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How would hanzo and genji react if their s/o told them they thought it was sexy when they spoke to them in Japanese

;D Genji’s voice is like a kink for me so this is easy.

Genji -

Genji would be flustered for a moment. It has been years since he’s received any attention like that considering the widespread hate for omnics currently. Then he’s remember his youth where he’d gotten that comment constantly and he gets a little boost in confidence with the knowledge that he hadn’t lost everything. He’d ask his s/o if they wanted to hear anything in particular and he’s make it a habit to speak Japanese whenever his s/o was around. He’d tease them with whispered words in their ear and saying things during battles. He’d even use it during intimate moments if he so inclined. He’d love every minute.

Hanzo - 

Hanzo would be taken aback due to never haven even heard of an accent kink before, let alone been told his was sexy. He’s probably flush and ask if they were being serious. When he had confirmation he would take the information and store it. He’s research the idea and slowly apply to whenever he would see his s/o. He’d start by simply saying hello in Japanese, before using terms of endearment and then using full blown sentences. It would escalate until his s/o would figure out what he was doing. He’d ask if they wanted him to stop and if not then they better get used to it.

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Any headcanons for Poly Reaper76? (especially with a S/O who is most decidedly NOT a morning person?)

Yes, definitely, ABSOLUTELY.

Reaper is definitely in agreement with their s/o about mornings being the worst possible thing to ever exist. ESPECIALLY on a Monday. He’d have stayed up half night with s/o and when 76 gets up at 6 in the goddamn morning you two are inseparably tangled together. 

76 is the most morningy morning person you could ever meet. 10 o’clock sleep on the dot and 6 am wake up. Day in day out, no changes and it’s drilled into him. He gets frustrated when s/o won’t come get breakfast, but it’s in an adoring way. He loves his s/o’s grumbling and finds it endearing. He leaves you in bed and kicks Reaper’s ass out. 

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Reaper isn’t used to cuddling, since the whole incident left him with a rather large lone wolf complex. It takes some coaxing to get him to come out of his shell of angst but once he’s out he’s the cuddle master. If you’re standing he’ll ambush you from behind and just rest against you, arms round your waist. If you’re sitting he’ll crash on the couch beside you and lay in you lap and smoosh his face into you tum. And if you’re in bed he’ll big spoon you and wrap himself around you, passing out in seconds. 

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Hi, i love this blog! and, uhm, lately i've been feeling self concious about my big tighs, so could you maybe write something about what would Reaper and 76 do to comfort their s/o?(maybe theyre in a poly relationship)(its ok if you dont want to!)

My dude, my man, my dude, my man! I would be happy to write poly and include wonderful big thighs! (i hope that doesn’t sound weird o-o) 

Reaper -

Reaper has big thighs and a big ass and pretty much big everything. He loves big in turn (even if a certain boyfriend of his has a flat as a box ass). He would let you rest until he’d made sure his s/o knew he loved their thighs. He’d worship his s/o like they were a god and would be desperate to make you feel loved.

Soldier 76 -

76 probably has kink, all things considered, and he’d lavish attention on his s/o and their thighs. In fact he’d lavish attention on both his s/o and Gabe at the same time, he has enough thigh-love to go around. On mornings, upon waking, you could find him curled up with his head on his s/o’s thighs or ass because he loves them so much. He loves his s/o so much.

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do you have any headcanons for who has cold/warm/hot hands? this just popped into my head and hoo boy

Green here!! Oh boy oh man this is a good one! 

Okay well I like to imagine that Genji and Hanzo have really high core temperatures because of the whole ‘controlling the dragons’ thing, so they both have really warm hands and bodies in general and make great cuddle buddies. 

I also like to believe that Zenyatta and Bastion are really warm and have internal heaters and such so they’d be real warm too. 

Mei and Zarya both have surprisingly warm hands too, but that just comes with being from/living in really cold climates.

Widowmaker has incredibly cold hands due to her slow heart rate, and I also have a head cannon that because of Tracer’s chronal dissociation she also has really cold hands. 

Reaper and 76 have cold hands in general, although Reaper’s became colder when he ‘died’. 

Those are the big ones in my head :D

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Yo, can you write something about Soldier: 76 and McCree dealing with sadness of their s/o? I'm feeling blue right now :"(

Green is back in action guys! Hi! 

As for the ask however:

Soldier 76 - 

76 understands depression, considering the years after OW fell where he was all alone with nothing but his mission. He’s hold his s/o in his arms, just telling them that he’s there for them and that they don’t need to say or do anything. He go buy ice-cream and treats to cheer his s/o up and he’d make really bad dad jokes just to get his s/o to smile and if the relationship is far enough along he’d tell them that he loved them so much.

McCree -

McCree is unsure of how to treat his s/o while they are upset, he wants to help but he’s afraid of escalating the situation instead. For a while he’s just let you cry into his shoulder while he held you tight, neither speaking, just understanding. Eventually McCree would convince his s/o to go and do something they enjoy with him. He would stay out hours with his s/o just to keep them smiling and the pet names would never stop rolling off his tongue.

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Any sweet stuff that could be written for genji, hanzo, zenyatta and lucio for a S/O who has severe constant chronic pain? Like they get stuck after sitting too long or might need help getting dressed because they cant move?

Because Genji went through a similar experience after the accident he completely understands and is an endless stream of kindness and patience. He’s gentle, listening to exactly what his s/o tells him to do and is incredibly mindful of their pain. 

Hanzo is perfectly willing to do whatever it takes to keep his s/o happy. He dotes on them like nothing on earth and he is incredibly protective of his s/o. He’d be mindful of their chronic pain, but would never underestimate their strength and he would seem to always know how far they can be pushed before their breaking point. 

Zenyatta accepts he will never understand how it is to be his s/o, but he wants to try and understand it so he can better help his s/o. He reads everything he can find on the subject, talks to specialists and most importantly listens to his s/o. He is mindful of the pain, teaching mediation techniques that can be used to dull the senses, but he knows it can only help so much, and so he keeps learning for the sake of his s/o. 

Lucio slows down only for his s/o. He helps them stand, sit and move everywhere and always lets them know that this doesn’t make them any less in his eyes. He makes mixes specifically for them to listen to and listens just as attentively to everything his s/o says. He becomes intimate with all of his s/o’s treatments and tries to keep his s/o on top of everything they need to be on top of.  

(Please tell me if any of the above can be considered ableist or derogatory, I have answered as earnestly as I can but I don’t have severe constant chronic pains and I have no intention of offending anyone, thank you ouo)

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Hello, Green~ Can you write some cute headcanons about Soldier 76? :3

Soldier 76 is a soldier. He doesn’t do /cute/ he tells himself. He tells himself this every time he wins a mech teddy at a carnival stand for any of his ‘kids’. He tells himself this every time he uses his specially modded, sprayed pink gun given to him by He tells himself this every time Mercy takes pictures of him while he’s passed out on the couch with Reaper, McCree and Reinhardt after a hard days he training. And he tells himself that again when he has cat ears shoved on his head by Genji, and Lucio and told to say ‘Nya’. (hello!!! lmao, i had fun writing this)

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Ok, a random thought came to me: What would Hanzo, Genji, s76 and Reaper discuss with their past selves if they somehow met?


Hanzo and Genji are almost complete opposites from how the used to be in the past. Hanzo, if he were to meet his past self, would beg himself not to act rashly, not to let a dynasty obscure his compassion. Hanzo would ask that his younger self remember the story his father used to tell and that fantasy is not always far from reality. 

Genji would struggle to speak to the young, confident, self-expressive young man he used to be. He would barely speak, simply stating: ‘Life is about living.’ before leaving, unable to face all his insecurities at once.

Soldier 76 would be similar to Genji, barely able to confront the fresh-faced strike commander he used to be. He’s nothing more than a soldier and he feels it when he stands in front of the imposing young man. He speaks to him about always doing what’s right no matter the cost, begging the young man to never fall to arrogance as it will always be your downfall.

Reaper and Gabriel wouldn’t say a word. They don’t need too. They can read each other like a book and can get every emotion and expression from the other’s stance alone. Reaper would take off his mask, let Gabriel work through the emotions of what he was to become, and then they would part. Nothing unnecessary, nothing throbbing, just pulling the plaster off quickly and getting it over with. 

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I can't imagine 76 smelling like anything in particular, but there's probably always a faint underlying smell of sweat, because this man always sticks to his fitness routine. maybe he also smells more like soap too, because he cares about hygiene

Dude. My man. The light of my life. THIS IS MY JAM.

But seriously, he’s probably always have that sweat smell but in the ‘manly, hot’ way not the ‘gag get away from me’ way. He also totally uses floral smelling shampoo and stuff as well because big burly men smelling of flowers is my aesthetic.

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Imagine Reaper being a big fan of cats like if you were to give this man an actual kitten to hold this motherfucker would start tearing up because it's squeaking at him and he loves it. He would treat the little baby so gently and so lovingly you would think it was made of thin glass. Give him a cat and he'll just sit around with it in his lap purring or cuddled gently in his arms.

Reaper and cats is my guilty pleasure!! Seriously like 10/10! Reaper feeds strays and lets them rest on his shoulders while he goes about his day. He even took an old stray on a mission with him once that clawed someone’s eye out and he now call’s the cat ‘B-eye-ron’ as a really bad pun on the name ‘Byron’. He basically sleeps covered head to toe in kittens and cats of all ages wherever he goes and seems to emit an aura that attracts the felines. The cats get on well with his pet owls too, and becomes a formidable team of claws and beaks. 

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I'm not sure if you've written anything about this, but I'd like to ask if you have any headcanons about what kind of drinks Reaper, Soldier 76, Mercy, Mei, Lucio, and Pharah would have? Alcoholic or non-alcoholic, whichever you think fits the character best.

Reaper is a cocktail man, Bloody Marys are a favourite of his! (he also really likes the smol umbrellas OuO). Soldier 76 doesn’t drink, stating that getting inebriated is too dangerous, so he drinks black coffee (go hard or go home kids). Mercy is a wine mom. Mei drinks tequila on the rocks, after being in hibernation for so long it takes a strong ass drink to get through her system and get her drunk af. Lucio likes beer in general, not really having a favourite, however he does like a good vodka and coke. Pharah also doesn’t drink because she hates the taste of alcohol, instead drinking fancy teas that everyone buys her because she loves them (it’s also hilarious to watch big buff cheeto puff Pharah drink out of a tiny tea cup!! OuO)

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Dad 76 headcanons? (Also welcome to the blog Green 0v0)

(Hi! :D) I don’t know if you mean Dad 76 as in he actually has kids or not but I’m going with him babying the rest of overwatch because that’s my jam lmao. Dad 76 is incredibly overprotective of Lucio because Lucio is an innocent child who doesn’t deserve the conflict he’s in. Dad 76 is determined to be the father figure for Genji because he knows how badly Genji was treated at Hanamura. Dad 76 refuses to let go out unless she has her pistol and a combat knife (for defence of course), he also gives her martial arts lessons so she can handle larger opponents. Dad 76 also babies McCree even though McCree insists he’s a grownass man who doesn’t need a packed lunch for his mission!

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Could you guys maybe do some dating Lúcio headcanons? Thnx! <3

Lucio will serenade you with his mix tapes. He will get an old fashioned ghetto blaster and pound out those sick beats (lmao). In all seriousness however, he will treat you to dinner all the time and pull out you chair for you, he’ll give you his jacket if it rains and he’ll open the car door for you. He is the epitome of a gentleman and outshines the other’s in overwatch to the point where he becomes the relationship advice guy. 

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I just had a really rough time on a public bus, could you do a headcanon about Reaper or McCree dealing with someone disrespecting a smaller friend?

Green here, friend!

Now let’s be honest, how would a former blackwatch agent deal with an asshole. 

Reaper would most likely stalk the harassers for days on end, making the offenders catch only brief glances of himself, driving them nuts over whether or not he is or isn’t real. Eventually when he can get the harassers alone he’ll corner them a growl out a warning to NEVER touch smol friend ever again or they’re going to have a serious bullet wound issue.

McCree would be more subtle, watching the harasser from a distance, conducting recon and trying to decide what the best course of action would be to deal with situation. McCree would then proceed to harass the harasser with small things, such a taking items from them and then returning them a week later, causing delays in their schedules, pestering them with little reminders that they are being watched. Within a month the harasser, unsure of who the source is, has stopped harassing everyone. 

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Hoi! Do you have any ideas how would it be if Genji's s/o meet his young self and how would he, the present one, react?

Present Genji (let’s call him P!Genji) would be both jealous and disgusted by his young self (let’s call him Y!Genji). Y!Genji is cool, suave and over all a player. P!Genji would’t like how Y!Genji would shamelessly flirt with his s/o and he wouldn’t like how careless Y!Genji is with other’s feelings. Y!Genji can’t also be very selfish and that would be reflect to P!Genji’s s/o. (hope that’s not too confusing ouo)

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I head-cannon that some point after Junkrat and Roadhog joined Overwatch, Junkrat really wanted to make friends with every one, but his way of being friendly (blowing things up, giving them things he found in the trash, and just being a filthy, crazy junker) put them off. Lucio, D. Va, Tracer and Zenyatta were the first ones to not treat him like a pest, Mei and Symmetra were the last. Roadhog however didn't care how the others thought of him, but hated how they treated Junkrat.

I really like this idea!!! I also like to believe that Zenyatta being the most friendly to the Junkers really throws them off, like they can’t believe an omnic would be so nice to them even with their open distrust and hatred for the beings. Too be honest I think Tracer wouldn’t be so quick to trusting them entirely because of their omnic-hate attitude, since she doesn’t quite understand what happened in Australia and why they hate omnics so much. I also really like the overprotective Roadhog headcannons eue

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Do you guys have any widowmaker imagines?

Widowmaker and Amelie are two very different women. Widowmaker is coldblooded and ruthless but Amelie is emotional and bright. Amelie is the one who happily sings french tunes under her breath while Widowmaker is the one who snaps the neck of their current target. Amelie is the one who will dance and paint while Widow is the one who could shoot a child if she were given the order. Amelie is the woman who would give her heart to her lover but Widowmaker is the woman who would rip the heart out of their lover.

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Do you have any fluffy headcannons for Roadhog, Junkrat, and their s/o? (Poly sorry I always think Roadhog and Junkrat are a package deal)

Roadhog is a massive cuddler. He will smoosh his s/o and make sure they are comfortable and just stay like that for hours. However, Junkrat can sit still for five seconds, constantly moving and bouncing about and talking. He can’t chill without a stimuli. However he would probably be able to be quiet if he played with his s/o’s hair, braiding or re-styling it to change the appearance of his s/o. This means the three can just sit about and chill for hours together, sleeping and chatting the day away happily and without worry :D