The late nite reading session courtesy of insomnia. Great article in Government + Technology on building 21st-century cities. #sustainability is largely invisible, but doesn’t only mean hippie #environmentalism. No, it means environmental integrity in the way we build our communities and serve the needs of the people that inhabit them. Many cities are finding ways to use sustainability as an approach to improve quality of life. Furthermore, the movement can’t solely exist through top down policy. The community (nonprofits and #entrepreneurs) will drive and direct the appropriate need infrastructure needs and priorities. Thus, communities become more resilient and more prosperous adding tremendous value (especially in poor neighborhoods). #ilovethosstuff #sustainablecommunities #greentheghetto #21centursythinking #community #sustainablebuildings #csr

Impromptu walk around @cityofbptct revealed #communitygardens and a neighborhood on the brink of change. Often we move out of places that seem forgotten and left behind. But when we love by the Word we know that we demonstrate Gods spirit by doing for those that have the least. How can we create change and fight for the poor and oppressed when we refuse to look into their lives and help them lift themselves? We are no more and no less than ANYONE on this #earth. Unfortunately our culture characterizes a glamorous life of consumption and worthless values that forget our true calling here on earth is to serve. So will you? #greentheghetto #socialjustice #socialchange (at Bridgeport)