Why I Became A Vegan

Sometimes we make decisions in lives for other people. Lately in this season of my life, I have been making all decisions for myself. I contemplated earlier this year about going Vegeterian because I’m a seafood girl at heart (I mean i’m from Baltimore what did you expect LOL) but after watching “Forks Over Knives”, my whole life literally changed in April of this year. 

I started scaling back on meats. I already was drinking Almond Milk so that wasn’t a problem. I stopped eating fried foods and the whole nine. I just told myself that I was going to commit to making the necessary changes to go Vegan and that is exactly when I started making strides in my life.

I have been back in Atlanta for over a month and some change. I feel amazing from a holistic wellness standpoint. Once again, I am loving life. Business ideas are just flowing and speaking to me but also I feel good. I have totally converted to veganism and I have not felt better in my life. I don’t feel clogged as I did previously. I still have the comfort foods I like but they have a Vegan twist and I like the fact of what I am doing for the environment.

Also, going Vegan has opened up my eyes to how I am living in this world. I realize that I am on a mission to not only be healthy and fit but to make this world a greener place. I am planning to pursue a Green MBA (an MBA concentrated in Sustainability: Natural Resources/Organizes & Green Development). I am also finishing up certification for a holistic wellness coach program and I plan on doing the green living coach program. I plan to do more recycling and just good things for the planet. I have pretty much remodeled my life for a Green Lifestyle. I am completely ok with it.

My life is in a different place and season. Do I judge people for eating meat? no. GOD is the only one that can judge. I just understand how now in my life I don’t want to eat anything that came from a parent and I feel great with the foods I am eating everyday.

So am I a vegan now? YES. full fledged. I plan to be this way my whole life. I can give you research articles and statistics all day about being a carnivore and eating meat. you couldn’t pay me to do it. This was just not a “temporary fix” to restore my health, this was a major lifestyle change for me living green from all aspects and loving it.

I’m truly in a great place and i’m blessed.

light & love,