greeting cards

At the store this evening, I learned something new:

I totally don’t get all these new super-specific greeting card themes.

They all seem like such rare circumstances to me.

Friendship Romantic Cheer Get Well cards: 

For when you’ve got a sick friend you kinda want to ask out, but think they’ll need further cheering up if you try.

Milestone Sweetheart Teen cards: 

For when your teenager just took up distance running with their boyfriend/girlfriend, which obviously warrants a greeting card.

Cheer Get Well Miss You Romantic cards: 

For when things didn’t go so well in the relationship, and you need to imply you miss them while under the pretense of just cheering them up.

Wife Grandmother Niece Cousin Aunt and Wife/Husband Grandparents Niece/Nephew Aunt/Uncle Cousin cards: 

For when you have an event and need to send cards to every single family member possible, and want to ensure no one feels left out.

And, most-importantly, 

Wedding Baby Anniversary Thank You Sympathy cards:

For when someone is celebrating the anniversary of them marrying a hyperintelligent baby, and you need to appreciatively congratulate them while simultaneously expressing your condolences that said marriage happened in the first place.

I mean, I’m all for being specific, but it feels like that situation wouldn’t come up that often. 


Back in December, my bosses pitched the idea of sending a unique 年賀状(ねんがじおう・New Year’s Card)to partner companies, and friends of the company. 

It was a really fun assignment, and probably the most rewarding. The best part was seeing the card in person, especially since we worked from conception to final design. Hopefully, we’ll be able to work on more assignments like this one ^^


I'ma be super transparent right now, more so than I’m typically comfortable with…but I’m struggling. Like, $400 in the hole, barely keeping the roof over my head struggling. I don’t have any sob stories, just stuck in a low paying job and haven’t landed any of the new roles I’ve been applying for and it’s been taking a huge toll on my household.

Here’s the thing. I urgently need help, but I hate asking especially when I can’t immediately reciprocate. BUT I design and sell greeting cards! My shop, Rebels and Royals Print Company, was created a month or two ago, to celebrate Black women and our experiences. It’s my baby, and I have such a huge vision for the growth of my company, but I’ve gotta pay some bills first.

So, I’m asking any and everyone who is able and willing to pop over to my shop and buy a card. They’re only $5 and shipping is discounted when you buy more than one. If you’re interested in purchasing a card that’s not currently posted on the site, hit my DM and I’ll get it sent to you! Want to support but don’t want a card? Donate to my shop! Don’t want to support my shop but still like me enough to help out? My cashtag is $Mille. Don’t wanna do any of that? Please like, reblog and share with any and everyone.

Like I’ve stated, I’ve got big plans for my shop and new items coming up for the holidays, so if you do enjoy my products, follow us @rebelsandroyals for updates and please continue to support!

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Fandom/Custom Painted Cards!

I’ve been making my own cards for a little more than a year now, and it’s been so much fun exploring different holidays/techniques/styles. One of my favorite things is being able to choose exactly what the cards look like and say–especially when I have a friend who loves a fandom I’d never be able to find otherwise! That’s why I want to share and make cards for other people, too.

I can do any fandom, pairing, or custom illustration. 

Cards are $10 for 1 or $20 for 3. This includes your custom card (approx. 5″ x 7″) and an envelope for you to use, as well as shipping within the US. Outside of the US, I can still ship to you, but I will like need to charge a bit more to cover those additional costs.

For $2 extra, I can customize your recipient’s envelope to match the card.

If you are interested, please send me a tumblr message with your idea or email me ( The more detail you give me about your final product, the more I can match your vision! I will respond as soon as possible to let you know I’ve received your idea. Turn around time should be about one week from when I reply to your message. 

I can also do card-sized custom illustrations for the same price. For larger illustrations, other types of art, custom shirts/sweatshirts/shoes, and more, please contact me with your idea, and I will let you know if I can do it/the price!


三省堂書店名古屋本店(タカシマヤ ゲートタワーモール8F)




Greeting cards 「Happy birthday」&「Thank you as always」

Available now In Japan!   (all 180 yen)