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KILOWOG!!! This big. pink brute with the porcine face is the most famous rookie trainer the Green Lantern Corps ever had. He is famous for his technical knowhow, brutish strength and calling everyone he deems unworthy a poozer. Kilowog is so strong he in fact fought Superman once and held his own. 

First appearance Green Lantern Corp. Vol. I #201 June 1986. Created by Steve Englehart and Jos Staton.

G'NORT!!! Full name G'nort Esplanade G'neeshmacher, This Green Lantern is considered one of the worst. He’s not evil, just inept. He was invited to enter the Green Lantern Corps because, as Hal Jordan tells it, of his relation to a very ranking Lantern.He apprehended one criminal in his whole career, the Scarlet Skiier, who is even more useless than G'nort.  G'nort is also one of the bravest, mort honorable and loyal people to ever be a League member as well as Corpsman. He discovered that the Orange Lantern Larfleeze was actually a cousin and for a while, became his sidekick.

First appearance Justice League International Vol. I #10 February 1988. Created by Keith Giffen, J. M. DeMatteis and Kevin Maguire.

Four for the price of one! I like to call them the Round Lanterns.The Large fellow in the back is MOGO!!! THE LIVIiNG PLANET!!! The Green Lantern of sector 2261 is a sentient planet who creates his “ring” from foliage upon his equator. Mogo usually works more behind the scenes than out in the open. The guy in front is BROKK!!! the protector of sector 981. Besides being an excellent ring slinger, Brokk can also heal by contact with his tentacles. Over on the left os APROS!!! Green Lantern of sector 3. Seriously, sector 3. Apros has psionic powers and is most famous for the training of the rookie, Guy Gardner. The last guy, with the Mohawk is CHASELON!!! of sector 1416. Chaselon was killed during the Blackest Night by a Black Lantern. 

First appearance of Green Lantern Mogo Vol. II #188 May 1985. Created by ALan Moore and Dave Gibbons.

First appearance of Green Lantern Brokk Tales of the Green Lantern Corps Vol. I #1 May 1981. Created by Len Wein, Mike W. Barr and Joe Staton.

First appearance of Green Lantern Apros Tales of the Green Lantern Corps Vol. I #1 May 1981. Created by Len Wein, Mike W. Barr and Joe Staton.

First appearance of Green Lantern Chaselon Tales of the Green Lantern  Vol. II #9  December 1961. Created by John Broome and Gil Kane.