2/20 favorite episodes : Liege Lord (1x17)
“I’m going to be Queen of France someday. And I hope to be a good queen. But France has you and your mother to look after her welfare. Scotland only has me. If it ever becomes a choice between our two countries, I will chose mine. In whatever way necessary.”

  • Shaw has called Root hot and admires her gun handling skills
  • John has called Root pretty and praised her kidnapping skills
  • Zoe said she was cute and knew the picture of Turing’s husband was fake becase she picked up gay vibes from Root
  • Fusco said she has a big brain
  • Harold thinks she’s brilliant
  • Greer wanted her on his team
  • The Machine chose Root as her analong interface and imagined everyone as Root
  • Samaritan agrees that Root is pretty

I’ve never seen a show where everyone praises a character as much as everyone praises Root


“This is what high schools really like. The good and the bad.”

Awkward (2015) Created by Lauren Iungerich

the signs as reign characters

Aries: Henry  (courageous, competitive, despotic, self-centered)
Taurus: Leith  (loyal, practical, dependable, affectionate, possessive)
Gemini: Narcisse  (cunning, persuasive, superficial, shifty, dual)
Cancer: Francis  (caring, clamlike, protective, sensitive)
Leo: Mary  (independent, strong-willed, devoted, temperamental)
Virgo: Elizabeth  (critical, reserved , dignified, methodical)
Libra: Greer (romantic, indecisive, charming, frivolous, tolerant)
Scorpio: Catherine de Medici (vindictive, passionate, resourceful, jealous)
Sagittarius: Kenna (free-spirited, impatient, self-indulgent, sincere)
Capricorn: Bash (reliable, brooding, aloof, persistent)
Aquarius: Claude (rebellious, creative, progressive, unpredictable)
Pisces: Lola  (empathic, humble, indecisive, submissive, intuitive)