Just wanted to share this design I made for tshirts and such available here on Redbubble.

I was highly disappointed we didn’t get to see the elves’ woodland party in the Jackson films. I mean, all that filler and new material and you left out THAT? (yes I know it’s not a big part of the book or anything). Oh well. Party elk 4evar.

Signal boost this please please please. Anyone in indiana- the Indianapolis, greenwood, or any other surrounding areas- we need first milk for this pup. He’s 19 hours old and needs the antibodies from a newly whelped momma pup. His mother rejected him and we’re bottle feeding. If anyone knows anyone in this area with a mom who’s delivering now or has in the last 24 hours please contact me. He’s got a 30-40% chance of surviving now and if he gets a mothers first milk that chance will go up tremendously. Please please please.