Yesterday and today have been filled with delegation meetings in preparation for the IWC beginning on Monday. We’ve got our fingers crossed here for a passing vote on the South Atlantic Whale Sanctuary proposal.

Take action to ask the U.S. delegation to be a leader in making the South Atlantic Whale Sanctuary a reality.

I’ll keep you updated as things develop. For now, enjoy this awesome rainbow whale gif. Can’t wait for the whale fiesta on Sunday!

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We just wanted to let you know that there are only 400 Sumatran tigers left in the wild! Yesterday, 1 more tiger was killed because it caught got in a trap on Asia Pulp and Paper's land. Check out our page for more info.

That is so sad. I will certainly check out your blog and I’ll suggest that my followers do the same! 

Much like pay phones, we as a society have the ability to render oil companies such as #Shell useless. The #AlaskanArctic is in grave danger of being tapped THIS SUMMER for its vast crude oil resources by Royal Dutch Shell (with the approval of President Barack #Obama and the United States Government). The U.S. Government’s own studies indicate a 75% risk of a substantial oil spill if Shell is indeed allowed to drill in our waters, and the consequences of these actions could easily lead to catastrophic and accelerated climate change for our already injured planet. ACT NOW to make a difference for the home of Earth that we all share and to prevent this tragedy from occurring – join me and over 7 Million other people in signing Greenpeace’s petition to #SaveTheArctic – CHECK OUT THEIR PROFILE HERE: @greenpeaceusa by mattborkowski

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UPDATE: The kayaktivists blockading Shell’s drilling rig have been detained but there are many more people protesting on the water and in Seattle to protest Shell’s Arctic drilling plans. What an incredible demonstration of #peoplepower!

None of this would matter if it weren’t for people like YOU. We need YOUR voice - can you show you support by sharing this story far and wide? Use #ShellNo to tag!

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