Measuring an individual's Green behavior's

A Diversity index is “defined as a quantitative measure that increases when the number of types into which a set of entities has been classified increases, and obtains its maximum value for a given number of types when all types are represented by the same number of entities”.  This algorithmic mumbo-jumbo and will take nothing short of a rocket-scientist to decipher.

At MotleyGreen, we set out to measure an indivdual’s ‘Green Behavior’s’.  We all agree that there needs be a de-facto standard to measure how 'Green’ an individual actually is.  With the guiding principles of easy accessibility, simplicity and effectiveness, we adopted an a simplistic measurement.

The approach is simple.  More Green Acts an individual performs higher the score. We then baseline an individual’s Green profile by asking a few basic questions on home, transportation and energy front.  For example, Do you own a Hybrid car?  An affirmative answer will contribute to the individual’s green score. So two major factors that contribute the MotleyGreen score are :  Green Acts and baseline Green profile. 

The final factor is based on the individual’s ability to lead the pack in the sustainability behaviors.  Each indivual’s Green Acts and Profile are bounced against the overall MotleyGreen community’s performance.  If the individual is leading the pack, they get a few more points.  Hence,  last factor contributes to relativity with respect to one  another, and foster competitive nature towards achieving sustainable goals.

We hope some day, an indivdual’s MotleyGreen score is going to be as important an consideration, as their own physcia/monetary/intellectual attibutes like height, GMAT score, number of twitter followers etc.. Your MotleyGreen score is the proxy to your compassionate index, your planetery  responsibility index , your OWN 'GREEN’ index.

We hope that world would ask every individual:   'What’s your MotleyGreen score’ ? 

Mine is 45 and climbing.  What is your MotleyGreen Score?


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