1k Drabble #2: Joking

14.Roomate AU where person A find something in their bed (something they’re scared of, spiders for example) and can’t sleep in it any more so they go to person B to sleep with them. Whether B is reluctant or not to let A sleep with them is up to you, but bonus if they’re not together yet. With Wally as Person B for @natasha-baggins

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Words 449/1,000

Knocking on the door woke Wally almost immediately.
Rubbing his eyes he groaned and rolled to the side
“No i didn’t eat the ice cream this time.” He moaned out but finally opened his eyes as he heard  more knocking.

“Whatsamatter?” He yawned as he opened the door to you and stretched.
Only being in his flash boxers made you flustered for a second or possibly a minute.
“Y/N?’ He almost whined “It’s my first night off at it’s 12am, you should be sleeping. We should be sleeping.”

“Can i please come in?” You asked after you snapped out of your daydream.
“Is there something you need?” He quirked his brow at you
“And sleep in your bed, i meant to finish. Sorry.”
“As much as i would love to share my bed with debatable the hottest roommate out of the two of us.” He started to joke “but whats wrong with your bed?”

You sighed hesitantly
“There was a creature most foul.”
“Ah a spider.” He chuckled
“It was sent to eat me.” You continued with a tired voice but your dramatic flair was not wasted on the now chuckling speedster
“Oh my god.” He started to chuckle “I should record this, but why was it sent to eat you?”
“Because i have killed it’s brethren.” You whispered dramatically and looked at your room with fear.

He sighed and pretended to ponder.
“As the most attractive speedster in the apartment - i must uphold my sacred duty of protecting you.”
“Wally thank you.” You smiled and he brought you into a tight embrace.
“Anytime.” He smiled as the scent of your hair wafted into his nose.
“Wally what are you doing?”
“Smelling the sweet scent of a Spider Mark.” He said almost too quickly
“Whats a spider mark?”
“It’s when they mark their next victim.” He said without missing a beat “It lasts for like a week, so perhaps i should keep you safe in my bed till then.” He winked at you.”
“Is this you trying to get me into your bed more?”  You queried with a suspicious look.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” He said in mock astonishment “I would never take advantage of something this serious. But please don’t tell me you killed the green spider…”
“Wally!” You gasped
“I’m joking.” He chuckled “Although if i had known this was what it would have taken, i would have.”
“There is another way, to ask me.” You said shyly causing a smirk to appear on his face.
“Do i have permission to ask you though?” He asked slowly, watching your expression carefully.
“Shut up and kiss me West.”

reading my feed like-
  • Marvel fans: how come there's no LGBT representation in superhero worlds!
  • Dc: anyway here's LGBT characters in ALL of our shows. Also, lets let LGBT youth know that they can ALSO be kickass superheroes OR a badass supervillans.
  • Marvel fans: how come there's no strong female characters?
  • Dc: Anyway here's strong, empowered female superheroes- or if that isn't your cup of tea we have career driven women in the STEM field
  • Marvel fans: how come there's no-
  • DC: here's Kitana- an Asian woman superhero
  • Marvel fans: how come there's-
  • Dc: hopefully everyone's tuned in to see Cisco Ramon to harness his powers and become Vibe- a Latino superhero- this august!
  • Marvel fans: how come-
  • DC: we hope everyone's excited for Vixen!
  • Marvel fans: but-
  • DC: Supergirl!
  • Marvel fans: wait-
  • DC: guess what? A black man as green lantern!
  • Marvel fans: stop-
  • DC: lets address PTSD!

Merry Xmas Skarlet & Green))) 

I’m a little late… as you know who XD But I just finished translation of 2 chapters of “Flash and Green Lantern: Brave and Bold” series into russian,and instead of resting I draw this ) 

There’s a little joke from “Brightest Day” (when Parallax was in Barry) about his favorite book - Wells’s “Time Machine”) I think Jordan may present Barry’s instance of the book as Christmas present… because he’s really poor! And he worked hard to find this book in the flat! XD 

ну я ввернул немножечко флаффа, свитеров, пожирающего взгляда - и мятую “машину Времени”))