The Green Lungs of Bangkok

Bangkok’s most peaceful day out has to be a trip to the Green Lung – Bang Kachao. Just across the river from some of Bangkok’s liveliest and most polluted areas is this quiet and green area where there’s not a condo in sight and the main mode of transport is the trusty bicycle. We took a taxi to the Klong Toey pier (more a wooden raft precariously attached to the shore than anything) and took a 10bt journey across the river to reach Bang Kachao. As soon as we got out of the boat we were met with a bike rental shop who furnished us with two bikes, one working bell and a map of the local area. We quickly set off, realised the map was not to scale and decided to ignore it entirely, taking whichever road looked most alluring at the time. 

Following a few road signs, we eventually ended up at a local floating market where we saw some fish for sale, goats to feed and lots of Valentine’s Day gifts on offer. After trying some Japanese ice cream balls (not recommended!) we set off again, this time in search of some more remote areas. We passed several temples, schools and houses before finding ourselves on the other side of the Green Lung, this time looking out at the skyscrapers of Silom. 

 A refreshing change from the noise and excitement of Bangkok, the beautiful scenery and plentiful benches give lots of place for reflection and peace and is a must for any jaded Bangkok resident. A word of warning however: make sure you remember sun screen!

To małe prosię dla ludzkości.
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