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Here's another prompt for you! Root and Shaw are on a mission together. Things happen and Root winds up with a gun to her head. Shaw has a clear shot, but she won't take it.

Head Shot

As Sameen Shaw lies with her fingers laced behind her head staring up at the cracking, yellow tiles above her, she feels her back press into the cool metal of the subway terminal’s lone bench and finds her eyelids persistently droop. All is quiet save for the distant rumble of normal life that does not reach her chaotic world, and she acknowledges it as little more than white noise as the crumbling grout and black subway tunnel fall in and out darkness with each extended blink. Has it been a second since she’s opened her eyes or ten minutes? With no one else around, Shaw is untouched by the persistent hands of time. Instead, she drifts into sleep, nowhere to be, no cover to maintain, and no reason to walk all the way home.

“Hey, Baby,” Root’s familiar voice coaxes Shaw from the depths of sleep as she feels a presence settle in the space just above her. A shadow forms before her eyelids, and a moment later, Shaw feels a warm hand rest against her cheek. Opening her eyes slowly, Shaw finds Root’s slender face and endless rings of brown hair coming into focus. She swallows, mouth dry, and runs her tongue quickly over parched lips. From just above her, Root gives her a toothy grin. “Tired?”

With a soft sigh and the raise of her brows, Shaw concurs. Seeing Root before her, taking in the yellow light from above that encircles Root’s head like a halo and brings fire to her hair, Shaw forgets she’s at the station and not home. Suppressing a yawn, Shaw moves her hand over Root’s, pulling it from her cheek and entwining their fingers slowly.

“Wanna join me?” Shaw asks, voice scratchy with sleep, and a dazzling spark lights Root’s coffee eyes.

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Lez Talk: A Collection of Black Lesbian Short Fiction ( 2016 ) 

“A necessary and relevant addition to the Black LGBTQ literary canon, which oftentimes overlooks Black lesbian writing,

Lez Talk

is a collection of short stories that embraces the fullness of Black lesbian experiences.  The contributors operate under the assumption that “lesbian” is not a dirty word, and have written stories that amplify the diversity of Black lesbian lives.

At once provocative, emotional, adventurous, and celebratory, Lez Talk crosses a range of fictional genres, including romance, speculative, and humor. The writers explore new subjects and aspects of their experiences, and affirm their gifts as writers and lesbian women. 

Beginning with Sheree L. Greer’s “I Can’t Turn it Off,” a short, powerful tale imbued with socio-political undercurrents, the collection also includes work from Claudia Moss, LaToya Hankins, Lauren Cherelle, K.A. Smith, S. Andrea Allen, Faith Mosley, and Eternity Philops.”

Edited by S. Andrea Allen and Lauren Cherelle  

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the chili’s au

aka the max’s irl job au

  • johns the bartender
  • finch is the assistant manager
  • shaw and root are serving partners
  • Dani and Harper are serving partners
  • joss is the hard working but forever suffering gm
  • fusco like was a server but he was terrible so they try to make him a host
  • people walk in.. see his face.. walk out
  • so then he eventually ends up as a dishwasher
  • martine was a host for like two weeks because she was pretty and blonde and white but then shaw caught her taking tips off tables and nearly killed her
  • greers the assistant manager at the rivaling Olive Garden
  • martine is a host now there instead
  • the olive garden and the chilis share a dumpster
  • and sometimes shaw goes out for a smoke and claire, an olive garden server, is also smoking
  • turns out martines still stealing her tips but no one stops her
  • its hell over there
  • (are they smoking cigarettes? of course not)
  • they convince Claire to report martine and join the chili’s fam
  • Zoe is the second assistant manager
  • she’s chill af, but no one knows what she does exactly, or why she’s there
  • “i /supervise/ things, john.”
  • sure, zoe.
  • more like flirt with carter while they take inventory
  • Root and shaw are the strangest pair to ever wait tables at chili’s
  • roots uncoordinated as fuck and shaw hates people so root talks to all the tables and deals with guest complaints and shaw runs food and buses tables
  • they split the tips down the middle and make BANK
  • shaw once saw root talk down a table that had been waiting almost an hour for their food
  • they ended up getting a 40% tip
  • no managers were involved
  • joss wipes a single tear from her eye
  • in the beginning finch thought paring root and shaw would be a terrible idea
  • they argued constantly, shaw made tables walk out, root dropped three trays in the first ten minutes of her shift
  • then they disappeared in the walk in one day to “get more ranch” and came out thirty minutes later and never had a single problem ever again
  • “ms groves, ms shaw, we keep FOOD in there.”
  • “don’t worry Harry, we washed out hands. food safety is our top priority here at chili’s!”
  • now shaw doesn’t have to talk to anyone and makes a fuckton of money.
  • and root doesn’t have to break any more glass.
  • life is good.
  • Harper is probably their best server
  • she has all of roots people skills but can also carry a tray without tripping over highly dense air
  • Dani is more shy and a little awkward but she never puts in orders wrong and her tables are always perfectly stocked and clean
  • joss loves her. wants to make her the next assistant manager
  • but then she’d have to break up with harper
  • and no one wants that

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