My Name Is Cow

First, there was Cow, brought to us by @poem-for-your-sprog.

Soon, there was Dog (and Cow).

Then, there was Cat (and Cow).

And then Greensleeves got invoked, and I couldn’t help but Do the Thing. =D  Many thanks to @copperbadge for converting it to mp3!

(The crappy quality was all me.  My means of recording myself is an eleven-year-old point-and-shoot camera, and I was singing quietly in a small room so as not to disturb the neighbors at silly hours of the night.  Not terribly conducive to good sound quality.  Here’s hoping it amuses anyway. ^_^)

We have an ice cream truck in glastonbury that is basically a cryptid.

I’ve only seen the thing once and heard it once.

The first time on a rainy dark October day last year I witnessed it just slowly driving around the neighbourhood playing an off tune version of ‘Greensleeves’.

And then a few nights ago at 5:30AM on a Sunday morning in November we just heard it’s ominous tune.

I have never seen it in the summer. I have never seen anyone buy ice cream from it.

The cryptid of Glastonbury.

Today in Sam Learns The Ukulele

Got bored practicing the chord changes in Sweet Baby James (F to G blows and anything to E Minor blows, which is why you have to practice them) but I discovered that if you change the pronouns and the name James to Jane, it makes for a fantastic lesbian love song. Goodnight you moonlight ladies.

(Someone asked if I still hated G and the answer is no, I have forgiven G in light of how HORRIFYING E is.)

Between New Fantastic Lesbian “Sweet Baby Jane” and my ukulele cover of Rolling Home, in which you get to sing the line “Stand true and stand together, your labor is your own” I am preparing to become a one man 60s-retro protest band. 

Also have memorized Greensleeves. Have not actually mastered it, but by god I’ve memorized how to.

When you accidentally delete the first writing playlist and need to reissue it. Sorry!

50+ songs to get your writing juices flowing!

canon in d johann pachelbel // the riders of rohan howard shore // fantasia on greensleeves ralph vaughan williams // symphony no. 9 in e minor op. 95 “from the new world”: ii. largo antonín dvořák // feast of starlight howard shore // he’s a pirate klaus badelt // welcome to jurassic park john williams // canceling the apocalypse ramin djawadi // psychological recovery … six months hans zimmer // enterprising young men michael giacchino // test drive john powell // davy jones hans zimmer // sandstorm darude // thrice welcome howard shore // battle without honor or humanity tomoyasu hotel // strength of a thousand men two steps from hell // carnival of the animals, zoological fantasy: aquarium camille saint-saëns // hymn to the fallen john williams // captain america henry jackman // mithril howard shore // jupiter, the bringer of jollity gustav holst // crime and punishment senju akira // 528491 hans zimmer // the sleeping beauty waltz pyotr ilyich tchaikovsky // sévérine thomas newman // lumos (hedwig’s theme) john williams // loud pipes ratatat // run boy run (instrumental) woodkid // danse macabre camille saint-saëns // a window to the past john williams // pacific rim main theme ramin djawadi // i am the doctor murray gold // promontory trevor jones and randy edelman // axe or sword? howard shore // xing symphony senju akira // star trek into darkness: end credits michael giacchino // take you down daniel pemberton // heart of courage two steps from hell // courtyard apocalypse alexander desplat // symphony no. 7 in a major, op. 92: ii. allegretto ludwig von beethoven // house of cards main title theme jeff beal // the winter soldier henry jackman // jerall mountains jeremy soule // the wings of icarus celldweller // olympic fanfare and theme john williams // irene’s theme (bbc sherlock) michael price // james brown is dead l.a. style // james bond theme monty norman // ride of the valkyries richard wagner // avengers theme alan silvestri // game of thrones theme ramin djawadi // tokyo revisted tomandandy // blackheart two steps from hell // what shall we die for? hans zimmer // the steward of gondor howard shore // the raiders march john williams // grand bazaar, istanbul thomas newman // fury road: main theme junkie xl // angry and dead again hans zimmer // symphony no. 9 in d minor, op. 125 “the choral”: ii. scherzo: molto vivace – presto ludwig von beethoven ✩ 

☆ Listen ☆

i was tagged by @asgardian–angels! thank you so much! :D <3

Rules: You can tell a lot about a person based on the music they listen to. Put your music on shuffle and list the first ten songs and tag 10 people.

1. Týr - The Lay of Thrym
2. Globus - Take me Away
3. Eluveitie - Luxtos
4. Sigur Rós - Brennisteinn
5. Anonymous - Greensleeves (improvised variations on archlute)
6. First Aid Kit - Wolf
7. Touch the Sky (Brave OST)
8. IU - Araro (Queen Seon Deok OST)
9. Wardruna - Völuspá
10. Bukkene Bruse - Miriams Voggelåt

i tag @real-william-shakespeare, @sherlockianbee, @agardenintheshire, @bapofficial, @littlestsenpai, @peanutbutterfellatio, @undomiel, @theshire, @shiremaiden and @arofili (heck!! this is the first time i’ve ever managed to gather 10 frens for this :O does me a hap but also no fren needs to do this unless they wanna :’) )

I was tagged by @studytolive

Rules: You can tell a lot about a person based on the music they listen to. Put your music on shuffle and list the first 10 songs and tag 10 people.

1. Hollywood - Michael Bublé
2. Mr. Simple - Super Junior
3. Lover is Childlike - The Low Anthem
4. Fantasia on Greensleeves - Philharmonia Orchestra
5. Jupiter’s Lightning - Cœur de Pirate
6. Little Black Dress - One Direction
7. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas - She & Him
8. Etonnez-Moi, Benoît - Françoise Hardy
9. Loin d'ici - Cœur de Pirate
10. Carry On - Fun.

I tag @linguafreund, @princess-turandot, @csillagkep-stadt

the only emotion i ever feel anymore is the one post about doing something so Peak Autism and then your mind is just like otamatone_greensleeves.mp3