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Take up arms for the commonwealth as Emerald Patriot Arcane Green Lantern!

You too can right civil wrongs while wearing a dashing tricorn and spurred leather boots. Notice the lantern-shaped belt buckle and tattered Green Lantern flag, sure signs of a minuteman who’s been out fighting to free the multiverse for a long time.

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KILOWOG!!! This big. pink brute with the porcine face is the most famous rookie trainer the Green Lantern Corps ever had. He is famous for his technical knowhow, brutish strength and calling everyone he deems unworthy a poozer. Kilowog is so strong he in fact fought Superman once and held his own. 

First appearance Green Lantern Corp. Vol. I #201 June 1986. Created by Steve Englehart and Jos Staton.

G'NORT!!! Full name G'nort Esplanade G'neeshmacher, This Green Lantern is considered one of the worst. He’s not evil, just inept. He was invited to enter the Green Lantern Corps because, as Hal Jordan tells it, of his relation to a very ranking Lantern.He apprehended one criminal in his whole career, the Scarlet Skiier, who is even more useless than G'nort.  G'nort is also one of the bravest, mort honorable and loyal people to ever be a League member as well as Corpsman. He discovered that the Orange Lantern Larfleeze was actually a cousin and for a while, became his sidekick.

First appearance Justice League International Vol. I #10 February 1988. Created by Keith Giffen, J. M. DeMatteis and Kevin Maguire.

Three billion years ago, planet Rojira had been the home of two races.

The Ruulans - warlike creatures resembling starfish.

The Jirenn, peaceful humanoids

The two races were seperated by a volcano. One day, a Ruulan found a way through the volcano field. On the other side, he discovered the Jirenn. He lashed and killed one of them. The Jirenn had never fought, and were helpless.

Rori Dag, one of the Jirenn, stepped up to lead his race. The Ruulan were just about to kill him when a small blue man appeared with a power ring and battery. He was one of the Guardians of the Universe. The Guardian selected Rori Dag as the first representative of the Green Lantern Corps. Others would follow if he proved successful. Taught the limitations of the ring he was able to defeat his enemy.

The Guardian awarded the power battery insignia, as a symbol of the Green Lantern Corps to Rori Dag,
Green Lantern of Rojira.

read this story at Green Lantern Vol. 2 #67

Rori Dag is memorialized in the Crypts of the Green Lantern Corps on Oa.

Green Lantern/Sinestro Corps: Secret Files #1

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SoCal Hal will let you be a bro with the best of ‘em. He’s got the backwards hat. That’s a pretty clutch start. Then you got the sandals and sick black socks. Pretty good! Pretty good, dude. But it’s that collar, yo, that popped collar is way baller! Then you got the accessories to match the green power ring—the watch, the necklace, and that sweet Green Lantern jersey.

Yup, seriously bros, slam your pain plane in style and pick up “SoCal Hal” Green Lantern in the Infinite Crisis Store today for 650 Crisis Coins. Killer!

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Tomar-Tu of sector 2813 was among the inhabitants of a city on Xudar that was taken from Sector 2813, and implanted on the surface of Oa by the deranged Guardian Appa Ali Apsa. After the rogue Guardian was defeated, Tomar-Tu became an important ally to John Stewart in uniting the varied cities of what would be known as the Mosaic. Eventually, he was recruited into the Green Lantern Corps by Hal Jordan.

After Jordan became possessed by Parallax, Tomar-Tu was one of primary defenders of Oa when Jordan chose to attack the Guardians of the Universe. During that battle he was defeated and left for dead. Years later, Tomar-Tu crash-landed in the middle of a ceremony honoring Jordan and two other Air Force pilots. It was discovered by Jordan and Guy Gardner that Tomar had been held captive by the Manhunters (along with Laira, Kreon, and others), but he had recently escaped, hoping to kill Jordan in revenge. He has later joined the Green Lantern Corps, along with his fellow Lost Lanterns, and fought against the Sinestro Corps during the Sinestro Corps War.

During the Blackest Night, he was present on Ysmault, with the other Lost Lanterns, to retrieve the body of Laira, as they were confronted by the Red Lanterns. The skirmish ended when black power rings descended to the world, reanimating the 4 deceased Inversions, and Laira, who slashed Tomar in the chest.

First Appearance: as a Green Lantern: Green Lantern Vol. 3 #24 (May 1992): “The Decision”.

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Four for the price of one! I like to call them the Round Lanterns.The Large fellow in the back is MOGO!!! THE LIVIiNG PLANET!!! The Green Lantern of sector 2261 is a sentient planet who creates his “ring” from foliage upon his equator. Mogo usually works more behind the scenes than out in the open. The guy in front is BROKK!!! the protector of sector 981. Besides being an excellent ring slinger, Brokk can also heal by contact with his tentacles. Over on the left os APROS!!! Green Lantern of sector 3. Seriously, sector 3. Apros has psionic powers and is most famous for the training of the rookie, Guy Gardner. The last guy, with the Mohawk is CHASELON!!! of sector 1416. Chaselon was killed during the Blackest Night by a Black Lantern. 

First appearance of Green Lantern Mogo Vol. II #188 May 1985. Created by ALan Moore and Dave Gibbons.

First appearance of Green Lantern Brokk Tales of the Green Lantern Corps Vol. I #1 May 1981. Created by Len Wein, Mike W. Barr and Joe Staton.

First appearance of Green Lantern Apros Tales of the Green Lantern Corps Vol. I #1 May 1981. Created by Len Wein, Mike W. Barr and Joe Staton.

First appearance of Green Lantern Chaselon Tales of the Green Lantern  Vol. II #9  December 1961. Created by John Broome and Gil Kane.

It was announced that Kyle Rayner will be part of the playable cast for LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham. He is the current owner of the White Lantern Power Ring and he has the power of The White Light. Before, he was one of the best members of the Green Lantern Corps and was as great as Hal Jordan. He had mastered all the different emotional spectrums within the different Corps and that turned him into the White Lantern. - See more at:

Also the Black Hand, original Lobo and Orion of the New Gods making their way into the game.

The game is set for release November 11th

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