greensquare tavern

Since I really didn’t have much to do at work today, I met a busy business lady friend for a nice, leisurely lunch at my usual busy business lady lunch meeting place. I realized that I’ve been going to this place a bit too much lately when the host asked me if I had a reservation, and before I could respond, the woman who apparently runs the joint swooped in and said, “Of course! Mr. Jarkalooky, come with me and I’ll show you to your table!” I think the other peeps waiting for tables were kinda miffed, but I was all, Don’t hate the playa, hate the game, yo.

My busy business lady friend said she was starving, so we decided to have some food with the ginormous pile of french fries that she ordered. She had a Cobb Salad, which was disappointingly small and just awight, while I had a cheeseburger sans bun, which was yum.

I’m trying to convince my busy business lady friend to launch her jewelry blog, and I think she might actually do it. Meanwhile, I told her that I’ve been feeling especially anti-social lately.

My busy business lady friend said, “How can you have a job like you have and be anti-social?” And I was all, You got me. Besides, I never said I was any good at my job! And my busy business lady friend was all, “I imagine you have to deal with people all day long, no?” And I was all, I didn’t say I liked any of them!“

And my busy business lady friend was all, "Our jobs would be 53 percent easier if we didn’t have to deal with people.” And I was all, True dat.

Then I said, I wonder if there’s a job that required minimal interaction with peeps, but had the same level of glamour as our jobs? And my busy business lady friend was all, “Maybe a coroner?” And I was all, At least those dead peeps would know to keep their stupid traps shut!

And then we laughed and laughed! Because, you know, talking about cadavers is always appropriate lunchtime conversation fodder.