upset too now, and he’s sure he can almost match Ryan for the puppy-dog look.  

“But break, my heart, for I must hold my tongue.”  Jeremy honestly doesn’t think he’s ever been more glad to hear Hamlet.

“I didn’t- I don’t want you to stop.”  Jeremy looks down at his hands, embarrassed and guilty all over again. “I just thought maybe you didn’t acknowledge me for weeks because you hated me.”

Ryan opens his mouth to speak but then snaps it shut.  Jeremy sighs and shakes his head. He’s contemplating just apologising and running home to bake with Scooter.

“Where love is great, the littlest doubts are fear; Where little fears grow great, great love grows there.”  They lock eyes again when he looks back up, and Jeremy could almost be sure that Ryan’s blue eyes held fire. Ryan leans down, and Jeremy’s stretching up on his toes, and suddenly they’re kissing and Jeremy’s mind goes blank but for the sensation.

When they pull apart Jeremy is blushing and smiling and Ryan looks vaguely smug but mostly sheepish.  Jeremy laughs at the absurd realization he has suddenly.

“You-  your idea of flirting is to quote Shakespeare?”  Ryan blushes again. “Oh my god you nerd.”  His insane giggling dies in his throat when Ryan presses another kiss to his lips.

“Yeah, but now I’m your nerd.”

First Time at Church

Yesterday I had my first experience of church. It was beautiful, I loved the music and the hymns, how the sun shined through the stained glass as if God were shining his love, I loved the sermon and how it helped me understand the gospel of John a bit more. But most importantly I loved the people. It’s an open and affirming church, and the people were so warm and welcoming. Each one wanted to greet me or know me better. I felt at peace and I felt at home.

I talked with the minister about living a life close to God and she emphasized the importance of prayer. I pray a lot to God. She also talked about how God loves us, how They in her eyes are neither male or female, or other things we describe each other as. In the end she gave me a Bible, and a book of just the New Testament and offered to look for more reading for me as she said that’s another way she connects to God, through reading. Before I left she held my hand and said a prayer for me.

When I got home in the evening I prayed to God thanking Them for all They’ve done. I prayed for Their guidance and to help me becoming closer to Them. I also meditated and did slow prayer to really feel Their presence. I’m looking into Christian Mysticism so if anyone out there has resources I’d love to hear about them!

Much Love and Be in peace!

Community Behaviors and Values

How social is your active setting?
>Do people hang out at their neighbors’ houses?
>Are there frequent barbecues and gatherings large groups are invited to attend?
>Do people stop and greet each other?
>Does everyone know everyone?
>How welcoming are the inhabitants to new people?
>What is the default topic for small talk?
>>Sports? Weather? Church? Health? Relationships? Traffic?
>Is there any slang used in this particular area, but not elsewhere?
>Is there a sense of community/neighborliness?
>Do people tend to pay with favors or money?
>How accepting are the people of others’ eccentricities?
>How close do people stand while talking?
>Do people often touch each other? (Handshakes, pats on the shoulder, hugs, etc.)

What are the area’s values?
>Safety? Welcomeness? Presentability? Work ethic? Honesty? Piousness? Normalacy? Loyalty? Physical strength? Intelligence? Charisma?
>>How are people who do not display these traits treated?
>>What profession are considered respectable?
>How wasteful are the people on average?
>Are the people more likely to DIY a project or hire someone?

Which is held in higher regard: individual expression or group cohesion?
>Are there any acceptable body mods?
>What is considered acceptable clothing?
>>How frequently does this change?
>>Is the acceptable clothing modest (consider both in terms of coverage and ornamentation) or showy?

How adaptable is the area?
>Are the people able to recover after natural disasters or particularly inclement weather?
>How quickly do the people embrace scientific and technological advances/discoveries?

In general, how adventurous are the people?

Do the citizens feel safe?
>Do they lock their doors?
>Have there been in major crimes in the area’s history?
>Do the people tend to assume innocence or guilt of accused individual?
>Is jay-walking common?
>Is underage drinking okayed/ignored?

Do the people have a lax or strict work ethic?
>How punctual are people expected to be?

A Day with Shaelynn

This fic is inspired by Extreme - More Than Words

For Shaelynn, a friend is one of many ways to spend the time, to spend the whole day talking random things and eventually ended up in the emotional shoulder to cry on session… which no one cares about it unless both of you and both of you only who knows behind the scenes. In her first days of seeking friends and companionship, she stumbled upon a base. The base itself didn’t look too big or too small, but sure it fits enough for hundreds of people working there.

She didn’t know a thing or two about the base and the people working there. I think I could get some dirty work here, been a long time since I didn’t kill anyone. Shae thought to herself as she enters the HQ. Upon her arrival, she’s greeted by a receptionist.

“Welcome to Talon, may I help you?” said the Receptionist. “It’s good to see new faces around here, it’s kinda boring when you saw the same person who worked the same as you walks through that cursed door – every day.” She said.

“Oh, hello. Why did you say so? Is someone troubling you?” Shae asked the receptionist, she called herself Daniela.

“Look,” Daniela said. “some people who greeted me with a side of gifts walking through that door are damn high. Every single day I get twenty to thirty gifts, and people now thinks I’m a hoarder.” She recalled. “Anyway, that’s not your problem. So, what’s your name and state your business here.”

“My name is Shaelynn Kartasasmita, and I need a place to live. I suppose you could give directions where should I go to have some rest, wouldn’t you feel pity for a beautiful woman slept in the coldest streets of… whatever city I visit right now?”

“Okay, I guess, considering and judging by your emotions and actions towards me, you could live with Widowmaker, our finest sniper,” Daniela said, enlisted Shae to live alongside Widowmaker. “She has a queen-sized bed, so you guys would probably okay.”

Out of nowhere, Widowmaker jumps on both of them, angered. “What the hell, Daniela?! Do you want me to share a bed with this rookie? Huh?” She thundered, in disbelieve. “I don’t want to sleep with this rookie, I’d rather sleep with a female pornstar and making out with her than having sex with this rookie you just met.” She mocked Shaelynn because of her innocent attitude and a little childish on the side.

“Oh, really? The finest sniper’s approach isn’t as I thought before.” Shae replied Widow’s mockery.

“Ladies, let’s settle this on the firing range.” Daniela meddled with both of them. “Follow me, please.”

The shooting range is empty, and the candidates are preparing themselves with their favourite weapon of choice. Widowmaker with her trusted sniper and Shae with her KA-BAR knife, Jagdkommando Tri-Dagger, and a stolen SS V-2 Assault Rifle.

“What? A knife? To a gunfight? You kidding me, rookie?” Widowmaker mocked Shaelynn once again.

“Stop mocking each other, please!” Daniela thundered, getting tired of them fighting each other.

Widowmaker prepares herself for the competition, cracking her fingers and ready to pull the trigger at any time. Daniela holds the black flag, and as soon as she dropped it, Widowmaker and Shaelynn threw their projectiles. The shooting range is 500 meters, that’d be impossible for a knife to get 100 percent accuracy.

Not in the hands of Shaelynn, of course.

Daniela observed the projectiles and shocked. “Widow, you missed by 5 centimetres from the bullseye and Shaelynn… you’ve got the bullseye. Right in the middle.”

“That couldn’t be happening!” Widowmaker denied Shaelynn’s knife-throwing skills. “How come a knife could land perfectly in the midst with an astonishing range of 500 meters?” She asked Daniela, in disbelieve.

“It’s about how you trust your weapon, not just about strength, capabilities, range, and mathematics. A weapon is a part of feelings too.” Shaelynn said to Widowmaker, in a motherly tone. She pulled out her rifle and began to burst the shot to the target. “Even an assault rifle that only effective at less than 350 meters range could land a bullseye… if you trust the weapon as you trust your teammate in battle.” She quoted Ki Umar’s words about firearms and feelings lesson.

“It settled, then,” Daniela said. “You are going to live with her, Widowmaker. No excuses.” Daniela told Widowmaker and immediately left the firing range and quickly met with her unwanted visitors and agents.

“But… Arrrgghh…” Widowmaker said, exasperated. “Okay, newbie. My room, my rules.” She angered while pointing at her chest, then Shaelynn’s nose.

“Okay, expert. I’ll follow your rules.”

Later that evening, when Widowmaker taking a rest on her comfy bed, suddenly a heavy rain began to pour down from the skies above, marking the gloomiest and the loneliest day ever in Widowmaker’s or Shaelynn’s life. The room felt so cold that even a radiant smile couldn’t warm it up. Widowmaker lays herself on the bed without nothing to do, and she’s goddamn bored. To break the ice, Widowmaker tried to touch Shaelynn to gain her attention.

“Shaelynn…” Widowmaker greeted Shaelynn.

“Anything I could help you, Master?” Shae said, implicitly mocking Widowmaker’s “superiority.”

“Just call me Amé, okay? I know that’s my former name, but I found no harm to share it with you.” Widowmaker said to her. Shae began to questioning Widowmaker’s “superiority.”

“Ooookaaaay, Amé.” She playfully replied.

“Thank you, Shaelynn.”

“Not a problem, sweetheart.”

Sweetheart. A callsign that she’d never heard of in years, and it’s been a long time since she heard the word when she’s just at the peak of her ballet dancing career. Widowmaker began to blush and couldn’t control herself over her blush. She hasn’t seen love nor feels it… or experience it directly from a rookie that just met her a few hours ago on the firing range.

The next day, Widowmaker woke a little late than Shae, since Shaelynn’s friend is only Widowmaker herself, so she wanders the base to see if she could hang out with other agents, members, and soldiers of the Talon Organization.

“Hi, guys! Mind if we have a round of cards? Whoever wins pays the lunch!” She shouted from afar, Widowmaker barely heard it, but the only word she could hear is “buys the dinner.”

“Hey, isn’t that the new girl? We could play a round or two, lay it down and let’s play. It’s been a while since we play this type of game.” Pvt. Jameson said, Talon Platoon A Leader.

Widowmaker who could only watch her with her visor from her room began to touch her unmentionables as dirty thoughts swarming her like bees, she caresses it very, very tenderly and gradually increasing its intensity and vigorously rubbing it. Widowmaker began to drool herself in her room and couldn’t contain the ecstasy of… imagining the newbie… as her same-sex intimate partner. Shaelynn, please do me vigorously. Widowmaker thought to herself as she rubs her genitals in between her lusty, French moans. Do it harder, Shaelynn! Do it rough! She screamed inside herself, telling herself that she’s more than ready to have an intimate relationship with Shaelynn. Widowmaker came as soon as she let out her last and loud moan, her heart is beating like crazy afterwards. Shaelynn who heard it from across the corridor began to run back to Widowmaker’s room, the rest of the guys thought that Widowmaker might experience a nightmare, she ran so fast… to only found out…

“Amé!” Shaelynn beat down the door. “Are you… pleasing yourself?” Shaelynn asked Widowmaker, confused.

“Do it rough, baby. Do it rough.” Widowmaker replied, a flow of ecstasy of being pleased still swarming her thoughts.

“Amé…” Shaelynn facepalmed. “You’re dreaming of me, aren’t you?” Shaelynn questioned Widowmaker in disbelieve.

“I think… so…” Widowmaker took a deep breath.

“Amé, the only thing I ask of you is we’re just friends, okay? Beyond that, I will search for another room far away from you, or I could live in the city. Where you couldn’t find me.”

Widowmaker tried her best to calm herself and controlling her heart beat. “Please… don’t do that.”

“Don’t imagine dirty things about me, then. It creeps me out, you know?” She warned Widowmaker and left her alone in her room with a bed sheet full of her bodily fluids and sweat. Widowmaker then took a bath and realising that if she couldn’t imagine Shaelynn, at least she could stalk her for a whole day. She wore her favourite T-Shirt and ripped jeans. Shaelynn still felt disgusted after what Widowmaker did to her indirectly, and she began to question Widowmaker’s position and why did she do that to her… and only her.

Shaelynn’s perspective

You know what, people? Being someone who lived with that sniper all day long is one great experience, but then again… when the sniper is begging you to please her sexually, even if that’s only a foreplay or some kind of softcore intimacy… it begins to creeps the hell out of me. The following days of my work with Talon and its respected members, I found myself trusting a lot of new agents from different divisions of Talon Organization, some of them were even single and to experience a proposal to began a new life, bound with marriage is something I’d like to experience, but now… it’s not a trivial matter for me, what is important is I could make some money from my mercenary work and eventually get myself a home somewhere in the city. Every day I feel myself being watched by someone as I threw bridge cards and drinking beers with my new teammates, I take a look at my back to see if there’s somebody is spying on me, that goes for two straight weeks. Later that night, before I went to sleep I have a little talk with Widowmaker.

“Hey, Amé. Did you spying on me?” I asked her, with my hands on my waist.

“No, I didn’t spy on you.” She answered.

“Okay, I believe in you, Amé. But, please, it’s been two weeks, and you already creeps the shit out of me.” I angered.

“I said, I didn’t spy on you, okay? Why you always blamed me for such matter, I didn’t even know it!” Widowmaker said, denying what she did around me.

“Amé, I will not angry if you act honestly in front of me, okay?” I said, trying to calm her down and squeeze any secrets from her.

Widowmaker sighed. “Yeah, I’m spying on you, Shaelynn. I couldn’t think straight if I didn’t think about you… even for one day.”

I hugged her so tight, she didn’t have the time to react. “Thanks, Amé. I appreciate your honesty.” I smiled and then off to bed, followed by her walking beside me.

In fact, not all friends came from the same experience, especially for Shaelynn and Widowmaker, two friends who had their own limits in intimate relations and sex life. Shaelynn who focused more on friendship than a hardcore sex with her favourite marksman felt something strange inside her, sometimes her thoughts telling her to accept Widowmaker in any way she can. Widowmaker is softening her feelings to Shaelynn, and she is the primary role model for her to continue life as it is. One evening after their regular combat training, Shaelynn approached Widowmaker while she’s talking to her former platoon mate, codename “Weldyn.”

“Hello, Amé. Can I talk you for a second, please?” She asked Widowmaker.

“Uh, yeah, sure. What is it, Shae?” Widowmaker said, with a smile.

“Let’s have lunch together, shall we?”

Widowmaker gasped. “Really? Like, right now?” She said.

“Uh huh!” Shaelynn replied in a childish tone.

“But, we’re all sweaty and smelly, is it okay?” Widowmaker worried about her wet spandex clothes and on the verge of dehydration.

“Lunch’s on me, what do you say about that?”

“Can’t argue with that matter.”

They went off to the local restaurant and began their own quality time, it’s not what Widowmaker wants, but to ensure her friend’s mood, she’s more than willing to do anything for her trusted friend.

For Shaelynn.

After the pleasant lunch, Shaelynn walks beside Widowmaker to adore her beauty, she’s so captivating that Shaelynn who didn’t want to have an intimate relationship with her fades away as she looks deeper into who is Widowmaker.

“Amélie, I know you like me and you know I like you… let’s take it to another level, shall we?” Shaelynn said.

Widowmaker flustered of Shaelynn’s words. “What?” She said the only word that comes up from her mind to reply Shaelynn.

“You know… dating stuff, but not too intimate.” She said, putting her hands on top of her head and whistling.

“Do you want to be my date?!” Widowmaker gasped, her heart beating like crazy. “I’d love to!” She hugged her so tight that Shaelynn could barely breathe.

“There’s terms, by the way.”She said. “Okay, first don’t stalk me ever again and don’t imagine me as your “reliever.” She said.

Widowmaker could only nod to her new “girlfriend.” 

For Widowmaker… Amélie, ballet has been her occupation before Talon took everything from her. Ballet is one of the most beautiful dances around the world, and its performance is appreciated so highly that Widowmaker paid in thousands of euros, and live a happy life with her husband, Gérard Lacroix, the one who spearheading Overwatch’s attack against Talon years before she turned into a living weapon. The two spend the rest of the evening talking about boys and how to maintain themselves as they slowly close their eyes and rest in a peaceful slumber.

Sunday morning for Amélie and Shaelynn is the laziest day to do anything. The Chief of Command let his agents and soldiers to take a break for a while and to meet their relatives, it’s been so long that some of the soldiers began to forget who they were and where their families located. For Shaelynn, it’s the best day to play some music and entertain people who walk in front of their room. Amélie already awakens fifteen minutes before Shaelynn even waking up from her late night slumber. Amélie stripped her clothes on the floor and went to the bathtub and soak herself in bubbles, with a side of Cognac and the beautiful hillside landscape behind the base, that is the perfect situation she hoped every day, and wish to experience it for the rest of her life.

Shaelynn who feel strange with Amélie’s curtain began to search around it and found a grand piano, sitting there without anyone touching it for years, she grabs a feather duster and cleans it up until it’s shining bright, just like Amélie first bought it years ago. She couldn’t believe the grand piano is one of the most beautifully made piano in the world. This cost a lot of fortune, there’s no way Amélie stole this kind of thing. Shaelynn shocked in awe as she touches the grand piano. The curves, the keys… it feels surreal. She sat down on the chair and trying to get accustomed to the grand piano. She began to hit a series of notes and keys beautifully, Amélie didn’t realise that her fingers began to move as the melodies of the notes overwhelmed her to the point where her emotions began to emerge once more. Amélie then dries herself and went back to her bedroom real quick. There, she saw Shaelynn try to tease Amélie with her piano works.

“That’s… beautiful.” Amélie said in a faint tone.

“What?” Shaelynn replied, while continue playing the piano.

“I mean, I hate it. Cut it off, will you?” Amélie said, flustered and tried to hide her amazement because of Shaelynn’s improvisation.

Shaelynn stopped. “Why? You don’t like it? I know you were in a ballet dance group and you could dance to anything meant to be beautiful.” She said.

“Yeah, it’s the past, and I don’t want to remember it all again, Shaelynn,” Amélie said while putting her lingerie. “I don’t want to get any PTSD because of you playing the piano for me, okay?”

“At least, will you allow me to play this beautiful, rare grand piano, Amélie?” Shaelynn requested Amélie’s permission to play the grand piano.

“Okay, you can play, but don’t involve me in this, alright?”

“I’m sure I will not involve you in this.”

Shaelynn began the song with the key of D minor and create a dark, sad aura around Amélie’s room. “This is called “The Cries of the Spider.” She titled the song.

Upon hitting the first notes, Amélie began to chill down to her spine as if she’s watching a Goddess touches her old grand piano. Her foot taps as the song continues to captivate her as she’s putting a shirt and a long coat. Her body felt something strange and couldn’t stop dancing to the music Shaelynn just played.

Her inner self… slowly regains consciousness.

The ballet dancer seems to remember all the moves again, just like the last stage she went to… the last crowd she’d ever saw and experienced. The other agents who accidentally saw Amélie in her former-self began to create a mass of crowds in front of her room, some of them were also inside to watch the ballet dancer a little closer and some of which took a photo or two between Amélie and Shaelynn. Shaelynn ends the session and leaves the agents and soldiers alike in awe, standing ovations began to swarm them, not to mention Amélie got herself an honourable ovation from Shaelynn.

Even if she couldn’t feel anything, Shaelynn made her life a little better, and she could feel her emotions again, in a short time.

Amélie gave them the curtain call to end the session as crowds began to overwhelm her with standing ovations and cheering… then telling them to get the hell out of her room. A mood breaker that is.

“Amé… you’re awesome!” Shaelynn complimented the Dancing Spider. “You’re… so beautiful and elegant… it warms my heart to the fullest.”

“Thank you, dear. I’d settle to thank the gods, but instead, I thanked you… you repair a piece of me, you… reminds me who was I before.” Amélie embraced Shaelynn like she’s the most important person in her life.

“Sure, Amé. I’m glad I help someone taking care of their problems, although that’s not a trivial matter for me, at least you know that not everyone could overcome their problems alone… they need guidance, just like when you’re trying to drive a car, fly a plane, you name it.” Shaelynn replied Amé’s embrace. “Don’t afraid to show your past… even if that makes you cry and it’s painful to remember… that at least is what will hold you together.”

“Thanks again, Shae. I know by trusting you… loving you…” She flustered.

“Would make you feel reborn again to this world?” Shaelynn continued Amé’s fractured sentences.

Amélie blushed. “Exactly…”

“Hey, wanna keep the piano session? We still had enough time to enjoy ourselves.” Shaelynn said.

“Sure, how about some contemporary love songs? I could sing for you, and you could play the piano for me.” Amélie said, grabbing her old acoustic guitar and began to play a series of chords.

“Let’s do that love song called “More Than Words.” I’m sure you know it… everyone does… well, not everybody.”

“Let the crowd enjoy the show, now.” Amé requested, feeling confident for her first performance in a base where people didn’t recognise or appreciate anything beautiful… until now. “They could have a secret ballet dancer and a pianist, eh? Evil needs love and something beautiful too, you know?” Amélie winked at Shaelynn.

“I concur that, Spidey Snipes.” Shaelynn nodded in agreement.

“Let’s play this song, Chérie. Starts with the key of G.” Amélie said, commanding Shaelynn to get the right chords.

Kanyaah kuring, I know the song, don’t tell me what chords I should play, okay?” Shaelynn replied with a twist of her Sundanese coming out from her mouth.

Amélie blushed when she heard the word. “I don’t know what that means and how to pronounce it, but it’s the sweetest thing, you see?”

“Don’t exaggerate things you don’t need to, Amé.”

“Ah, beg your pardon. Let’s continue our session, then.”

As the sun goes down, the song fits the atmosphere perfectly. At first, Amélie didn’t believe herself that somewhat she could sing a song, she always told people around her that she couldn’t sing. Upon reaching the song’s first verse…

It was heavenly, for Amélie and Shaelynn.

They both chorused the song simultaneously, just like the duets on the television. Shaelynn views Amélie’s vocal as the “most heavenly voice from a woman who forcefully stripped away from her feelings and emotions.” The vocal was spot on and attracts another crowd of soldiers, agents, and several staffs, including Daniela, the Receptionist. It was everybody’s favourite song, and they couldn’t hold themselves as Amélie and Shaelynn reach the chorus part of the song.

The members of Talon couldn’t believe what they just saw. Amélie, known as Widowmaker had such a beautiful voice for a person who didn’t give mercy to those she killed, and never get carried away by her past feelings and emotions. Another standing ovation was given that evening for Shaelynn and especially Amélie – who captivate all the audience and most importantly Shaelynn who plays the piano for her. The crowd disperses as Amélie immediately closed the door and embrace Shaelynn with her full strength, and the two shared a laugh together with a side of Cognac.

Amélie knows that she couldn’t stop listening to Shaelynn’s masterpiece with pianos.

Shaelynn knows that Amélie’s vocal could make everything better for herself and Amélie.

A friendship could come from anywhere, even if the first impression is bitter and cold – but in the end, that’s what makes it unique. The bitterness of the first reactions turned into the sweetest thing you could ever imagine.

This is my first ever Shaemaker fic (Shaelynn x Widowmaker)

Shaelynn is my OC for Overwatch community, and she’s quite fun to write, and yeah, this goes to my buddy @pviane <- (He’s a great guy, you should check him up!) who shared ideas between two of us couple days ago. (literally, last night, if you’re on GMT +7 Time Zone, Bangkok, Hanoi, and Jakarta area)

By the way, guys. Kanyaah kuring in English is “Sweetheart,” it’s a Sundanese word to express your lover.

P.S. this is slight NSFW, but anyway… :D


Avaric was just doing his thing, shelving new books they had just gotten at the used bookstore he worked at part time when he heard the door open. Without even looking over he greeted the customer. “Welcome, if you’re here to sell books I can help you, if not have a look around. The shop’s cat is asleep near the young adult romance books if you came here just for her,” he said with little to no emotion, clearly worn thin from the holiday season that brought storms of people into the small shop.


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“The window is fine…”

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