Greenpoint, Brooklyn. $900.00

“I use YOUR room as storage for my many pairs of shoes”

“If you’re strange, creepy, smelly, antisocial, a hoarder, albino, grotesque, eerie, nocturnal, eat prunes or beets, have night terrors, ask me to wax your back, OR go through my shit…..I WILL physically remove you from the apartment.”

“no windows”


I think I finally convinced my brother to adopt two of my neighbors’ kittens! Their beautiful mama was a stray cat I’d feed that used to hide inside the couch in our backyard 😢 That is, until my kind neighbor took her in after noticing she was pregnant. She was an unusually friendly stray, so we think someone might have abandoned her outside during the winter. Anyway, she had an emergency C-section birth that my neighbor amazingly paid for (which is not cheap). And these 5 beautiful little kittens popped out. Only 4 weeks old now.

How cute are they??!!! 😽❤️ #kittenplay #kitten🐱 #video #cuteanimals #babyanimals #catsofinsta #kittenoftheday #catslovers #pets🐾 #adoptdontshop #straycat #greenpoint #brooklyn #blessingsonblessings (at Greenpoint, Brooklyn)

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