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Take up arms for the commonwealth as Emerald Patriot Arcane Green Lantern!

You too can right civil wrongs while wearing a dashing tricorn and spurred leather boots. Notice the lantern-shaped belt buckle and tattered Green Lantern flag, sure signs of a minuteman who’s been out fighting to free the multiverse for a long time.

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Quick doodle of Green Lantern Arkkis Chummuck.

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jason todd 0:-)

002 | Give me a character & I will tell you

  • How I feel about this character: MY PRECIOUS BABY BOY TOO GOOD FOR THIS WORLD TOO PRECIOUS WE NEED TO PROTECT HIM AT ALL COSTS ((he’s also v gross and needs to get his ass dragged to therapy))
  • All the people I ship romantically with this character: TIM DRAKE. dick grayson, barbara gordon, roy harper & princess koriand’r, donna troy & kyle rayner
  • My non-romantic OTP for this character: dick grayson, barbara gordon, donna troy
  • My unpopular opinion about this character: uh. i dont think i have one let me get back 2 u.
  • One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: a storyline where he’s not a mindless trigger happy idiot??????
  • my cross over ship: a crossover ship shit ok. um. my mind goes to marvel and my mind also goes to carol danvers. someone who could beat him up with no problem. or like gamora. yeah. he’d be the best brotp w/ jack flag too tbh.
  • a headcanon fact: JASON HAS SO MANY CROOKED TEETH HE’S ALSO MISSING ONE NEAR HIS BACK MOLARS and he has these patches of darker skin on his chest and on the side of his left cheek (and i mean like gash marks, i.e: crowbar marks) that are marks that show that there are some things the lazarus pit can’t heal. 

Three billion years ago, planet Rojira had been the home of two races.

The Ruulans - warlike creatures resembling starfish.

The Jirenn, peaceful humanoids

The two races were seperated by a volcano. One day, a Ruulan found a way through the volcano field. On the other side, he discovered the Jirenn. He lashed and killed one of them. The Jirenn had never fought, and were helpless.

Rori Dag, one of the Jirenn, stepped up to lead his race. The Ruulan were just about to kill him when a small blue man appeared with a power ring and battery. He was one of the Guardians of the Universe. The Guardian selected Rori Dag as the first representative of the Green Lantern Corps. Others would follow if he proved successful. Taught the limitations of the ring he was able to defeat his enemy.

The Guardian awarded the power battery insignia, as a symbol of the Green Lantern Corps to Rori Dag,
Green Lantern of Rojira.

read this story at Green Lantern Vol. 2 #67

Rori Dag is memorialized in the Crypts of the Green Lantern Corps on Oa.

Green Lantern/Sinestro Corps: Secret Files #1

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