New York

I’m back from helping my dad at the Surtex trade show in New York, and I had an awesome time. I visited the outside of Electric Lady studios, listened to street musicians in Washington Square park, peered longingly into no-minors-aloud bars with live music(I don’t even want any alcohol! I just want to sit down and listen to music! Alas, while I’m constantly offered alcohol at restaurants, club bouncers aren’t fooled), busked in Central Park, and dined next to Woody Harrelson and Steve Gutenburg. I also made an unexpected musical contact from Boston, so I hope that goes well. I plan to move back to New York eventually, so it’s good to know someone in the east-coast music industry.

Also, I had my picture taken with a French lady. I was wandering around the furniture show underneath Surtex, and this lady exhibiting there said she liked my outfit, so then her friend walks over and tells us to get together so he can take a picture of her with my awesome threads(not his exact words), and the next thing I know I’m standing next to a French lady getting my picture taken. Most anything a French person likes will automatically gain about a million more coolness points in my eyes, so it was a wonderful compliment. This of course depends on the French person, but generally, you can rely more on the French’s fashion taste than say, an Oregonian Christmas tree farmer.