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“There’s gotta be more, I know there’s more–there’s always more!”

This piece was 100% inspired by the Moana soundtrack and my visit to SeaQuest yesterday. It felt nice to just–finish something with full color! I feel so accomplished!

Anyways, have a sprite with her birb friends!

Lightsaber Colors and their Meanings -

I went looking for this information because I have a character in my newest Star Wars story who needed a pair of lightsabers. I wanted her to stand out from the other blues and greens, but purple didn’t fit her personality. Anyway, this information was complied from multiple sites and definitions. 

Blue - This color belongs to those Jedi known as Guardians. They tend to be the most visible of the Jedi and spend their time overtly protecting the galaxy. Wielders of this color blade tend to specialize their fighting styles and are more likely to practice “aggressive negotiations”. 

Known Wielders: Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Solo

Green - Green tends to be used by the Jedi Consulars. These individuals tend to be more interested in negotiating than in fighting. That isn’t to say that they never use their blades, simply that they will try to talk their way our before resorting to violence. They tend to be more grounded than the wielders of other colors. 

Known Wielders: Yoda, Qui-Gon Jinn, Ahsoka Tano (The Clone Wars)

Yellow - Wielders of the Yellow blades are known as Jedi Sentinels. They lend an existence so secretive that most don’t know about them. Like the Guardians, they have dedicated themselves to the protection of the galaxy, but prefer to avoid the public light. Sentinels prefer to use technology, tracking, espionage, and surveillance to remove traces of the Dark Side from the galaxy. 

Known Wielders: Bastilla Shan, Plo Koon

Red - Used primarily by the Sith Lords, the color of the Red lightsabers are caused by the synthetic crystals used to form the blade. This causes the crystals to be specially tuned to the use of the Dark Side. 

Known Wielders: Every Sith Lord

Purple - Purple blades tend to favor wielders who have connections or had connections with the Dark Side. This could be people who returned from the Dark Side, were Dark Acolytes, or use Dark Side techniques. 

Known Wielders: Mace Windu, Mara Jade Skywalker, Jaina Solo

Orange - Oranges blades are wielded by those Jedi who bridge the gap between the Consulars and the Guardians. They use both negotiation and combat to resolve situations, and are highly adept at both. Orange is another color used by the Sentinels, but wielding an orange blade does not necessarily make one a Sentinel. 

Known Wielders: Plo Koon, Mandalorian Knights, Yaddle

Gold - Gold lightsabers tend to be favored by those who are strong in the Light Side of the Force. It is a rare color, and appears very rarely. This could be because it is often confused with yellow and orange. The differences can be seen if the three colors are held up together, but are harder to see when viewed separately. 

Known Wielders: Qu-Rhan

Bronze - Bronze has only appeared once. That being said, it appears to be favored by wielders of great physical strength. 

Known Wielders: Lowbacca 

Silver - Those who wield silver blades tend to be the calmest of the Jedi. They appear to be the most in tune with the Living Force. 

Known Wielders: Corran Horn

White - Often confused with silver, white blades are confusing in and of themselves. The majority of those who wield this color blade seem to be dogmatic and narrow minded. They appear to serve a master or a group with complete and utter devotion. This however, would not explain Ahsoka Tano wielded two white lightsabers in the new Rebels series. 

Known Wielders: The Red Guard (Palpatine’s personal guard), Ahsoka Tano (Rebels)

Black - Similar to the white blades, the handful of individuals who have wielded black blades have been very narrow-minded in their view of the Force. Unlike those who wield white blades, however, those who wield black blades seem to operate alone, claiming no allegiance to any cause, ideal, group, or individual other than themselves. There is only one known instance of its appearance, and it is generally regarded as the rarest color. 

Known Wielders: Pre Vizsla (Mandalorian Death Watch Leader)

These are the main categories of lightsaber colors. There are variations, such as Magenta (the color of Mara Jade’s first lightsaber and a variation of the color purple), Cyan (a variation of the color blue), and Pink (possibly a variation of purple or red). There are rumors of lightsabers whose blades have a black core and color around the outside, but they appear to have been more common around the time of the Clone Wars and no famous Jedi used one. There is also a rumor of mixed color blades, which as some support since one of the Jedi Knights who fought at the First Battle of Geonosis lost his padawan during that same fight and added her lightsaber crystal to his own lightsaber alongside his own. 

@lilly-white​ Instead of a step by step, Assuming you already have a base knowledge of how to paint digitally, I thought an over view of sorts would be easier and a little bit quicker for me to explain.

I have collected a few samples of portraits from the old masters that show off, far better than I ever could, how much variation there is to be found in the human complexion. It’s far more than a few shades of beige, brown and peachy yellows. There are blues, greens, purples and reds  - a whole array of colours that can add a realism, personality and vibrancy to your work.

Whilst no two people are the same, there are some patterns to be found. 
In Caucasian faces, you typically find reds, pinks, and purples in the cheeks, nose and ears, basically anywhere that is prone to a bit of flushing. Intensity will depend on age, gender, lifestyle and emotional state. Blues and greens can be found around the lower face and jaw this is especially so for men, in women the colouration is subtler. There is also a very slight yellowing around the corners of the mouth. 
The darker the skin becomes the stabler and more consistent the skin tone seems to be, typically consisting more of darker purples, reds, blues and greens. Again, age, lifestyle and gender will have an impact on complexion. 
There are of course environmental factors that will affect the appearance of colours on the face but for the sake of brevity - I’ll save that for another time.  

There are a few rules of thumb I always use. These are not hard Rules, just tips. 

* Never paint straight onto a pure white background. Always lay down a neutral mid of some kind before you lay down ANY other colour. You will be amazed at the difference this makes to your approach.  

* Don’t use editorial / fashion images for referencing natural skin tone. You will not get a true representation of fleshy goodness here my friend. Oh no. 

* Referencing is not the devil, nor is it cheating. If you need some open whilst you paint, have them open.

* Do master studies. do lots of them. Try to keep it to the deceased artists too, you don’t want to tread on any contemporary toes. I know I harp on all the time about this one but…. honestly if you’re going to learn, learn from the best. Singer Sargent, for me, has some of the finest examples of skin tone painting going and you really do learn so much from replicating. 

I hope this helps <3

This is for @rey-of-sunshiine who asked “Payton!!! If you’re still feeling like writing could you do something like a soulmate tattoo thing for Drarry? Hope you’re going well x” I hope you like this lol I just ate some chicken noodle soup and I’m ready too write!

  • First of all I’m a slut for cliches so just a warning lol So soulmate marks are a purely magical thing, muggles don’t have them. They start as blobs of colors and once you’re in the vicinity of your soulmate does it start to form a shape. 
  • When Harry was growing up he hated the blobs of greens and blues and purples on his arm, thinking it only made him more of a freak
  • once he got to Hogwarts though he found that almost everyone had something resembling his marks, he asked his new friends about the marks and Hermione explained what soul marks were. She explained that not everyone’s were on their arms and that some people were born with no soul marks at all. Harry liked the idea of a soul mate, someone who would love him no matter what, it was nice. 
  • Because of the robes they were all wearing no one noticed Harry’s mark swirling and moving when a certain blonde git offered his hand, it wasn’t till that night after they were all sorted did he notice that the mark had changed, not into anything yet but he could see less flowy lines and splotches and more hard lines and shapes. 
  • He’d never tell anyone this but for about a week he thought Ron was his soulmate until he saw his friends shoulder and noticed how his colors were all reds, oranges and yellows. 
  • It wasn’t until the third week of first year did his soul mark finally settle.
  • On his am was the most beautiful turtle he’d ever seen. It was still flowy and beautiful with the blues and greens and purples flowing together to form a picture, it looked as if it had been painted with watercolors.
  • He showed Hermione and Ron, wanting to know what the meaning was of it
  • After researching for a couple hours in the library they found that turtles were a symbol for protection, patience and stability. Harry almost cried when he found that out.
  • Harry wouldn’t admit this to anyone for a long time but he started referring to the turtle as his guardian angel in his mind, looking to it when he was stressed or needed motivation throughout the years of him being at Hogwarts. 
  • No one really knew why Draco was so angry and mean to Harry, everyone assuming it was because he was jealous or upset that his friendship was shot down, some saying it’s because his dad was a deatheater. The only ones who knew the truth were Blaise and Pansy. The truth being the stupid ugly turtle on his forearm. 
  • There was a reason he never wore short sleeves and it wasn’t because of a certain other mark he had on his other arm. 
  •  He had gotten the stupid dark mark, not out of loyalty to the psychotic lunatic, honestly Draco hated him with his full being, not supporting his cause just tying to protect his family. No, he got it to further prove how wrong the universe was, marking himself as unworthy of his soulmate. 
  • Draco’s known Potter was his soulmate since first year, the idiot didn’t even try to cover the mark up, flaunting it off to everyone and beaming with pride anytime someone asked him about it. It made Draco sick.
  • Even though it broke him he decided he would make Potter hate him, deciding that it was better if Harry hated him, thinking of himself as to broken, to tarnished for someone as brave and kind as the golden boy. 
  • Pansy and Blaise tried telling him he was wrong, that Draco wasn’t his father, he wasn’t bad. Telling him that none of them had a choice in this, they were dealt the cards they had been given and they had to suffer for their parents mistakes. Yet he didn’t listen, saying that the universe made a mistake and that Potter deserved someone more then he was, saying he’d just ruin the other boy, that he’d mess up and brake him as much as he himself was broken. 
  • After fifth year though Draco stopped taunting Potter, he had let those vile people into the school. He didn’t deserve to even look to Harry let alone speak to him. 
  • So he closed himself off and focused on surviving, worrying constantly during their 7th year that he’d get news of him being dead, he was filled with both relief as well as dread the day he saw Harry on the floor in the manor. He couldn’t tell who asked, all voices bluring into one, but he heard someone ask him if that was “The Potter Boy” and well, his answer was the easiest choice Draco’s ever made. He said no, knowing that it be easy to get into his mind, he was distracted and didn’t eve think. To worried about getting Harry OUT. Luckily though his performance as a loyal servant was believable. It wasn’t until everything was over and Potter had escaped did Draco realize he had stolen his wand. He hoped it would help him, that even if Draco died right now that Harry would survive and kill the bastard. 
  • It wasn’t until Harry saved him from the fire that Harry noticed the mark on Draco’s arm. He didn’t say anything, to focused on the war that was happening around them. 
  • And it wasn’t till Harry’s “dead” body was being carried back and Draco ran to him screaming his name did all of Hogwats realize. 
  • After the war it wasn’t easy, they both still held hostilities and had to deal with the fact that they were on opposites sides of a war. But, after many fights and many tears and many confessions they started to warm up to each other.
  • Harry realized that the mark was spot on. 
  • He protected Draco from all the nasty comments and all the rumors and hate, and was patient when Draco was having one of his days, where he couldn’t even get out of bed let alone speak or eat, to consumed with guilt and anger. And Draco protected Harry from the nightmares, from the gossip and press and crazy fans. He was patient when Harry’s past made it difficult to get him to talk about feelings or for him to admit when he needed something. 
  • They were each others soulmates and Harry spent the rest of his life proving to Draco just how worth it he was, and Draco spent that time proving to Harry that he deserved to be happy. 

So yeah! I like how this came out, I like writing depressed, war torn Draco and a Harry who feels others needs are more important then his own and the two coming together to help each other through the shared trauma. It just feels the most realistic to me. I hope you like it.

Blue (Newt Scamander x reader)

Request: Hi, I was wondering if you could write something about Newt, like when he was still going to Hogwarts and his best friend is a Ravenclaw whom he falls in love with. Thanks :)

 A/N: Okay so I was obsessed with this and rewrote it four times. I love this prompt and I’m even more in love with Newt so enjoy :))) (request + masterlist)

Warnings: cursing, kissing, mention of anxiety and being anxious, let me know if I missed anything

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dite!Percy and ares!Beth

·      Percy looks pretty and will kick your ass

·      Owns heels and will use them as a weapon (they are celestial bronze capped and tipped)

·      Percy has freckles; they dust the bridge of his nose and cheeks.

·      HE HAS THOSE CHANGEY APHRODITE EYES (but they mainly focus on various greens/blues/slight purples)

·      He has a mean green highlighter that he will use

·      Loves his crop tops, his fav is his ariel purple shell bra top

·      yalll he has charmspeak

·      Unashamed lover of top 100 songs

·      Will sing taylor swift while fighting monsters

·      Annabeth is a 250% badass

·      She is RIPPED

·      like more ripped than percy (he totally thinks is sooo hot)

·      She’s fit in both contexts

·      A+ strategist who also looks like the

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Spring Equinox Celebration!

Hello lovelies! 

This upcoming Sunday is the Spring Equinox (also called Ostara) and I am so excited to greet spring! I have been looking forward to this day for a while now, as winter tends to make me really tired and worn out, I plan on revamping myself with the start of the new season! I won’t be doing a whole celebration with a formal ritual and fancy spell, as I am in my final year of university and the next three weeks are crazy hectic for me and I don’t have time to plan a whole ritual- but I do plan on doing a little ‘boom closet’ type celebration. I thought I would share what I plan on doing for the Spring Equinox- take what you want and be inspired! A celebration doesn’t need to be huge, fancy, formal or time consuming- celebrate in small ways and keep in in your mind and heart throughout the day, and that is plenty!

  • Wear pastel colours! Greens, blues, purples, yellows, pinks- anything that is bright and soft, as to symbolise the flowers and return of colour to nature!
  • Lighting scented candles while I work along on my school work- mine smells like cherry blossoms and peaches!
  • I’ll bring out my rose quartz and white quartz to soak in the sun for a while, absorbing the energies- other gems that would love some sun are agate, garnet, and lapis lazuli
  • Buying fresh flowers from the market when I go out grocery shopping to bring home and put on my altar
  • Drinking my favourite herbal tea- teas with florals in them like lavender, jasmine and chamomile would be good- or even green tea sweetened with honey! 
  • Setting out a little plate of chocolate eggs on my altar, blessed with good intentions and a sweet start to the season! Some will provide as an offering, and some will be dedicated as a study snack for me. (Sugar cookies would also be good if you aren’t a fan of chocolate!) 
  • I’ll set aside a half hour to an hour to dedicate time reading and writing in my Book of Shadows my intentions for the coming season
  • Meditate at both dawn and dusk- letting my energies mix with the rising and setting sun
  • Clean my room! A top to bottom dust, vacuum, laundry, new sheets- the whole long mile! Shake out those old negative energies, draw in new energies, productivity and warmth into all the nooks and crannies
  • Seems silly but take a shower- matches the idea of the clean room. Wash off any bad or lingering negative feelings from whatever is making you feel down (I’m using floral and fruity scented soaps to charge it up) and walk out feeling like a new witch!
  • And, depending on how the day goes, I might be able to do a spell for new beginnings. I haven’t written anything formal, but I might end up just lighting a candle, doing some meditation and saying whatever comes to the heart. 

Hopefully these things will inspire you to celebrate the coming of spring, even if you’re super busy. I have a laundry list of things to do this weekend, a bunch of schoolwork and chores and I’m going to be very stressed trying to cram it all in over 48~ hours but I made myself promise to celebrate the Spring Equinox. I think it’ll be good to rejuvenate my spirit and help me detox throughout the day while I still get things done. 

I hope that this will come of use to you and I’ll write a post on Monday to tell you all how it went! Happy Spring and Ostara!


monochrome rainbows

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◇ His hands are brushing a piece of hair away from your face, and that beautiful, bright smile is on his face again.

◇ DK x reader

◇ soulmate!au - You will be able to see the world in full color once you meet your soulmate but until then, you can only see the world in the eye color of your soulmate. However, you can alter the color your soulmate can see, for example, by wearing contact lenses. (credit. @silentpeaches)

◇ hello hi yes thank you for liking my blog anon!!


Should you open your eyes? On one hand, it was fun to see which colour you’d be seeing in for the week, whether it be reds or blues or greens or purples. On the other hand, seeing in monochrome served as a constant reminder that you hadn’t found your soulmate yet.

Heaving a great sigh, you let your eyes flutter open. You grinned as you saw your previously sky blue ceiling a lovely mint green colour. Propping yourself up on your elbow, you peered around your room in interest. Your bedside table was a dark shade of juniper, bed sheets a plane of chartreuse.

You sighed, taking in the beautiful spectrum of colours surrounding you. You wished you were able to return the favor to your soulmate - whether they were showing you so many colours on purpose or not. Your parents were firm believers that you should never change your eye colour, no matter if it was with contacts or surgery. They claimed that it wasn’t natural and that it wasn’t meant to happen. You had never told them that you had probably seen more colour in your short life than they had in the 25 years it took to find each other - you didn’t need them holding a grudge against your soulmate before you had even found him.

Rolling out of bed, your feet pattered against the light olive floors until you came to your wardrobe. By now, you had gotten used to distinguishing all of your clothes, even though they were the same colour. You remember when your world was all shades of brown - you spent an hour and a half searching for a pair of socks because they blended in with your chest of drawers.

Picking out your waitresses outfit - which today, was a beautiful fern colour-, you quickly got dressed so you could get to work on time for 10:00. You only worked on Saturdays and Sundays, thankfully, because for the rest of the week you were caught up with high school and homework.

After fixing your hair up, which was a shade of green as well, you rushed downstairs, making sure to grab an apple and a quick drink. You always ended up getting a proper breakfast at the diner, anyway, so there was no need to fill yourself up now.

“Bye!” You yelled behind you as you slammed the front door, shouldering your satchel and starting the walk towards the diner. You sighed. As beautiful and as fascinating as seeing the world in different shades of the same colour was, you wished you could see in actual colour. All different tones of purples and green and blues and whatever other colours you aren’t bothered to say.

You felt even worse for your soulmate - they had changed your vision, by wearing contacts or whatever they were doing that changed the colours you encountered, but you were strictly forbidden from doing so. Your soulmate had lived a monochrome life, and would live like that until you met.

You hoped you met soon. You were pretty sure that if you stayed like this for any longer, you would go insane. Like the people who were so desperate to see colour that they thought the answer was death. Like the people who were forced into mental institutions because they had gone crazy from seeing one colour for their whole life.

So distracted by your wondering thoughts, you were oblivious to the fact that you had reached the diner. Sighing, you pushed open the doors and were met by the familiar breakfast smells of pancakes, eggs, and coffee. The diner was pretty busy for this time of morning and the pleasant sound of light talk.

“Ew, keep it PG, kids,” you chastise jokingly as you see your friend and co-worker, Sana, kiss her boyfriend goodbye. Sana giggles and her boyfriend smiles, but they’re so caught up in each other that they’re back to staring into each others eyes a few minutes later. You smile sadly. You wanted a love like that, desperately.

“Get aproned up and start working!” Vera, the owner of the diner, scolds you lightly from her spot in front of the grill. Rolling your eyes, you head out back to set your bag down and tie the small apron around your waist, preventing your uniform from getting too much stains on it.

“6 orders of pancakes, 6 orders of bacon and eggs, and 1 order of waffles and syrup,” Vera informs you, giving you 7 of the plates to balance expertly on your arms, while handing the rest to Sana, who had finally started working after exchanging goodbyes with her boyfriend for the millionth time.

“Who needs this much food?” Sana mutters quietly to you, as she skirts around tables with a grace that only comes with 2 years minimum of waitressing.

You shrug, following her to table 4, near the window. “Obviously them.” Them, referring to the thirteen boys sitting around the table and making probably 60% of the noise in the diner.

“Here are your orders!” Sana chirps, setting down the plates where they’re wanted. After she finishes off giving out her plates, she scatters off, picking up more plates and serving more tables. 

“Bacon and eggs?” You question, watching the boys lift their hands. You set down the plates and notice one boy without one. “You must be waffles and syrup?”

He nods, and as you’re leaning in to hand him his plate, you notice something - forest green eyes, staring back at you. And then his hand is brushing against yours accidentally - and suddenly, everything is shifting. Your hand jerks back, but luckily he has a strong grip on the plate and it doesn’t go falling. 

You gulp, turning your head to watch as things return to their designated natural colour - the diner’s leather seats are red, the tables are red and silver, the sky is a bright and brilliant blue, his hair is dark, hazelnut brown, and his skin is beautifully tanned.

You let out a disbelieving laugh, before turning back to him - your soulmate, who’s finished inspecting the world of colour and has started to watch you, a bright smile on his face. His friends have let him get up and approach you, trying to secretly watch your exchange, but really, they’re bad at being secretive.

“So…” You breath, rubbing your hand up and down your arm nervously. “You… you’re my soulmate…”

He lets out a nervous laugh of his own, trying to meet your eyes but also trying to avoid them. “I - I guess I am.” It’s silent for a moment, before you have the same thought, and move forward, wrapping your arms around each other.

This would be awkward if it was with anybody but him. You had literally just met, but it was a thank you for him - for letting you see colour, for finally coming into your life.

“I’m Seokmin,” he breathes, pulling away from you to inspect you. His hands are brushing a piece of hair away from your face, and that beautiful, bright smile is on his face again.

“I’m _____.” You’re blushing now, you don’t know what from. His stare, his friends stares - maybe the diner’s stares, because people have caught on to what has happened and are starting to clap.

“Back to work, ______!” Vera calls from the kitchen. You look back at her - her smile is wide and her eyes are sparkling. “You can see lover-boy after your shift!”

punchserver  asked:

Liberosis + Asanoya (had to because libero lmao)

wooo my first time writing these two *hides*

Liberosis: The desire to care less about things. x

read below or on ao3 (G - 1.9K)

lean on me

Yuu stares at his bruises after practice – they’re like tattoos that shift in color and shape, yellows and greens and purples and blues he can never quite get rid of. Every time one fades, another takes its place, never two exactly alike.

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Eyes - Disco goers usually wore bright eye colors. Popular ones were greens, blues, oranges, and purples. Crease colors weren’t popular and typically one color was worn all over the lid (with an exception of glitter). They were blended out into an almond shape, with no harsh edges or lines. A brow bone highlight was also very popular. Mascara was applied heavily and false eyelashes were typically worn for a more dramatic look. 

Lips - Popular disco colors were pinks, reds, oranges, and purples. All in bright hues and topped with a clear gloss.

Brows - Brows were plucked thin or shaped into an arch. They could be filled in with a brow pencil but there was no drawing on the shape of the brow like today. (Which I totally skipped this step lol)

Face- Skin was dewy and fresh. Not a lot of foundation or concealer was worn. The main focus was blush. It was applied heavily and swept up towards the ears. Highlighter wasn’t a thing at this time but body glitter was available and was applied all over the body and cheeks.

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Name: Faith…it’s a long story about why my parents named me that but tl;dr they are v religious

Nickname: Faithy and as a child, my siblings would call me Cornelius Bacon because it used to make me really mad for some reason.

Zodiac Sign: Cancer  

Height: 5′ 4?

Orientation: Heh.

Ethnicity: German and Austrian 

Favourite fruit: Pineapples or strawberries

Favourite season: Autumn

Favourite book: Lord of the Rings and anything by Austen or Vonnegut

Favourite flower: Lilacs

Favourite scent: vanilla, lilac, anything fruity, cucumber

Favourite colour: Deep blues, greens, and purples

Favourite animal: Rhinos and bunnies

Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: All of them, but I drink coffee most often

Average hours of sleep: like 2-4 hours during the week and 8 hours on the weekend (Yay insomnia!)

Cat or Dog person: Both but I like bunnies most of all

Favourite fictional character: 

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A LOT, besides the murder husbands, Boromir is really great and so is Gollum

Number of blankets you sleep with: A big comforter and sometimes a really soft, fuzzy blanket

Dream Trip: New Zealand or Norway. I also want to walk El Camino de Santiago in Spain at some point in my life.

When was your blog created: In 2016 when i decided to stop terrorizing all the people following my main at the time with pics of murder husbands. I’ve since deleted that blog and this is pretty much my main.

Number of followers: 1,471. I know, I can’t believe it either.

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Name | Lily
Nicknames | Eh, none? 
Zodiac sign | Aquarius
Height | 5′3″
Orientation | Mostly Heterosexual (does that make sense? probably not)
Nationality | German
Favorite fruit | Grapes
Favorite season | Autumn
Favorite book | The Lord of the Rings trilogy by JRR Tolkien
Favorite flower | I like Magnolias, not sure if they count as flowers though
Favorite scent | Rain
Favorite color | Greens, purples, blues 
Favorite animal | Elephants and dogs
Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa | Coffee, definitely coffee
Average sleep hours | 7-8
Cat or dog person | Dog person
Favorite fictional character | Samwise Gamgee
Number of blankets you sleep with | 1 thin blanket, also my dog sleeps on my bed quite often.
Dream trip | I’d like to go and see the various National Parks in Africa
Blog created | I don’t know and I can’t seem to figure out how to find out, sorry… I think I created my blog 2 years ago or so.
Number of followers | 113

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relationship  status: Taken.~ 

favorite  color: Moody Purple, Teal, Aqua Marine, Deep Purple, Violet, Periwinkle. … Blues, Blue-greens and Purples

lipstick  or  chapstick: Chapstick?

last  song  i  listened  to  : Hero! An Overwatch Parody Song. 

last  movie  i  watched: Moana. 

top  three  tv  shows: I Don’t watch TV? I’m watching Samurai Jack tho. 

top  three characters: Muffet (Undertale) , (Overwatch) , and Hornet (Hollow Knight)

Top three ships: Muff x Literally anyone tbh. 

books  i’m  currently  reading: I’m not reading anything currently. 

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