in which my line width+characters change appearance 50 times

So I have read this fic by the absolutely wonderful @greerian a truly ridiculous number of times and finally decided to show my love in the form of a wildly sloppy comic

I’ll continue it if y’all want, and please go read the fic if you haven’t yet! It’s wonderful.


If you haven’t read this yet, you’re missing out on my new favourite AU

anonymous asked:

Do you know any good BoM AUs or longfics? I want something cute and Mormon-y to read on a long car ride 😊

I know so many. Here we go:

Accountabilibuddy by @elderprices This one is just. I don’t have words. It’s beautiful. Read.

Healing Food For the Soul series by Lilas (pegasus_01)  It’s in 3 parts and I highly rec reading all 3

Kings of New York by @eriksfavoritecape (ElderTrash) This is one of my favs. It’s unfinished, but I have reread the 28 chapters a million times

Show Me His World also by Eldertrash I am eldertrash trash because their fics are so good and this one is freaking awesome. If this fic were in book form, the binding would be falling apart by now.

Just Not Telling the Whole Truth by gayvincreel I highly rec this one. (I highly rec all of these, but ya know) It’s so sweet and wonderful and just read it.

If you need/want more, hit me up. I’ve read every Mcpriceley fic on AO3 and I remember them all.

Edit: I removed Greerian’s fics from this list because their writing and participation in the fandom have been incredibly problematic. I hope you understand.

illdefinedscript  asked:

Thank goodness :) Could you do the “who are you” “so this is gonna sound really weird right now but i made a deal to save your life but at the cost of all of your memories of us together and i’m acting like i’m not bothered but i’m dying inside” au?

“so this is gonna sound really weird right now but i made a deal to save your life but at the cost of all of your memories of us together and i’m acting like i’m not bothered but i’m dying inside”


(It’s under a thing. Again. As per usual.)

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illdefinedscript  asked:

Hey, I don't know if you're comfortable with this, but could you draw Naba from the As It Is AU, with the red handprints on her shoulders? Or James Church with a big handprint across the side of his face from where his dad first touched him? Or Poptarts wearing a bandage or something over his sister's mark? Your art for this is beautiful, btw.


can we take a moment to applaud BoM fanfiction writers

@greerian @vi-writes-bom @demixian @notlikelionking @elderxprice

you guys are something incredible, bless all of you !!

(reblog and tag more writers to spread the love 💕💕)

Okay, long story short, @greerian wrote me the loveliest ficlet- read it here

Merry christmas everyone!


Sanvers, Maggie-centric

Found a prompt chart for Pride Month and figured I’d try my hand at it. I’m a day behind because life. Parings are random.


Just another routine bust, Rodriguez had said. The moment he did, Maggie wanted to punch him, partner or not. Her time in Gotham had taught her that those were the four magic words to turn any operation to shit.

And go to shit it had. She and Rodriguez had been made the moment they stepped foot into the warehouse. Rodriguez went down two steps in. She had lasted a little longer, managing to take out three Greerian grunts before a rifle but to the back of the skull stopped her cold.

When she came to, she was hanging from the ceiling by her wrists. She spent the next few hours mouthing off to a group of very angry drug smugglers and received more than a few punches to the face and gut for her troubles. Frustrated with her lack of cooperation, they decided leave her hanging while they worked to figure out what they would do next.

Which led to her current situation: aching shoulders and wrists that were on fire. Her left eye was swollen shut and she was pretty sure she had at least one cracked rib. To top it all off, her head was killing her.

The sound of nails against polished concrete reached her hears.

I must’ve been hit harder than I thought. Maggie shook her head to clear it. In hindsight, it was probably a bad move considering the head trauma she had.

A second later, a cloud of smoke entered her limited field of vision. She recognised it for what it was immediately.

“Gert?” she rasped out.

A wide canine grin and a literal tongue of fire appeared in response.

Maggie’s mind raced. If Gertrude was here, it meant that Alex wasn’t far behind. Before Maggie could ask where Alex was, there was a clang.

Shit. They were back.

A gust of wind rushed past Maggie. Everything became muted. She craned her head upwards and saw small wisps of smoke. Understanding dawned on her: Gertrude was doing to Maggie what she normally did for Alex when she had her migraines.

She looked back down just in time to see a Greerian guard stop in front of her. In his hands was a knife, a very sharp knife that, if she remembered correctly, was made of a metal that was extremely poisonous to humans. She swallowed.

“Heh, so you recognise this, do you?” He raised it up to the light. “It’s great. Makes your kind talk pretty quickly. Also makes them die pretty fast too.” He gave her a grin that was all teeth. “I wonder how much information we’ll get out of you before you croak.”

“She won’t give you anything,” a smooth voice said.

He spun around, blade raised. He never got the chance to use it. A hand slammed into his throat, making him gag. A second later found his arm in an armbar before a sickening pop told Maggie that his shoulder had been dislocated. It was followed by a wet squilsh. Then, he fell to the ground, dead.

Maggie blinked her good eye to see Alex stepping out of the shadows. She quickly squeezed her eyes when Alex raised her gun.

There was a whine and then a shing. Maggie yelped when the chain gave way. She found herself in Alex’s arms before she could hit the ground. There was a small puff followed by a brief rush of wind as Gertrude left Maggie and shifted back to her normal form. She settled next to the two of them.

“That…was badass, Danvers,” she coughed.

Alex kissed the side of her head. “Glad you think so,” she said. The sound of boots reached both of their ears. Alex glanced over her shoulder and then at Gertrude.

Ahvrigi rraop Rodriguez, Gert,” she ordered. “Chao fazhuri rraop.”

Pressed against Alex as she was, Maggie felt the the rumbles Alex’s vocal cords made to get the pronunciation of the Kryptonese phrase correct through their connected bodies. It made her shiver.

Gertrude woofed once and was off as a streak of thick, black smoke. Screams started up moments later.

“Can you stand?” Alex asked over the sound of panicking Greerians.

Maggie nodded, only to immediately regret the action. She grimaced as nausea swept through her. With Alex’s help, though, she was able to get onto her feet. She started to make her way for the door, only for Alex to move them towards the shadows.

“Uh, Alex, we need to get out of here,” she said.

“I know.” Alex tightened her grip around Maggie’s waist, drawing a small grunt of pain from her injured girlfriend.


“Don’t let go.”

Before Maggie could ask what she meant, darkness enveloped the both of them. What? There was a moment of deep silence. Then, they were gone.


Maggie had no idea how long it was before they met light again. All she knew was that it felt quick. The second they did, Maggie found herself and Alex standing in the corner of the DEO medbay. There was a moment of silence as everyone turned to face her and Alex and then Alex was on her knees retching into a trash can.

The medbay exploded into noise.

Maggie couldn’t make heads or tails of what was being said as a medical team swarmed about her. A loud woof hit the air, signalling that Gertrude was back. There was a meaty thump that caused her to turn her head. She managed to make out the heavily battered form of her partner. To her relief, he was still breathing. She let her head loll to the side.

I’m going to kick his ass when he wakes up.

She felt a small pinch in her arm. Then, nothing.


The first thing Maggie saw when she came was to, was Alex sitting by her bedside. She had a chart in her hands with a frown maring her forehead.

“Isn’t that…supposed to be private information?” she croaked out.

“I have a medical degree and a license to practice,” Alex replied without looking up. Then it registered. She dropped the chart. “Maggie!”

Maggie grinned. “That happy to see me awake, are you?”

To her delight, Alex’s cheeks turned red. Instead of saying anything, she grabbed a pitcher of water and filled a cup before sticking a straw in it. She helped Maggie sit up so she could drink. It took a few gulps before Maggie was ready to say more.

“So, the escape, how’d Gert get us out if she was getting Rodriguez?” she asked, curious. As far as she knew, Gertrude was only capable of transporting one person at a time like that.

To her surprise, Alex turned even redder at the question. “Uh, she didn’t,” Alex said. She pushed her hair behind her ear nervously. “It was me.”

Maggie blinked. “Are you saying you can teleport?” she asked.

“Technically, it’s shadow to shadow transportation,” Alex corrected immediately. “But, yeah.”

“How did I not know that?” They had been together almost a year now. Surely that would have come up at in conversation at some point.

Alex looked embarrassed. “I didn’t want to scare you off.”

Maggie gave her a look. “Babe, your sister shoots lasers from her eyes and can fly, and we both deal with aliens on a regular basis,” she said. “And I’ve worked in Gotham. Believe me, finding out that you can teleport is small fries compared to all of that.”

“The clingy shadow thing always seemed to make you nervous,” Alex said.

“Because I didn’t know if it was all in my head!” Maggie protested. Seeing shadows move around like little spiders from time to time tended to be a little disturbing, especially at night. She shuddered inwardly.

Maggie thumped her head back against the pillows. “My girlfriend has super powers,” she said. “Wow.” She glanced back at Alex. “Any other surprises for me?”

Alex had a mock thoughtful look cross her face. “How about…the fact that I love you?”

Maggie rolled her eyes. “That’s not a surprise, Danvers,” she said. “That’s just a fact of life.”

Alex grinned. She leaned forward and gently kissed Maggie. “Yeah, it is.”



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