My first arena team that’s all five stars. Camus is there due to him being a bonus character for arena, but his set isn’t complete yet (he’s missing Hone Speed 3 and a B-slot that I want). 

Nino will have the typical Fury and Desperation build I keep seeing once I get the proper units (more Hinata and Shanna please). Reinhardt’s set is pretty much complete for me (minus Death Blow 3 since I don’t have an army of Klein’s at my disposal) and Xander’s set varies (Vantage 3 or Greentome Breaker 3). Since Hinoka is the bonus unit, Bunny Camilla might be there so I had to put it on him to kill her, along with any stray Nino or Julia. 

But I did a deathless run with them, almost breaking 4.8k! So this team is doing a great job, and Camus is protecting Xander from dying on boat maps. 

Hopefully I’ll get to Tier 19. Please? Or… not…? 

Also, this team name is #ProtectNino. It fits considering Nino has three big brothers at her disposal. And it certainly didn’t have to do with me still being lazy training Lloyd due to his psychotic look. 

Strip Twister

TITLE: Strip Twister
AUTHOR: fanfickittycat
GENRE: Romance
FIC SUMMARY: OC and Tom play some strip twister (Based on this post) 
AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: Some mentions of sex. This fic is very, very late but I hope everyone enjoys it regardless of my terrible timing. It starts off pretty innocent and funny and slowly becomes more and more sexual, which I didn’t really plan but oh well. 

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iwillmissyouallison  asked:


  • susan being super excited to be at hogwarts
  • i think she’d have a really close group of friends
  • her favorite class are transfiguration and potions
  • susan looking absolutely fantastic in green
  • tom riddle and susan staying up all night in the common room to talk about how the history of magic class sucked (yeah sorry i had to)
  • susan would have bring a cat at hogwarts
  • the great lake is her favorite place of the castle
  • susan is the biggest quidditch fan of her family she got into the slytherin team in her 3rd year as a seeker
  • she became captain on her 6th year
  • her favorite team is appleby arrow
  • susan is very protective over the first years like don’t mess with them because she’s very motherly with them
  • she’s also very annoyed at the prejudices against slytherin because she grew up with those people and none of them were bad people (well except one *cough* tom riddle *cough*)
  • and they actually have each other’s back
  • christmas is her favorite holiday
  • susan dating a ravenclaw student at some point
  • susan bounding with the mermaids of the lake through the common room window
  • susan and peter not caring about the slytherin/gryffindor rivalties because they’re family and that the most important thing