greenwich ny

Otis, Dachshund (9 y/o), Reade & Greenwich St., New York, NY • “He’s ridiculous. He’ll hide a tennis ball in our other house and then we won’t be there for four months. When we come back, he’ll start barking at a shelf in the middle of the night. It’s the only thing he keeps perfect track of.”


Ignazio Gardella, Villa Borletti, Milano, 1936

S.I.T.E., Laurie Mallet House, Greenwich Village, New York, NY, 1985 

photo: © Paul Warchol, from “Inventario” 12, 2016

> thanks to Anna Foppiano

Cudy, Golden Retriever mix, Warren & Greenwich St., New York, NY • “He’s got one ear up and one ear down – it’s been like that his whole life. He’s a rescue from @humanesocietyny.”

Willy & Xyander, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels (6 & 4 m/o), Duane & Greenwich St., New York, NY • “They ate my sofa this week; thank God it was a fake. They’re really good at giving you that, ‘What? Me?’ look (with a piece of fabric hanging out of their mouth). I lost two Cavs last year; I’ve had seven all together. Penny was put to sleep and I got Xyander the next day. The following day I was diagnosed with cancer. They got me through it. They’re so important – they make you smile. They make you laugh.”


  • she is 5′9″
  • she is a devout vegetarian
  • she lives in greenwich village, NY
  • she has a favorite polar bear at the central park zoo
  • her favorite TV programs are buffy the vampire slayer and party of five
  • she also loves star trek reruns
  • her favorite broadway show is beauty and the beast and she’s seen it no less than seven times
  • she prefers harrison ford over george clooney, but indiana jones harrison, not star wars harrison. between harrison ford and leonardo dicaprio she still chooses harrison, because leo is so passé
  • her instant messaging handle is FtLouie