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Rating: Explicit
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Relationships: Fíli/Kíli, Past Thorin/Dwalin, Past Dwalin/Bilbo, Arwen/Tauriel, Dwalin/Bilbo
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Series: Part 1 of The Gilded Age

New York City, 1880, the Gilded Age. Fili Durin is a wealthy, sheltered young railroad heir fresh out of college. He meets a young prostitute named Kili and is instantly smitten with the boy. But Kili’s trust is not easily won and Fili’s uncle and guardian disapproves in his choice of lover.

Now with fanart by Violette-Opalescence


Alizlemonparty1/GreenSorceress’ Giveaway!

Hi friends!

In celebration of the conclusion of Rent-Boy and its surpassing 10,000 hits on Ao3, I am doing my first giveaway!

The pictures above are the items I am giving to my followers! 2 Tolkien Trivia books, 4 LOTR necklaces, 4 handmade bookmarks!

If you would like to enter the giveaway, please send me an ask! And if there is a particular item you like more than others, mention it and I will try keep that in mind. Please keep in mind that if you are one of the winners, you have to be comfortable giving me your name and a current address. I promise I won’t spam you!

Please do not reblog this post, if you want to enter, please send me an ask. This giveaway is for my followers only, in appreciation of their collective awesomeness!
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All the Best Spots

A fluffy little prompt fill for the lovely Violette-Opalescence as a thank you for all her wonderful drawings of Rent-Boy

Fili and Kili on Kili’s first day of high school

Hey Tumblr friends! I would like your opinion!

Just finished the last full chapter of Rent-Boy…*gasp*

There will be a epilogue after this chapter to tie up all loose ends

Would you prefer I post the chapter now and the epilogue later(after I write it), or would you rather I wait until the epilogue is ready and post them both at once?

Your opinion matters! Don’t be shy! Respond to this post, send me an ask, whatever!

I want your opinion, please

Hello tumblr buddies,

I’m currently working on a fic about one of the dwarves from the Hobbit and I just realized that it will most likely have no dialogue, or at least, very little dialogue.

A little about the story: it is from the POV of an OC, the wife of one of the less popular dwarves. It’s about their meeting, courtship, marriage, children, and his decision to go on the quest. It will be a one shot that tells about their life together as well as my own head canon about the dwarves.

My question to you is, would you still be interested in reading it knowing there will be no dialogue? It will be sweet and have a happy ending but is the no dialogue aspect a turn off?

Should I add dialogue to make it more interesting or would you mind reading a fic that is less than 10 pages but all exposition and description?

Your opinion matters! Don’t be shy! Tell me what you think! 

New story Sneak Preview!

Has anyone noticed there is a lack of the Hobbit/Game of Thrones crossover fics? So did we!

But don’t worry, GreenSorceress and Kopperblaze are gonna fill your void!

Our newest WIP, is a joint effort that brings the characters of the Hobbit to the dangerous world of Westeros! Fili and Kili Targaryen the last of their house, penniless and alone, accept the offer of marriage from Khal Thorin and his brother Frerin, leaders of the largest Dothraki army. Will their new husbands help them reclaim the Irone Throne from the usurper Smaug Lannister?

Here’s a little peek at the new fic which we will begin posting very soon! 

As the horses drew near, Kili stayed behind Fili and Dwalin as he had been told repeatedly. Dressed in light purple silks with his long dark hair left loose and unbraided, Kili was glad for once to be in the background. Dwalin had told them several times that the Dothraki would only be interested in the oldest prince, the one with a greater claim to the Iron Throne and the more beautiful of the two. It hadn’t hurt Kili’s feelings, he was used to hearing that his brother was more handsome than he, with his soft golden hair and eyes like the summer sky, Fili was breathtaking. Kili on the other hand, tangled dark brown hair and olive skin, looked like a thousand other boys in the free cities; he could’ve blended in with the peasants easily with his skinny frame. But Fili, he was royalty and always looked it.

As the Dothraki stormed up the walk toward the patio, Kili tried unsuccessfully to move directly behind Dwalin. The men seemed as big as giants and their horses even more so. They all had bronze skin and long jet black hair; their arms and chests were covered in  dark blue tattoos and pale pink scars. The men rode their horses all the way up to the patio and for a moment Kili thought they might run right over the trio but fortunately they stopped just shy of the steps.

Dwalin quickly descended the steps and greeted them in their hideous language. Kili was left feeling exposed as his human shield had left but he couldn’t imagine how his brother must have felt at this moment, as Fili was standing much closer to the horse lords.

They spoke for a few brief moments and then Dwalin turned and beckoned Fili to join him; the blond obeyed and descended the stairs for the Dothraki to get a better look at him. It made Kili angry to see his beloved brother objectified by these strangers but he forced himself to hold his tongue, keeping his head bowed as he had been told.

A few more harsh sounding words were uttered and Dwalin turned again. “Kili, come down here, lad, by your brother.”

Kili felt his stomach drop and thought his knees might buckle. Not him, they weren’t supposed to be interested in him! It was only supposed to be Fili that they wanted!

“Come Kili, please. Do not anger them,” Dwalin pleaded quickly and Kili found the strength to walk down the few steps to stand by his brother. He raised his eyes to see two of the Dothraki looking at him intently and conversing with each other, they were at the front of the group and had by far the longest hair; Kili assumed at least one was their king, no, their Khal.

One of the men exchanged a few more words with Dwalin before they turned their horses and quickly rode away, leaving the three of them standing in a cloud of dust.

“Well, this is good news! They want to both of you!"
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The Epilogue

So ends my first epic. Thank you to everyone who has read Rent-Boy, commented, kudos’d, and followed me. I can’t express how much it means to me to have your support. I appreciate each and every one of you!

If you’ll indulge me for a bit, I want to talk about how this story came about. It’s been so important to me that even though it’s done I’m not ready to let it go. :)

The idea came to me while I was driving home to Columbus, OH after visiting a friend in Chicago. I was listening to the Mumford & Sons version of The Boxer by Simon & Garfunkle and the idea of a wealthy Fili meeting a poor Kili in New York City jumped out from the song. Fortunately I had 6 hours alone in the car with little scenery, so I had plenty of time to figure out some details!

Before I started writing the story, I told the idea to a fellow writer, my friend Darren who I have known since high school. He was stuck on his sci0fi novel and we were bouncing ideas around with each other over text. I described the story and he was able to help me iron out some plot details, gave me the idea for Thranduil’s death and tried to convince me to also kill Thorin! Darren is a Hobbit purist but I couldn’t do it! I just couldn’t!

I started writing and had the first four chapters done within a week! Ella, my beta and the person who convinced me to start writing in the first place, moved to New Zealand around that time and was unable to beta for me or even read it until it was nearly complete. This was the first story I posted without her careful eye and it was a little scary. After posting I would go on ao3 and reread each chapter because somehow it was easier to find mistakes after posting!

I chose the 1880s because I love that time period. The glaring differences in class, the beginning of a modern age, it’s always fascinated me, especially New York City at that time.

This story has helped me through a rough couple months and has become more to me than I have ever thought possible. I am considering editing it, changing the names, and submitting it to an independent press.

Thanks for reading!
True Dragons are Made of Stone - GreenSorceress, kopperblaze - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]

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Fleeing the Usurper Smaug, Fili and Kili Targaryen grow up in poverty in the Free Cities. Will a marriage to a Dothraki Khal, arranged by a disgraced knight still loyal to their family, restore their name to it’s former glory?

Opinion Time Tumblr Friends! (This means you! please)

I have been working on an AU, turn of the century traveling carnival. So far I only have three chapters completed. I have an idea of where I want the story to go but updates after the three chapters might be slow.

The opinions I’m looking for: Should I start to post it now and risk slow updates or should I hold off until more is done before I post?

You’re opinion matters to me, please I would love to hear what you think. Respond to this or send me an ask/fanmail.

Would be willing to post a snippet preview if anyone is interested.