Greenpeace protesters unfurl ‘resist’ banner near the White House

Greenpeace USA activists scaled a construction crane to unfurl a giant banner reading “Resist” several blocks from the White House Wednesday morning.

Branding acts of protest and dissent as part of a larger “resistance” has become increasingly common in the months since Donald Trump was elected president. The banner is yellow with red rays of stylized sunlight beaming out from the dark horizon.

The 70-by-35-foot banner, 300 feet in the air, appears to dangle above the White House when viewed from the Ellipse of the South Lawn.

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Photos: (from top) Alex Brandon/AP, Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images, Carolyn Kaster/AP

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7. December 2016 .:. I stayed home today, mostly reading papers and wondering how everythings threads in together with my findings. My thesis’s deadline is approaching rapidly (AH!!), but I am still relatively content and I believe I’ll manage just fine and in time.

Right now I’m mainly looking for references. Oh, how I love knowing and claiming stuff but then having to also cite the respective authors, but I don’t know, WHY (how, from where) I know the things I claim… *sigh*