Ramadan Reinspired: Day Five

This Ramadan bring about a positive change within yourself, make a habit of greeting others whether you know them or you don’t. Let’s not avoid those who have a bond with us that is stronger than blood - those at the Masjid who worship Allah daily alongside us.

The Messenger of Allah (SWS) said:

“You will not enter Paradise until you believe, and you will not believe until you love one another. Shall I not tell you about something which, if you do it, you will love one another? Spread salaam amongst yourselves.” (Muslim 54)

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Kia Ora - Greeting in Māori Language 

Māori Language week started today so here is the first thing I learned how to say in Māori, kia ora everyone! 

Digital hand lettering on Photoshop using Wacom Intuos 5. 


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It was always nice to be out of the base, even more so when he was just allowed to walk around instead of fight. And that was what Arlequin was doing right now: just meandering his way through the world, though, as usual it was confined to fairly desolate regions…cities where he or the others had fought or generally uninhabited flatland’s, hills, or even mountains. That suited him just fine though, humans could get quite annoying and although he and the other Units were fairly well known there wasn’t much respect to be had when you had the tendency to destroy the city as you saved it.

Right now he wasn’t thinking about that though, right now the monstrously sized man, clad in his usual jumpsuit, sat on a hill. Bracing himself lightly on his hands he leaned back a little, silver-haired head lifting to look up at the sky, eyes seeking out airplanes and other things. This had been something he’d done a lot with…well…he would try not to think about those times too much. They were years behind him.

Carelessly he let himself lay down and stretch out, arms folding behind his head. Nearly 300 feet of ‘man’ now took over both the clearing and then some, but who was around to witness any of it? No one. At least that’s what he presumed as he lazily watched the clouds, basking in the slightly chilly sun.

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Azure wasn’t really sure where he was going anymore. All he was curtain of, was that he was looking for answers. Where? He had no idea. But he had a feeling the kids must be heading the the next gym. Which, if he heard Zaffre right, would be the Fortree Gym.

He had just reached Fortree a few minutes ago, and was just starting to look around, when he spotted a familiar face. Slowly, he walked up to a small cafe, where someone he swore he met in Kalos once was sitting.

“Excuse me… you’re not Pieter, by any chance, are you?“ He asked.