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the corbomite post made me think of Jim finally relaxing as his migraine eases off :3 with his sleepy-cat face on. :33 maybe settled inconspicuously in a comfy corner of one of the rec rooms listening to the quiet buzz of off-duty crewmembers chilling out and chatting :333

Aw. :333 That’s the most adorable image EVER. I’m rather inclined to think he just sneaked off to his quarters and slept for ~twelve to sixteen hours straight and then felt better, though - he was even more leery of showing vulnerability to the crew in the early days than he is during the rest of the mission. *snuggles sleepy captaincat*

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Oh man yeah, and he did get bullied at least a little while he was at the Academy as well. :( And Gary Mitchell being the manipulative douche he turned out to be, at least while he was in the Academy (see: his manufacturing a fake relationship for Kirk that got so serious poor Jim literally nearly married her) and I guess the picture of Jim's time at the Academy is a pretty lonely one. :( no wonder he was glad to get out into space

Finnegan, yeah. Jim being the sensitive intellectual he is, he’d definitely have been bully-bait in the Academy. :( And YES, even apart from that manufactured relationship (…which could possibly have been Carol Marcus according to fanon, but I’ve never been able to make up my mind whether I believe that or not; I actually tend to think it was Ruth…) I’ve never thought Gary was really the good friend Jim thought he was. :/

So what my headcanon boils down to is, in essence, that Jim never had as many friends, or even as many kindred spirits or as malice-free and sensible an atmosphere, as he did on the Enterprise. I’m just going to quote myself here: Charm-The-Daylights-Out-Of-Everyone-Possible is simply Jim’s default mode. It’s the way he’s made. It’s the way he copes with all the people he’s surrounded with in his chosen life among the stars, because he’s really an intensely private person (if you meet someone you click with, well and good, but what of all the others? The way I see it, he’s constantly grateful that the Enterprise has so many like-minded, accepting, wonderful people aboard who care exactly as little about stereotypes as he does - and when requesting new personnel, he combs their files carefully for signs of just such characteristics.)

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I feel like comics Tony would definitely be a Slytherin, but movie Tony (thus far, at least) would be a Ravenclaw for me. Do you see any differences between comics/movie versions?

Well for one Movie Tony isn’t out to defeat the communists.

RDJ put a lot of spin on Tony, a LOT of spin. From what I understand Favreau let RDJ just do…pretty much what he wanted with Tony so Movie Tony is like…RDJ’s version of Tony which is totally good and I love it but there are some differences. But in the first movie they really got pretty close to the actual character of Tony, which is the only important thing to me. I think its nearly impossible to get ALL of Tony’s problems into one movie, let alone three. And since they’ve specifically avoided a lot of his Alcoholism and Secret Identity Because People Can’t Know About My Bad Ticker I think we’re looking at a ….not ENTIRELY different Tony but like….a similar but different Tony.

I personally still see Movie Tony as Slytherin. I mean….Giant Tower with his name on it? Expo named after him (even though named after his dad but he’s totally taking it) Arguing with the government that the Iron Man is his and nyeeeh you can’t have it.

If that’s not ambitious…

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Do they have BBC, this is important

Sure do! Everyone is given a free dead-long subscription to watch 666 TV channels from their bunk beads and/or bean bag chairs. Many of the stations, including the BBC, feature smell-o-vision.

Oh and a DVD of a musical (plus extra-porno-y) version of Torchwood is included in the welcome gift bag.

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Ikr these people (and JJ & co, of course) always forget that Winona Kirk exists and just ugh. I’ll forever be pissed that we know nothing of her story - her position on the Kelvin, her relationship with Jim, her job post-Kelvin, nothing.

I actually hate Bob Orci.

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Told my parents about the rear-view mirror. No response yet bc it hit the answering machine. Had a family friend take a look at it - he advised me to just get it replaced when the parents get home. Also there’s a small scrape on the car as well augh that made me sad too. So my small journeys around the suburbs will now be rearview mirror-less. 

I think everything’s going to be okay in the end, I just don’t like having bad things happen to cars because they’re expensive and stressful. I’ll pay for replacing the mirror, of course. 

Thanks for the encouragement everyone! (Yes, I know I’m not worthless. I still don’t feel fantastic, but I think I’ll be okay tomorrow)

And hey, my sister did the same thing a few years ago.  And everything went pretty okay with that. 

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*her, mea culpa :) no but seriously how does somebody even have a job even -tangentially- to do with art, and not know the history of the male nude in it? I have a book full of Sargent’s nude male sketches even. (it’s gorgeous)

she’s a real estate agent

we looked her up once

she’s an adjunct and she’s a real estate agent and she’s teaching graphic design history and we all unanimously hate her and we write scathing reviews on our course evaluation forms and yet she is still here

it’s baffling