My Name Is Cow

First, there was Cow, brought to us by @poem-for-your-sprog.

Soon, there was Dog (and Cow).

Then, there was Cat (and Cow).

And then Greensleeves got invoked, and I couldn’t help but Do the Thing. =D  Many thanks to @copperbadge for converting it to mp3!

(The crappy quality was all me.  My means of recording myself is an eleven-year-old point-and-shoot camera, and I was singing quietly in a small room so as not to disturb the neighbors at silly hours of the night.  Not terribly conducive to good sound quality.  Here’s hoping it amuses anyway. ^_^)




In the Elements miniseries, Marshmeline the Campfire Queen (candyfied Marceline) hums the tune to the song Greensleeves in the episode “Skyhooks.”

Greensleevs is an old English folk song about unrequited love, and here’s my interpretation of what this musical inclusion means about Marshmeline/Marceline and Princess Bubblegum.

I Lik the Blud (Greensleeves Edit)
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I Lik the Blud (Greensleeves Edit)

So, I guess in celebration of my milestone, have this… thing? That I… did?

Anyway, I heard that someone had put the original I Lik the Bred poem to the tune of Greensleeves and I figured I might as well give it a go too. So here is me singing I Lik the Blud to the tune of Greensleeves. I hope my voice doesn’t hurt too much. :P

I’m doing a sort of kind of live-blogging of the new Adventure Time miniseries, “Elements” (of the leaks anyway, because CN is incompetent and I’m immoral well iTunes same difference). I’m going to write a proper, collective review (along with “Orb”), but I have to get my thoughts out before that. So, starting with “Skyhooks”:

  • the “Elements” title cards are simply just gorgeous
  • Jake just ran out of fucks to give and it’s wonderful
  • Finn has grown so much, like his first reaction to everything being candy is to think it was PB messing it all up again, and honestly? fair enough, at leats he’s not idolizing her anymore but seeing her for the problematic fave she is
  • Lemonpink is just as disturbing as Lemongrab, bless Justin Roiland
  • “Sour’s get the tower” well that’s not ominous at all
  • “maybe they don’t need you to fix them” wow Jake, offering some deep advice right off
  • just at the moment I was thinking Marcy wouldn’t be in this miniseries at all, she’s A FUCKINg MARSHMELLOW… THING! PB the fuck have you done
  • Marshmeline… yeah right
  • “anyone that’s overwhelmed with work or responsibility” so you wrote that song for your girlfriend, basically, bless you Marcy- Marshie, I guess
  • NO, guys, I wanted to hear that song, dammit
  • Olivia Olson humming Greensleeves… something I never knew I needed yet my life before seems devoid of perfection
  • “she’s everywhere” okay Marcy I appreciate the heart eyes but that’s creepy
  • “fixed them” oh PB you sick tyrant, love Finn fighting back tho
  • I have a lot of feels about Marshie hanging around PB even still, despite the whole concept being fucked up… #shippingituntiltheend
  • BMO is just so chill, sometimes I envy that
  • Ice King saves the day, because of course he does
  • Skyhooks, hmm, curious that the title should gain significance at the very end, especially considering that the last ep is called “Skyhooks II”, so we’re getting a nice frame again

anonymous asked:

*shakes fist at you* Your description of otamatones sounding like "kazoos being murdered by a midi file" had me laughing so hard it hurt

That’s only if they’re well-played. I found a rendition of Greensleeves that might faithfully be described as “ducks objecting to being strangled”. 

Timothy Remix

Sorry for the repost, Tumblr is being a huge ass.

So. Storytime.

Once upon a time I was in class, joking about how my head is a fuckin mess, and this one guy, who is very nice, but also very boring, looked me in the eye and really profoundly said to me, “We all have our demons, Sasia“

I’m not certain what my response was. Probably ‘…yeah‘. What I THOUGHT was ‘… ah yes. Demons. I, suppose I have some of those somewhere too.‘

My head was yelling ‘old McDonald had a farm AND IT EXPLODEDDD‘

The other day I refound a song and I realized, this would make for an excellent Brain Remix Song. So I began creating an audio representation of what my head is yelling at me when Brains do Things. And here it is. The Timothy Remix™

Featuring jingles from Bill Wurtz, the voice of @pipistrellus , otamatone cover of greensleeves, various audio bits from different vines as well as from KickthePJ videos, downtown chicago tornado sirens, a screeching barn owl, and more. Translation of the danish singing would be a slightly butchered pronouncation of ’it is all my fauuuuult‘.

The only thing missing is someone yelling very loudly that “WE’VE GOT SCURVY!!”, but I made do without.
Adventure Time: Elements, a playlist by stupidcoolfinnparty on Spotify
Watch the new episode "Orb" Fri. April 21st 7:45 pm EST, followed by the exciting new 8-episode miniseries "Elements" Mon. April 24th - Thurs. April 27th 7:30 pm EST on CN.

I made an Elements playlist on spotify! It’s shorter and a lot more fast-paced than the Islands one, which I think fits the mood. Might add more later if I think of more songs that work.

Here’s the tracklist:

1. This is Where I Belong (Bryan Williams)
2. Fantasia on Greensleeves (Vaughan Williams)
3. Alligator Sky (Owl City)
4. Taikatalvi (Nightwish)
5. Ice Queen (Within Temptation)
6. Fire and Ice (Within Temptation)
7. How Far We’ve Come (Matchbox Twenty)
8. Young Volcanoes (Fall Out Boy)
9. Safe and Sound (Julia Sheer)
10. Elements (Lindsay Sterling)
11. Greensleeves the Ice Cream Van (Wunderkind Classic)



(8tracks & spotify)

a calming instrumental playlist for finals & the holidays.

waltz of the flowers / pyotr tchaikovsky ; christmas at hogwarts / john williams ; the skaters’ waltz / émilie waldteufel ; can you hear your heart / hans zimmer, rupert gregson-williams ; sonata pathétique / ludwig van beethoven ; daisy, daisy / jóhann jóhannsson ; the snow prelude n. 2 / ludovico einaudi ; the four seasons: winter / antonio vivaldi ; angels have we heard on high / the piano guys ; dance of the sugar plum fairy / pyotr tchaikovsky ; greensleeves / 101 strings orchestra ; ave maria / j.s. bach, charles gounod

memprime replied to your photo “May is national hamburger month. So far I have eaten at least one…”

I love places where you can get burgers for breakfast.

Which in this case is my kitchen! That is all me, that hamburger. (I even made the biscuit the burger is nestled in.) 

reesa-chan replied to your photo “May is national hamburger month. So far I have eaten at least one…”

Does it have mushrooms?

It does! This is part of the batch of blended burgers I made. It’s lasted me quite a while, the mushroom really does stretch the beef.

Also note to self: have beef, must buy mushrooms. 

dignitywhatdignity replied to your post “Holá Sam! In the “foodie verse” what is Steve’s stance on meatloaf?”

Yeah, but… meatloaf cupcakes! (Possibly with an assist from Sam providing mashed potato “frosting”)

See, I think Steve would love to make meatloaf cupcakes, but they’re tough to reheat in the truck, and also I think he would feel bad having stolen the idea from the Meatloaf Bakery. :D 

spyderqueen replied to your post “Holá Sam! In the “foodie verse” what is Steve’s stance on meatloaf?”

the important question is what filler - breadcrumbs or oats?

I’ve never actually had meatloaf made with oats. I mean I’m like aware of it, I’ve just never eaten it. Hm. Might be time to investigate! 

timberwolfoz replied to your post “*shakes fist at you* Your description of otamatones sounding like…”

Link pls?

Link requested to the Strangling A Duck Greensleeves:

 replied to your post “coppersunshine replied to your post “Me: You know it sucks, I only…”

I do have one and can confirm it’s the best way to make people hate you

I sometimes wonder how my neighbor I share a living-room wall with feels about my ukulele playing (being fair I never play later than 9pm or earlier than 5am). I can only imagine what they would think of my newfound passion for the Otamatone. 

My first art post to my new blog! Headcanon that Sammy Lawrence plays the flute when he feels down. This is a weird idea I had as I was falling asleep a few nights ago. Since Sammy is the Music Director, he most likely plays an instrument, and the flute was what I pictured.