greeting fans before the

Meet and Greet

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: Yoongi X reader

Fandom: BTS

Request(s): May I please ask if you can do a Yoongi x reader where you got front row tickets to their concert and he just stares at you the whole time?//  y/n meets yoongi in a fan meet n’ greet and like instead of being all hyper and nervous and all that y/n is like rlly calm and gives off this calming gentle aura, bc y/n doesnt want to hold their hand or isnt all up in his face screaming and all and it intrigues yoongi and he gives her his number and later they meet just to talk and get to know each other

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The lights dimmed down in the large room filled with fans just to amp up the excitement in your chest. The room was quiet but only for seconds when the background music started playing and everyone screamed. The seven boys you had been waiting to see in person were now finally stepping out in front of your eyes. They did their greetings before starting, waving, and smiling at the fans in the audience. Yoongi catches your eye when you notice his glance directed over to you. You wave at him, smiling. To which he bites his lower lip, embarrassed, waving back at you. As the songs start coming out he continues to go near your side of the stage. Around the time they did the song, “Miss Right” he sat down on the stage. At first he was looking around in the crowd, doing his part, but near the end he continued it facing you. You smiled over at him until Jimin came over to mess with him. They laughed and moved to the other side.  All the continuous interactions made you only focus on him, forgetting you were there for all of them. After the concert you had began to file out with everyone else but someone approached you.

“I was asked to bring this to you but please don’t tell other fans. It could cause trouble..” The staff member told you

You look down at the fan meet pass, confused. “Oh but I didn’t-“

“It’s from the members. Please consider it a gift.” She told you before moving her way out of the crowd.

You start walking over to the line for the quick fan meet. You couldn’t help but wonder why they would personally hand them out until you came to the conclusion they must have been handing them out to random fans. You felt happy thinking you weren’t as lucky when it came to the stuff usually and it was a nice surprise. It’s your turn and you walk over, kneeling down in front of the table. Jimin smiles at you.

“I noticed you in the crowd earlier.” He says, signing the poster on the table.

“Really or do you say that to everyone?” you joked, laughing.

He laughed. “No, you were down in the front when I came over to Suga.”

“Hmm. I guess you really did see me then.”

Jimin extends his hands, putting his elbows down on the table to hold your hands but Yoongi cleared his throat.

“Can you keep the line moving?” He said, sitting next to Jimin.

You wave goodbye to Jimin, sliding over to him. He signs your poster fast so he could have time to talk to you.

“Thank you for coming.”

You both look back at each other as he shows off his famous smile.

“I really love your guy’s hard work and music. It wasn’t easy to get tickets though. Those things sell out in seconds.”

Yoongi reaches for your hands on the table that you kept politely in your lap so you lift them up for him.

“How about we fix that problem, then?”

You give him a confused look.

“I’m not sure what you mean by that.”

He flips over the back of the poster, writing as small as he could, to put his phone number down on it. You were honestly stuck in shock.


“Yeah…really. It’d be nice to see you cheering us on again. On and off stage. So whenever we come down here maybe we could meet up.” He told you, whispering the last part up to your ear.

Hoseok nudges him.

“You’re gonna cause a scene..”

Yoongi rolled his eyes and then turned his attention back to you.

“I guess this means I have to let you go…but this won’t be the last time I see you, right?”

You shook your head, giving him a bright smile.

“I’d love to see you again.”

Awestruck // Dolan Twins

Summary: Your a well known singer that started on YouTube and now you’re on your headlining tour. On your free day you do an impromptu meet and greet before surprising the fans there with something great. Low and behold you catch the attention of the Dolan Twins, specifically the awestruck Ethan.

Characters: Ethan Dolan x Singer!Reader, Grayson Dolan, and Becky (OC)

Words: 3535

Disclaimer: I do not own any gifs, images, songs or jokes that may make an appearance in this. I also do not own YouTube. The songs involved are Macy Kate’s covers of ‘Closer’ (Chainsmokers and Halsey) and ‘Shape of You’ (Ed Sheeran)

Warnings: Swearing, The Dolan Twins (yes that’s a fucking warning), and FLUFF

Author: Caitsy

Tagging: At the end.

A/N: I’ve decided to start writing on the YouTubers that originally gained a following on Vine. These are the Dolan Twins whom post on YouTube every Tuesday. I’ve loved this for a long time!  Also we have an announcement on Saturday so stay tuned for that, because it’s exciting! PLEASE REQUEST ANYTHING

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You had sent out a tweet on twitter to let your fans know that you would be in a specific place with security. It was an impromptu meet and greet on the free day before the concert in L.A. and you were beyond excited. You were known for the multiple covers you did and you had only just gotten your own tour even if it wasn’t all that long.

“Are you going to sing any songs for the fans tonight?” Becky, your manager, asked. You were unpacking your stuff for the three days in the city.

“I’m not sure.” You frowned before shrugging, “I have to leave early to make it to the location without being swamped.”

Becky nodded before going back to checking over the schedule for the tour again. Without her you didn’t know where you would be especially after your other manager fucked everything up.

You only grabbed the necessary things seeing as you had reserved a large building to perform one of your new covers. It was one that was in high demand and you couldn’t resist giving everyone a live viewing as long as they didn’t make noise.

You started off meeting fans and taking the entire morning to do so even with a group of boys far off in the tree line. As the fans met you they would go into the building. It took seven hours before it was a smaller group and you were beyond tired of standing.

“How are you guys today?” You questioned pulling up your camera.

“Good…? Do you know what’s going on right now?”

“You aren’t fans?” You asked looking up to see two boys that look similar to each other. Each of them blinked as if they hadn’t comprehended my question.

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She's My Fallen Angel. (Andy Biersack Imagine)

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You smiled from the side stage area, hidden from the view of the massive crowd that had come to see your amazing boyfriend, scratch that fiancée, sing some of the song his newest album from his side project, Andy Black. You didn’t enjoy being in front of so many people, and Andy understood. You smiled to the sound of his voice, and hummed along quietly as he started the vocals to ‘Put the Gun Down’. You leaned against one of the pillars of wires, and your smile grew as he turned and smiled and winked towards you as he continued singing.

You winced as you saw so many people glare and sneer at you from the front row, and you shrunk backwards as you bit your lip. You knew that several people hated you for taking away ‘Their Andy’, but you couldn’t have done anything to stop Andy from persuading you to go on a date with him, to asking you to be his girl, to finally leading you to where you were today of being his soon to be wife. You ran a hand through your (h/c) locks, smiling at the strand of black (or brown like his original hair color c:) that stood out in your (h/c) hair. You had gotten it when he proposed, matching in some sort of way.

He saw that you had moved when he finished the song, and raised an eyebrow. He shrugged it off, he could still see you slightly, and turned back to the crowd, though he knew he would ask you about it later. “So, to all my motherfucking AMAZING Fans, Let’s have someone pick the next song, shall we?” He smiled, his lips spread into what had caused you to fall in love with him in the first place. All of the fans let out loud shrieks and raised their hands, and you smiled at his fans enthusiasm to be seen by their model.

“How about…You with the long blonde hair?” He stated, pointing to a random fan and she smiled widely, but you were suspicious when the smile turned smug as she walked up to the stage, the guard helping her up. “Welcome to center stage, what’s your name?” He smiled, and she smiled back, exposing big white teeth as she responded. “Lily.” (If that’s your name, then feel free to change it!) Andy smiled a smile, and shook her hand as she happily stood beside him. “So what’s your song recommendation, Lily?” He said, shifting around before resuming his position beside the mic.

Several fans screamed out recommendations for songs, and you groaned as she looked at you from the corner of her eyes and rolled them. You sighed, and straightened out your misfits tank top as you looked away after brushing out the hair from your face with your fingertips. 'Dammit…Please don’t say anything..’ You thought to yourself, fiddling with the sterling silver diamond ring on your ring finger.

“How about….The Morticians Daughter?” She fluttered her eyelids towards him as she leaned back onto her left foot. You growled quietly as she smirked to you, and you glared back at her, your (e/c) iris’ showing dislike. You didn’t enjoy how often people would try and get Andy to sing this song and 'dedicate it to them’. You sighed and huffed through your nose, as he nodded and begin to sing the song.

You ran your hand through your hair again, groaning as she filmed him sing and she squealed softly when he ran his hands through his hair mimicking you, as his hair fell messily onto his forehead. He sang the song, and finished on the last note before smiling and winking towards you. The girl was led off of stage, and Andy began to last songs of his concert.

——————————Timeskip to the Meet n’ Greet————————————-

You sat beside Andy, smiling at fans who greeted you, and laughing and enjoying the last hours of the night. Suddenly a fan appeared next in line that you immediately recognized…Lilly. You groaned silently, and Andy silently reassured you by squeezing your waist as he wrapped a free arm around you. You smiled to him, and he winked and smiled back before turning to greet the fan before. You smiled at the fan as she excitedly shook your hand and told you how much she admired you for standing strong through the hate.

You glanced and saw Lilly roll her eyes at the comment before returning her attention to her phone, and you growled quietly. “Dammit.” You quietly growled, and Andy chuckled softly before Lily approached the table. “Hii!! It’s so nice to see you again!” She smiled, reaching out to hug him as he did the same, albeit a little hesitantly. “It’s nice to see you again too…Leah, was it?” He said, and you snickered quietly as she glared at you for a split second before turning her attention back to Andy. “Hahahha, unfortunately not! My name was Lily.” She fake smiled, before handing Andy a small hat to sign.

Andy looked it over, and groaned quietly when he saw the initials, and you winced slightly when you saw them. 'W.H.(Your first name Initial).’ You had heard about the whole group, it was a group of people that absolutely hated you. Andy had recognized it, and handed it back with a glare. “I’m afraid I won’t be signing anything with those initials.” He stated, and you felt his arm return to around your shoulders as Lily frowned. “But why not?” She stated, attempting puppy dog eyes. “Because I am aware of what those initials stand for/ And I don’t stand for that and won’t associate my name with that group. I love (y/n), and the people that can’t handle me loving someone who I feel I am right with, aren’t my fans. I have to ask you to leave.” He commanded, and she scoffed before snatching back her hat and sashaying away.

“Thank you.” You smiled to him before pecking him on the cheek and he laughed softly, his arms around your waist tightening. “Your welcome,” He said softly, before returning his attention to the fans. “Now who’s next?”

Randy Orton ~ Travelling

“(Y/N)! Ohmigosh I’m such a huge fan! Can I please get a picture with you?” “Sure sweetheart.” You smiled at the eager fan who was nearly close to tears. You wrapped your arms around her and smiled at her phone for a selfie.

You greeted a few more fans before heading off towards the Platinum traveller’s lounge. Perks of being a WWE Superstar.

“Here babe.” Randy kissed you on your forehead, handing you a Starbucks cup.

You were headed off to the next city for a WWE Event with your travel buddy and Boyfriend – Randy Orton. Your flight was delayed by 5 hours and you guys took ‘refuge’ in the lounge before more fans came to know that you guys were around.

“I’m so exhausted.” You rubbed your neck and sat down on Randy’s lap. “Don’t worry. We won’t be travelling for another week after we get to New York.” He wrapped his arms around you, comforting you.

“Didn’t you go to the infirmary after your match with Fox?” Randy gently touched your neck. “It’s pretty bruised up (Y/N).” You looked at Randy who looked really concerned. “No pain. No gain, boyfriend.” You winked.

“We’re getting you checked out as soon as we land.” You had a really high tolerance to pain so when something was bothering you physically, Randy immediately knew it had to be dealt with.

“I’m fine. It’s just a little stiff.” You shifted and pulled out your laptop from your backpack. “Wanna watch a movie?” It was as if he read your mind. “Mean Girls?” you looked up at him with any luck that he would say yes. “You’re the only person I’d watch a chick movie with (Y/N).” he shook his head at you, smiling before pulling you back into your arms.

“We’ve got a five hour waiting time Orton. This isn’t going to be the only chick flick you watch.” You giggled before kissing him.

Sorry its quite short.. It was sitting in my drafts for so long and who doesn’t love a little RKO ;)

You Got Me Trippin (Fluffy Woozi/Jihoon Imagine)

Based off of this request:

Summary: Jihoon never imagined falling as hard and as fast as he did. Especially not for someone he’d never met. Especially for not a fan. He always wrote songs about love, because that’s what the label wanted, but when he saw your picture for the first time, he truly understood what they meant. Fluff. 

(AN: I did go a little off the prompt, but I was just using my creative liberties. ;))

Sometimes he really felt stupid like this. Times when he caught himself grinning at his phone like an idiot and he had to flash back to reality and remind himself that he was in the studio or in the dance room taking a quick break or in the middle of a late night writing session and had only meant to check his phone for a quick moment. 

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little things to love about soonyoung
  • WHAT TIME IS IT!!!!! 10:10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • hoshi means star in japanese aka he shines very bright 
  • such a bright child 
  • speaks japanese pretty well! 
  • Japanese food is his fave!!!
  • knows basic chinese 
  • naega hosh
  • black belt in taekwondo :’))))
  • He could be in the vocal team with those vocals cuz gahdamn
  • how does he go from “I am a cute fluffy bunny” to “im gonna wreck ur heart” in .3 seconds i dont get it 
  • everyone loves kwonspo
  • “My name is soonyoung, call me soon” OMFG 
  • that one time on 17project when he was crying and was fed a sandwich by his dad at the same time is honestly the most precious thing in existence
  • we can all relate to soonyoung on this one bc he likes to take derp pictures of the members. especially DK LMA O
  • “FIGHTINGGGGG!!!!” *wakes up*
  • during the mnet meet and greet he asked if the fans had eaten yet before coming to the broadcast
  • the lil’ darling is so caring
  • his signature makes a ˋ 3 ˊ face
  • hosh’s hand aquarium
  • can make a jellyfish and a crab with his hands WE’VE ALL TRIED TO MIMIC IT AT SOME POINT OKAY. WE’RE ALL GULITY
  • his dances can hypnotize u jus sayin
  • can be adorable without even trying and honestly i cri evrytim
  • he had a pet chicken named coco y’all im bout to cry 
  • if he had to choose between apples or bananas, he’ll choose apples 
  • *helium voice* sHINING DIAMONDS YEH
  • soonyoung on one fine day was wild
  • can someone let this boy meet chris brown, beyonce, and usher omg he admires them 
  • voted by members with the most aeygo 
  • a very very hardworking individual!!!!
  • pls love soonyoung with all ur heart and soul
Turning the Page

Pairing: Rockstar!Dean x Reader AU

Warnings: none really. Mention of alcohol?

Word Count (without lyrics): 1146

A/N: Written for @kazchester-fanfiction one year song challenge! Congrats hun!! The song I chose was Turn the Page by Bob Seger I’m so excited about this fic I have decided to turn it into a series. Not sure how long it will run but there will definitely be more parts! As always thank you to @avasmommy224 for betaing this for me. Feedback is always welcome as I am a new writer!! Hope you enjoy! ♥ (btw I know the pic is Jensen but it worked better than Dean!!)

As the lights went dark over the audience and landed on him, he stepped up to the microphone, strumming the chords of his guitar. The saxophone whined it’s sad notes and the crowd went wild. He always made this song a regular number in his show. Of all the pieces he’s ever written, this Bob Seger classic was always the one that spoke to him the most. He could always bring every emotion into the song every time, no matter what kind of day it had been. He strummed a few more notes from the guitar and began to serenade 20,000 people.

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[ Can you make a Josh Dun imagine where you both are famous and you are fighting about not seeing other since you both are on tour and he surprises you at your own show - Anonymous

“What do you mean you can’t come over? Josh, your next concert is in three days!” You sighed into the phone, grabbing the paper bag through the drive through window. You placed it in the passenger seat of the car and drove out of the parking lot, heading back to your tour bus. 

“Look, I just want to see you. It’s been almost a month.” You sighed again as he told you that they would be driving for about two days just to get to their next stage. It was some bullshit excuse and you knew that you shouldn’t be mad, but you couldn’t help yourself. Your boyfriend was being a jackass and blatantly saying that he didn’t want to see you. 

“You know what? Fine. I don’t want to see you either.” You hung up the phone before Josh even had the chance to respond, throwing it into the passenger seat. The fast food you got was beginning to make you sick with how upset you were. 

You eventually made it back to your tour bus, opening the door to it as your friends looked at you from the couch. You tossed the fast food at them and walked back to the bunk area. You climbed into your bunk, laying on your side towards the wall. You were so upset, your mind racing with different reasons why Josh didn’t want to see you. You thought everything was going so well between the two of you. You loved him and he said that he loved you, but now you weren’t so sure. 

But you did understand that your relationship wasn’t exactly built on the most solid foundation. You were both touring with your own bands, making it big in the world, and meeting so many unique people along the way. You still couldn’t believe how fast the world grew to love you. Within three short years your band had grown to be on the Billboard top 100, even having one single reach the number one spot in the entire country within a week of its release. 

The curtain of your bunk pulled back to reveal the lead singer and best friend of the band. She looked at you, questioning you with just her eyes, not saying a word. You rolled over to face her and that’s when the tears started to flow down your face. 

“Oh honey.” She crawled into the tight bunk with you and wrapped her arms around you, holding you tight as you sobbed. You couldn’t control yourself but you were so thankful you had someone to support you right now.

When your tears finally began to slow down, you told her everything that happened. About Josh not wanting to come see you, about the fight you had, about all of your doubts with this relationship.

“Look, I don’t think that one fight like this is going to ruin your relationship. You have every right to miss him. I miss my boyfriend, a lot. But I know that when we’re done here, he’ll be meeting me at the airport so we can go home. And I’m sure that’s what Josh will do too. He’ll meet you at the airport and you’ll both go home and have mind blowing sex and then fall asleep for days. I’m telling you, that’s whats going to happen. Now go get ready we’re gonna be arriving in ten minutes.” She rolled out of your bunk, leaving you to grab your clothes and change. The others were changing out of their sweatpants and into something a little more presentable. Whenever you arrived at your destination there were always fans waiting for you and, frankly, it wasn’t professional to show up in sweats. People would think that you’re not actually a popular band. 

The bus stopped and you all filed off, greeting fans and signing merchandise for them before you walked into the venue. You went through all the necessary things. The sound check, where the speakers were, where you all were supposed to stand during the performance. Soon you were ushered into a back room where your concert clothes were, your wardrobe designer picking out clothes for all of you to change into. Once changed you were fitted with your dead mics, making sure they all worked before being ushered to the backstage, waiting for your queue to go on stage. You could hear all of your fans chanting, like a strange rhythm that pounded your heart as you bounced slightly, adrenaline rushing through your veins.


You grabbed your drum sticks and walked out on the dark stage with the rest of your band. Everyone got into position and the first beats of the first song began playing, lights flashing everywhere as you started with your part of the song, smiling the entire time. You loved this so much, performing for so many people that loved you. 

Halfway through the concert, when it was the mini break for you guys, your best friend took up her mic and walked down to the center of the stage. 

“How are you guys!?” The crowd cheered, the sound drowning out anything else. “You guys loving the show!?” The crowd cheered even louder, if that was possible. “Alright, good, good. So, you all know the band Twenty One Pilots right?” Again the crowd went wild. “Well, you see here, our drummer just so happens to be the girlfriend of their drummer.”

You were confused as to why she was saying this because everyone in the entire world knew this. You sipped slowly at your water, resting your drum sticks on the drums, eyeing her as she carried on.

“Well, they may or may not be here tonight!” The crowd went completely crazy. But this just confused you even more. Tyler and Josh were on the other side of the country right now, driving to where ever their next show was. There was no way that they could be here. 

“You can come on out now.” Your friend turned towards the right side of the stage and you followed her gaze to the darkened spot of the stage. Slowly two figures emerged slightly, one that had very bright red hair. Tyler and Josh hadn’t even made it a quarter of the way across the stage before you flew off the stool and sprinted to Josh, flinging yourself at him. He caught you, arms wrapping around your middle as he swung you around. He buried his face into your neck.

“I’m sorry I made you upset. I just wanted to surprise you, that’s all.” You don’t know how you heard him of the millions of people screaming,, but your heart flooded with love. That explains the fight that you guys had earlier today then. How he kept saying that it was going to take days to get to their next place. Well, just so happens that their next place was visiting you. 

He set you back down on the floor and you smiled at him, quickly kissing his lips before you turned to the audience. It was like a tidal wave pool, your fans freaking out with just how sweet this whole situation was. And also the fact that Twenty One Pilots was currently on the stage. 

“Isn’t he the sweetest?” You friend laughed into the microphone, the crowd still going nuts. “Alright, let’s move on to the rest of the show!” Everyone walked back into their positions, mics in hand and guitars at the ready. You smiled at Josh as he walked back to the side of the stage where Tyler was, obviously content to watch you finish your show there. 

As the night drew on, you felt yourself play better than you ever had before. Adrenaline and love coursing through your body probably helped a little. But what helped you out the most was the fact that Josh was there, and every time you looked over at him, he was smiling. Sometimes giving you thumbs up or shaping his hands into a heart. He really was the sweetest thing in the world and he was all yours.

I had SO much fun writing this! Thank you! <3

Too Much Pressure (1/3)

Part 2
Part 3

Pairing: danisnotonfire x reader

Genre: Angst, Fluff, Smut

Warnings: Stress/Anxiety i guess?

Word Count: 2539 (so far)

Prompt (anon): Dan and reader who is a youtuber are at a convention and they argue because they keep spending time apart and they get angry and sad and decide to sleep in seperate rooms but Dan can’t keep away from her and it ends in nice smuttyness, thanks!

“Okay next question, who would you say is your biggest.. uh.. youtube inspiration? No.. no thats lame everyone asks questions like that… ummm.. oh God this is going to be terrible!” You mumble as you pace round your hotel room, nibbling at the skin on your thumb.

“You’ll be fine Y/N” you hear a calm voice say from behind you. “Once you’re on the stage you’ll relax more”. You turn to see your favourite person (and boyfriend of 7months) beaming at you from the edge of the hotel bed. Fresh out the shower, Dan’s curly hair fell in waves around his forehead, still messy from his towel dry but oh so attractive. Things had been difficult between you two lately, and him not understanding how you felt about this interview instantly irritated you.

“This is Louise’s first proper stage interview Dan, I have to make this perfect for her I can’t mess up the bloody questions!”, you reply, maybe a bit too harshly. You felt almost exhausted from the pressure. This was also the first time you had been on stage at a convention, and it wasn’t exactly a small one either. The main stage at Vidcon thank you very much. Sure, meet and greets were no problem, since your channel blew up last year after appearing on Louise’s channel. It was always one on one, face to face conversation with viewers in a room where you only had to be heard by the people directly in front of you, not an entire room full of excited and optimistic Louise fans! There was no way you could mess this up for any of them, but with the event in only half an hour it was suddenly becoming a bit much. Not to mention, you had about a billion video’s and collabs to film before you left in a few days. You look up from your feet and glance at Dan, who’s head is tilted slightly as he stares right back at you. Does he always have to be adorable?

“You won’t mess up the ‘bloody questions’” he jokes, harmlessly mocking your voice. “Plus, remember Louise is great at filling awkward silences, and I’m sure her stories will distract from any little mistakes you make. You’ll be perfect.” He leans forward slightly, adjusting his position on the bed so he is on his knees and then stretches out his hand, holding you by the belt loop. A smile creeps on his lips and he begins to pull you closer. Oh, the belt loop thing he does. You know where this is leading instantly. But as hot as he looked, you really weren’t in the mood right at that moment, you know, with the ever increasing anxiety you were feeling.

“No Dan. Louise is going to be here soon.” You say, biting your lip and pushing his hand away as you turn. You seemed to be doing that a lot to him recently, pushing his hand away, and not because you didn’t want him.. you really really wanted him, but it just never seemed to be the right time. When he was free, you were busy, Vise versa. It was really starting to take a toll on your relationship, and Dan had noticed it too but the issues had never been said aloud, until now…

“It’s almost embarrassing when you do that to me you know.” He sighed, rubbing the back of his neck and sitting back down on his heels. “I’m trying Y/N. We’ve been at Vidcon for over a week now, you haven’t even come near me. It’s the opposite of Playlist, I don’t know what I’m doing wrong!” His words were getting louder, but you don’t dare turn and look at him. Instead you place things in your suitcase that you know you still need as a way of avoiding this oncoming argument. It’s true though, at Playlist Live a few months ago, you two were constantly between the sheets. Each other’s company being the only thing you wanted. The only thing you needed. How had it gone so downhill in such a short space of time? Pressure. Pressure to be Dan Howell’s perfect girlfriend as well as pressure to be a good YouTuber. You had taken on a lot of new things over the past few months and that had meant your schedule had pretty much blown up. Evidently, so had your relationship.

“I’m serious Y/N, what’s up with you? I’m not the only one who’s noticed. I know you’re under pressure, I’m a YouTuber too. I get you’re stressed Y/N but you don’t need to be for God sake. I’m sick of just being here to only say good morning and good night to you. I never see you! The only people you seem to be spending time with is Louise, and Jack! In fact I think you’ve spent more time with him this past week than me! Perhaps you’d rather sleep in his bed?!” He shouts, snidely. At that comment you swing round from where you are standing, with your fists clenched. Did he really just say that? He has now moved from off the bed and is standing in front of it. About a meter from you. Anger swimming in his eyes. You’d never seen him this way before. For some reason, all you felt too, was anger.

“Yes, Daniel. I am stressed.” You begin to say, not actually realising you are shouting too. “I am completely and utterly stressed. Okay? I have about 20 minutes to sort through these questions for Louise. I then have to come back here and film two new videos, edit them and upload them in-between filming with Tyler, Coleen, Caspar and Joe.” You yell, taking a step closer to Dan. “I then have to meet with my management over some stupid sponsorship deal I don’t even feel comfortable doing, BEFORE going to another meet and greet with fans who I’m not even sure like me that much ever since we announced we’re together. I’m pretty sure they just see me to ask questions about YOU.”

“Y'N, I-”

“No, LISTEN.” you scream. “I also know I have to make time for friends and my family. Dan, I haven’t spoken to my mum in forever! Right now that doesn’t even matter because I don’t have TIME. But I’m a YouTuber now right? So I always have to be super smiley and happy and energetic and organised and upbeat and confident and… and…” Hot tears begin to roll down your cheeks as your voice fades. “And I’m still new to this whole YouTube world Dan. It’s overwhelming me right now… I can’t be the girlfriend you want me to be at the moment and I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. But you… you need to understand. Right now, I… I can’t cope with any of it.” Your voice now a whisper. You cover your mouth with your hands, half amazed, half heartbroken at your own words, and squeeze your eyes shut. Waiting for him to wipe the tears from your cheeks. A hand to take yours. An arm to take your waist. Fingers to take your belt loop… Anything!

When you eventually look up at him, he is just staring back at you. His gorgeous lips slightly parted in shock. Those big brown eyes scan your face as he inhales a deep breath. Almost as if he’s getting ready to say something, but he doesn’t.

His gaze is broken by a sharp knock at the door.

“Y/N! It’s showtime baby!” you hear a cheery Louise call from outside your hotel room. “I’m going straight to the stage I’ll meet you down there!”. Hearing her smile in her voice as she sings in the hallway, you wait a few seconds until you know she’s gone before you let your arms fall to your sides. The anger you felt just a few seconds ago has gone, instead its been replaced with a numbing fear of not only this bloody stage interview, but of the effects of your first ever argument with Dan. The guy you have given your whole heart to this past year. Hell, ever since you subscribed to him. The guy you love unconditionally. The guy who, usually, knows exactly what to do and say to make you feel perfect. Without looking at him, you walk past where he is stood, no more than a foot in front of you, to the table at the side of the room.

“Y/N” He begins, his voice shaky.

“I have to go Dan”. You state, your voice now monotone. As you pick up your phone and room key, another tear escapes the corner of your eye. You wipe it away harshly. 'Did all of that really just happen? Did we really just yell at each other like that? I can’t look at him, oh my God’, you think to yourself. You heard his voice as he said your name. You knew there would be pain in his eyes… his beautiful eyes… and the raw emotion you felt right now was enough to make you crumble right out there on stage if you didn’t keep it together in this goddamn hotel room.

You walk hastily over to the door and shakily grab hold of the handle. “I’ll see you soon okay?” you say, realising you said 'soon’ instead of 'later’ because honestly, you’d either be too busy or just too ashamed to go back to your room tonight. But as you pull at the heavy door you see a shadow on the wall in front of you, merging with your own, and a familiar hand reaches forward from behind you leaning against the partially open door.

Taking a deep breath, your hand drops from the handle, the door begins to close as his other hand appears the other side of you, this one leaning against the wall next to the door. You were surrounded by his arms, where you felt most safe. As the door clicks shut you feel his warm body press against your back and soft lips find their way to the side of your head, close to your ear. You let your phone and room key tumble to the floor as you place your left hand on your chest, where your heart is, and place your right hand across your face. Everything seemed to hurt within you, but more so now because of the pain you’ve likely caused him over the past few weeks. At how you yelled at him, at how damaged he sounded when he said your name just now. He’s just confused, and irritated at behaviour you haven’t bothered to explain to him. Its not his fault.


"No hang on, look I’m sorry. I’m so sorry Y/N, I shouldn’t have kicked off like that.” His words a gentle tone in your ear. “I know what its like to be under that pressure, what with the book and the tour and the gaming channel and everything else I jus… I just forgot what it was like because I’m so used to it now. I’m here for you, you can always tell me how you feel. I want to make you feel happy Y/N I can’t stand seeing you so sad. And the comment about Jack… I really didn’t meant it. ” He hangs his head slightly to rest his lips on your shoulder. As he leaves a single soft kiss upon your shirt you breathe in his scent, and want nothing more than to turn and bury yourself in his chest, but instead…

“Dan I have to go.” You say quickly. “Louise is waiting.”

“A few more minutes of waiting won’t kill her Y/N, please look at me?” The hand against the door moved down to your right hip, and gentle fingers held you tight as he slowly spun you round on the spot to face him. Your breathing calmed as you stared at his chest for a few seconds, before looking up through your wet lashes at his handsome face, only to see his brown eyes staring down at you through their own set of wet lashes. He was crying too. Your forehead instantly wrinkled and your nose scrunched as more white hot tears filled your eyes and you found your hands in his hair, pulling his face towards yours.

“I’m so sorry too. I shouldn’t have taken it all out on you, you’re right”, you say through chocked breaths, “I am stressed and I’ve not been myself and the last thing I wanted was to hurt you”. The tears now spilling down your cheeks. “I think I just need a break from this YouTube world Dan, I need to just… feel like me again, the me you love.” You let out a wavered sigh, just as dan leans in and softly kisses your cheeks, catching the tears on his lips. He grazes his mouth across your jaw and then up to your forehead before going back down your face. His hot breath tickled you as you wove your fingers deeper into his soft, curling hair. He was suddenly holding you tight, his strong arms around your lower back, bodies pushed tight together.

“You’re always the you I love”. He whispers as he gently presses his lips to yours. For a second you stand and breathe him in, before tilting your head and parting your lips, allowing him to kiss you. The kiss was delicate, reflecting your emotions, but after a few seconds the pressure he applied grew bigger and you felt him gripping your waist as his tongue meet yours. He sighed into your mouth, as he usually did when things were picking up pace, but for some reason you weren’t ready for this yet. Call it shame or embarrassment, you were going to need a few hours to calm down, reflect maybe, and you wanted to give him that time too. So you pull away.

“I really need to go now Dan, I need to find Louise”. The idea of seeing Louise actually made you feel better because you knew she’d know exactly what just happened without telling her a thing, and she’d know exactly what to say to you. She knew you both inside out, she’d seen the build up of your stress and she knew how much you loved each other. Louise was the one that basically got you two together after all.

“You don’t need to go down there for another 10 minutes, plus they’re not opening the doors for the viewers for another 20, stay for a bit. Please.” He lifts his thumb and finger up to your bottom lip and tugs on it gently, knowing it drives you crazy. You remove your hands from his hair to take his fingers into your own and leave a small kiss on his palm.

“Sorry I’ve put you through all this Dan, you deserve better.”

“For fuck sake Y/N I love y-” he begins, but you have already scooped up your phone and room key, and have darted out the door towards the elevators. Not really knowing where you need to be going, but desperately needing to get away from his beautiful, tear stained face.

~to be continued

Exo Scenario: Language Barrier with D.O ~

Can you make a d.o scenario where your at a backstage meet and greet and everyone is mingling but you feel shy and kinda are alone and then d.o notices and like goes up to you and he like likes you kinda Bonus: can you make it so there is a language barrier and you use like google translate and hand the phone back and forth or something THANK YOUS ILY💕💕💕💕

This is cute :) Thanks for requesting it. Hope you like it, and please let me know what you think of it!

You weren’t sure why you felt so shy, probably because this was your first time meeting your favorite group - EXO. You had been invited to a special, backstage meet and greet, and though there were only about 20 others that had been invited, you still felt odd about being there. You watched as everyone interacted with their favorite members, but you couldn’t work up the courage to go over to yours.

That was when Kyungsoo came up to you, tilting his head to the side as he said hello to you, all polite manners and smiles. For the little Korean you did know, you understood him only a little. You shouldn’t have come - how were you even going to speak with him? 

You shook your head when he tried to carry on a conversation with you, saying in your language, “Sorry, I don’t know how to speak Korean.” and you were pretty sure he didn’t understand what you were saying, either. 

That was when Kyungsoo got the great idea to take out his phone. And at first, you didn’t understand what he was doing, but he held up a finger excitedly and typed something into his phone, then handed it to you. 

He was trying to translate for you, as there weren’t any free translators around.

With a smile, you chose the language needed to translate what he had typed in and read his message thoroughly, understand what he was trying to say despite the messy translation. You grinned and blushed at what he had written.

“Why are you standing here all alone?” you opened up another page on the internet to answer him. When you were done typing, you handed the phone back to him.

“I’m a bit shy sometimes. I’m sorry.” you had typed into the translator. After waiting for him to read it and respond, you held your hands out to take his phone. He seemed to be smiling at his own reply and you read it to yourself, your lips whispering the words unconsciously.

“There’s no need to apologize. I can be a bit shy, too.” and then the next line of text had you blushing, “Who do you like in the group?” 

You didn’t need a translator app to tell him who you liked, so looking down at your feet, you pointed to him, saying the word you knew meant “you” in Korean.

Looking back up at him, you saw that he was smiling at you and that only made you blush a brighter pink. You knew it was because Kyungsoo - your bias - was smiling at you, but it was also probably because you were so close to him, and had held his phone in your hands. Despite the language barrier, you had managed to talk and communicate with him in a way that no one else probably ever had. You felt really happy in that moment. 

Just then, one of the staff came over and started explaining something to Kyungsoo. It was quite obvious that you didn’t understand what they were saying, so when the staff member left, Kyungsoo held up a finger to type in the explanation of what was going on. The other members, all behind Kyungsoo and standing with other fans, were beginning to migrate over toward the tables for the signing portion of the meet and greet.

“It’s time to start the fan signing.” Kyungsoo wrote, “It was really nice to meet you.” and when he handed you the phone, waiting for you to read it, he seemed to want to know something else about you, too. Confused, Kyungsoo just laughed lightly before typing his question into the phone. “What’s your name?”

You didn’t need a translator for this either, knowing exactly what to say in Korean to tell him what your name was. You had at least practiced that before you got to the fan meet and greet. Saying the syllables slowly so as not to mess up, you told him your name.

Confused, but flattered, Kyungsoo leaned down to take your hand in his and pressing it to his lips, which made your face burn in embarrassment. Was anyone else watching? You noticed as you looked up that his other members were watching from the corners of their eyes, but thankfully no one else did. 

Leaning away from you now, Kyungsoo nodded toward the line forming at the tables and without the translator, he told you that the two of you should probably head over there. You didn’t know what he said, but was familiar enough with the gestures he used that you knew he was telling you to head over to the line. Nodding, you thanked him, your Korean still a bit messy, but it still got a smile out of him.

While in line, the others murmured around you, all speaking in different languages as you had. Obviously this was more of an international meet and greet. But as you had only known a few words in Korean, when the others got into line and got closer to their favorite members, they spoke in fluent, or near fluent Korean, which made you jealous. 

It was your turn to step up now, and you were feeling even more nervous than you had before. This time, you didn’t have Kyungsoo’s phone to translate for you.

Despite that, however, all of the boys were incredibly kind to you. They knew you couldn’t speak Korean, so they spoke slowly and only used phrases that you knew - like thank you and have a good day. You made sure to thank them all as you passed, and then at the end of the line, you got to Kyungsoo.

His smile was brighter than you had seen it with all of the other fans, and though you hadn’t noticed it, his eyes had been on you the entire time, waiting for you to come closer to him at the end of the table. His fingers extended towards yours now, taking your hand in his and shaking it as if this was the first time the two of you had met. It made you smile and laugh.

You didn’t have much time to talk to him, and without the translator, you didn’t understand his whispered words, though you did try to memorize the way they sounded so that you could translate them later. You thanked him, leaving the line, and then being escorted away from the boys, being thanked for coming, and told to have a safe ride home.

It was only when you were in the car, back to the hotel, that you noticed their signatures. All happy faces drawn next to their signatures, and then beside Kyungsoo’s picture and signature were a few words in your language.

“It was really nice to meet you, (Y/N). Thank you for coming!” the words were written quickly, but precisely, and they made you smile and hide your face in your hands in delight. He must have looked up the translation when you had been waiting in line, or something like that. 

You hugged the autograph to your chest, not believing that had just happened.

Red Velvet

A soulmate fic about zimbits and red velvet cake

If there was one thing Jack knew it was hockey but what he really knew well… was red velvet cake. He couldn’t make it worth a damn but he knew a good one when he tasted it. Moist texture with a smooth cream cheese frosting was what he always looked for. A deep rich color, almost more brown than red, instead of the bright artificial red he’d come across time and time again.

The up and coming hockey star glanced at the words scrawled across his ribs as he tugged on his shirt. The gently looping handwriting had first appeared when he was four. As a child they had confused him slightly but when he became older his passion for red velvet cake grew along with his determination to find his soulmate.

You don’t want that, have the red velvet instead.

More under the cut… it got really long (way longer than I expected)

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Little Princess - Marco Reus One Shot

Request by Anonymous - I hope you like it :) 


****Marco’s POV****

(Y/N) gave birth to our little Katarina there two weeks. Our little girl looks a lot like her mom. As beautiful one than the other. Today we played our first and very important match : Borussia Dortmund against Bayern München and I was really hoping that (Y/N) and Katarina come with me. Borussia had even offered a t-shirt with her name our daughter.

Everyone was ready in the entrance. We were ready to go.

- “You will be the best supporters of Dortmund” I tell my two princesses, kissing (Y/N).

- “Because we are going to see the best football player and the best club” (Y/N) answer me.

- “After the game, I thought to take Katarina after the game to bring the field. What’s your opinion ?” I ask (Y/N).

- “You’re her father, you don’t need to ask me my opinion” (Y/N) replied, taking her things and kissing me in passing.

Throughout the drive, we were talking together. Arrived at the stadium, I was holding my little Katarina in the arm to introduce her to my teammates, (Y/N) followed us, talking with Kloppo.

- “How beautiful is the Princess !” Auba exclaimed when he saw us coming.

- “I present you Katarina Reus, guys !” I showed them one of my two beauties.

- “Fortunately she looks like her mom” Mats joked, making laugh all my teammates. “Hello you ! I’m Uncle Mats sweetie” Mats continued. He seemed happy with a baby in front of him

- “Make a child with Cathy now !” I told him, making him a wink.

- “I’ll see what we can do, man !” he replied, hitting my shoulder and making my daughter cry.

- “Shhhh” I tried to calm Katharina.

- “I take her in my arms ?” Auba asked.

- “Yes of course ! But be careful, my baby doll is fragile” I tell him.

- “She seems to love your teammates” (Y/N) said, showing me Katharina and Auba.

The players of the opposing team would soon arrive, fans began to arrive in the stadium.

- “Guys, it’s time to prepare you” Kloppo commands us.

Auba spent our daughter to (Y/N) and they went to settle both in the stands next to the Thomas Müller’s wife, Lisa who was a very good friend of (Y/N).


The game was over, we won 1 to 0. I was the scorer and I dedicated my goal to our little princess. She and (Y/N) were both lucky charms. 

Before going to greet our fans, I decided to go for Katharina for everyone discovers the beauty she’s.

Once in my arms she grabs me, my teammates loved our daughter. Of course, her name had toured the press, fans yelled his name while being saluted. 

- “You’re lucky” Auba said, showing (Y/N) and Katharina, “You have the two most beautiful women in the world” he told me, smiling and happy for me.

- “Yes ! I know” I confirmed.

He was right, I had the two best women in the world. Even if one of them were still a little young to be a woman.

- “This is the new Miss Reus ?” I recognized the familiar voice behind me, it was Mario. “She’s super cute your daughter, Marco !” he continued, taking the hand of Katharina.

- “She looks like her mom, so it’s normal that she’s cute” I assured him.

- “It’s true! She has her eyes” he said, trying to capture the attention of Katharina but she looked Mats and Auba.

- “It’s nice seeing you, man !” he said, before continuing, “It’s a pleasure to meet you, beauty” he told Katharina, kissing her cute face and Mario went to join the locker room.

Katharina had discovered the joys of the stadium. I hope she will often come here and why not she becomes a football player, like her dad.

- “Hi ! Honey” (Y/N) talks to me, behind me. I turned me.

- “Sweetie has loved her little walk ?” she said, taking Katharina in her arms.

- “She made everyone crazy with her” I said, making her laugh.

- “The queen is here now !” Auba arrived.

- “But a queen can’t govern without her king” (Y/N) said, looking at me, making laugh Auba and me.

- “You’re so cute all three. You form a beautiful family” he complimented us.

- “Because I have a beautiful queen and a magnificent princess with me” I replied, kissing the forehead of (Y/N).

- “When will you make us a second child ?” he asked, seriously.

- “Not now, we will wait for our doll already grow” I replied, smiling at him.

After a few minutes on the field of the stadium, we decided to go home, enjoy the time we have left before Katharina grow.