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a calming instrumental playlist for finals & the holidays.

waltz of the flowers / pyotr tchaikovsky ; christmas at hogwarts / john williams ; the skaters’ waltz / émilie waldteufel ; can you hear your heart / hans zimmer, rupert gregson-williams ; sonata pathétique / ludwig van beethoven ; daisy, daisy / jóhann jóhannsson ; the snow prelude n. 2 / ludovico einaudi ; the four seasons: winter / antonio vivaldi ; angels have we heard on high / the piano guys ; dance of the sugar plum fairy / pyotr tchaikovsky ; greensleeves / 101 strings orchestra ; ave maria / j.s. bach, charles gounod

O Stormy Night
  • O Stormy Night
  • DarkeSword (Shariq Ansari)

Merry Christmas! Enjoy a Christmas mix of Carol of the Bells, Greensleeves, and Song of Storms from Legend of Zelda:  Ocarina of Time

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Ghosts and Legends of Huntingtower Castle, Perth, Scotland

Huntingtower is said to be haunted by “Lady Greensleeves”, a young woman named Dorothea who was the daughter of the 1st Earl of Gowrie. Legend says that she was in love with a servant at the castle and that the two used to have clandestine meetings at night in the eastern tower, where the servants slept. One night the girl’s mother, the Countess, is supposed to have discovered what was going on and made her way across the bridge from the family’s quarters in the western tower to the eastern tower to catch the pair. Dorothea heard her mother’s footsteps on the bridge and, unable to return to the other tower by that route, made her way to the roof. Here she leapt from the tower to land safely on the battlements of the western tower and returned to her bed where she was soon discovered by her mother. The following day the girl and her lover eloped and no records exist to tell us what happened to them. To this day the gap between the towers is know as The Maiden’s Leap.

A number of sightings of the figure of a tall young woman in a green silk dress have been seen in and around Huntingtower over the years, usually at dusk but sometimes in full daylight. Her appearance is said to be an ill omen and a forewarning of some disaster to come. A traveler staying at Huntingtower in the 1930s is reported to have seen Lady Greensleeves in a corridor of the castle. The following day he resumed his journey to Fife and was drowned when he fell from the ferry taking him across the River Tay.

A second Huntingtower legend concerns St Conval’s Well, which is beside the road below the castle. The water from this well is meant to have the power to heal, but those who go to collect it must do so in silence: any word spoken on the outward or return journey renders the water useless. Those who go to fetch water are also supposed to leave a small token behind at the well, such as a coin or charm. The well is in good condition and to this day runs clear.

Huntingtower Castle was built in stages from the 15th century by the Clan Ruthven family and was known for several hundred years as the ‘House (or 'Place’) of Ruthven.’ It is located near the village of Huntingtower in Perth, Scotland.

More about Huntingtower Castle & more photos…

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This show just makes me miss having a forest for a backyard even more…

Exploration//Bruno Coulais Sally’s Lament(Instrumental)//Danny Elfman Mr.Fox In the Fields//Alexandre Desplat Forest of Mystery//The Legend of Zelda(A Link Between Worlds) Main Street(Cover)//Aivi Tran Faron Woods//The Legend of Zelda(Twilight Princess) Halloween//Animal Crossing(Gamecube) This Is Halloween(Cover)//Vitamin String Quartet Fantasia On Greensleeves//Ralph Vaughn Williams Oogie Boogie’s Song(Cover)//Vitamin String Quartet Dreaming//Bruno Coulais

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