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I've read Its Kind of a funny story which is brilliant, do you have any recommendations for books that are similar to it's Kind of a funny story?

Hi! Perhaps have a look at:

Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher

The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

Suicide Notes by Michael Thomas Ford

Paper Towns by John Green

She Is Not Invisible by Marcus Sedgwick

Enjoy the recommendations! :)

Olicity Drabble Alphabet - G

G – Green

She did it subconsciously at first, finding herself buying more and more green clothes instead of the usual reds, pinks, and blues that her closet was filled with. It didn’t even occur to her what she was doing until one night she was sitting in her living room, painting her nails a shiny emerald, wondering why.

Of course, it took her about twoseconds to figure it out (she was agenius, after all). She was doing it for Oliver (well, for herself really); she was doing it because if there was one thing he seemed to notice, it was her wearing green… his green. And when she did, he would get that look, the one that said that she was the only thing he was seeing, the one that stated she was unequivocally, unapologetically the only one he wanted.

It gave her a thrill to know she had that much power over him, that much power over arguably the most powerful man in Starling City.

And well, it gave her a thrill because this was Oliver, who she’d had an embarrassing crush on from the moment she saw him. Who smiled at her when she babbled, and always took her ideas into consideration, who never thought she was less than what she was. Oliver who, when he was usually so suave (do people still use that word?), had been nervous asking her to dinner… who, when they finally got together, didn’t hide her or how he felt about her for even a second.

And so, she decided to step it up a notch. She smiled as she went through her jewellery box, picking out something she’d been saving for the right moment. Without another thought, she pulled out her thick industrial piercing and replaced it with the one in her hand, before heading out and towards the foundry.

Of course her plan was slightly thwarted by another criminal thinking they could endanger Starling’s citizens when it was under the Arrow’s protection. Fortunately, it didn’t take long to take care of and the other members of Team Arrow were quick to take the opportunity for a night off.

As they all slowly trickled out, only Felicity and Oliver remained. She stayed quiet as he went through his post-crime fighting routine (the fact that he even has one says a lot about our lives), she herself shutting down the monitors and getting ready to leave. Taking a moment to run a few software updates, she readjusted her ponytail.

Suddenly she saw Oliver freeze in her periphery, his eyes slowly focused on her new accessory. “Felicity.” He said, dragging her name out in that way that he knew made her insides into goo.

Finally. She turned in her chair, adopting an innocent air, despite knowing that he was onto her. “Yes?”

Oliver saw right through her, his eyebrow rising in disbelief. But he played along, reaching forward to push some stray hair from her cheek, his thumb tracing of the bar of her new industrial earring. “What’s this?” He asked, though he obviously already knew, his fingers tracing the tip of the miniature arrow she had bought a few weeks ago. (She just hadn’t been able to resist – she had known it would make him look at her the way he was right now, all smoldery and unf.)

She smiled at him, cocking her head to the side as she rose to stand in front of him, their chests a mere inch apart. “Just something I saw and liked.” She applauded herself internally for being able to keep her voice so steady.

“Is that so?” He murmured, placing his hands on table behind her, trapping her between his arms and crowding her back against it. She found her hands going to his chest, trying to stay steady as her heart beat faster. Oliver smirked down at her, obviously enjoying the effect he had on her, thatjerk. “I hope you know this isn’t going to help your cover.” He continued, acting infuriatingly unaffected.

“At least it isn’t ‘I ran out of sports bottles.’” She snorted, trying to distract herself from his proximity. “Seriously, for someone who spent years surviving on an island, another few training in a super spy agency, you had some really bad excuses. Even I can come up with something better than that and I have the tendency to stick my foot in my mouth. I even did it literally once, after one of my heels broke and I went falling down some stairs. Let me tell you it was not pretty, or in any way attractive.” She winced at her babble, turning her eyes away from his amused gaze (this was not how this was supposed to go) and instead focusing on his chest, her fingers playing with the zipper of his leather jacket. “Which… is not the point I was making.” She cleared her throat. “Point is I can make a good excuse… and I like it.” She referred once again to the arrow that decorated her ear, bringing her gaze back to his. Oliver still said nothing, content to just look at her, which only caused her to get more nervous. “And I hope you do too, because otherwise this whole thing would be really embarrassing, because I’ve been waiting for weeks to wear it and I just-”

Finally he put her out of her misery and swiftly cut in. “Felicity.” He said simply, laughter in his voice.

Her mouth immediately snapped shut, only for him to lean in and cover it with his own. She immediately sighed into his kiss, winding her arms around his neck to bring them to a more even height. She felt his arms wrap around her as well, pulling her flush against his chest, one hand lifting to cradle her head, fingers tangling in her hair. She gasped when he moved from her lips across her cheek and to that sensitive spot by her ear.

“I love it.” He whispered gruffly as he pulled back from her heated skin.

Felicity, impatient, just let out an approving sound before yanking his head back up to assault his lips. He pressed her against the desk, causing it dig uncomfortably into her back, but she found she couldn’t care less when he shifted down to the juncture of her neck, his stubble grazing her sensitive skin.

After a while, he headed back to her lips. “No green today?” He murmured against her mouth.

Felicity felt that odd power surge through her again, bringing her face up to his ear. “Nowhere you can see.”

At this, Oliver’s eyes flashed and darkened and he swiftly kissed the living daylights out of her. He only pulled back when she sufficiently dazed, a knowing smile playing on his lips. “For now.”

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omg fuck off lol. i also bought a denim jacket frm greenshed in the city today and the lady selling it to me was talking about spilt milk and how everyone was wearing denim overalls and I was wearing denim overalls today n I don’t know if she was mocking me or what so I said something about denim and got outta thereee