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DC Films Intro 2017 Leaked
Not 100% sure this is real but it looks awesome!
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reading my feed like-
  • Marvel fans: how come there's no LGBT representation in superhero worlds!
  • Dc: anyway here's LGBT characters in ALL of our shows. Also, lets let LGBT youth know that they can ALSO be kickass superheroes OR a badass supervillans.
  • Marvel fans: how come there's no strong female characters?
  • Dc: Anyway here's strong, empowered female superheroes- or if that isn't your cup of tea we have career driven women in the STEM field
  • Marvel fans: how come there's no-
  • DC: here's Kitana- an Asian woman superhero
  • Marvel fans: how come there's-
  • Dc: hopefully everyone's tuned in to see Cisco Ramon to harness his powers and become Vibe- a Latino superhero- this august!
  • Marvel fans: how come-
  • DC: we hope everyone's excited for Vixen!
  • Marvel fans: but-
  • DC: Supergirl!
  • Marvel fans: wait-
  • DC: guess what? A black man as green lantern!
  • Marvel fans: stop-
  • DC: lets address PTSD!

Honestly so happy they changed Mera’s costume for the Aquaman film, they’ve made is so much more comic accurate. She looks great in Justice League just I personally prefer the new costume. 

It actually looks like the DCEU is back of track again, just need less Zack Snyder movies lol. Too much unrealistic CGI with him, ruins the movies,


Since the album is done, I need to channel my thoughts somewhere. I’ve been working on this till 4am every night. When you’re passionate about a whole lot of things (music, film, animation, comic books) you learn how to combine them together.
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Bonjour internet !
Depuis le début du week end d je me fais “dc univers rebirth” !
Franchement ça commence bien. Je vous le dis tout de suite je me suis mis au Dc comics depuis peu donc c'est le point parfait pour ce plonger dedans. Le seul petit bémol il faut quelques près requis mais chaque histoire a son petit résumé nous mettant dans le bain

Un plaisir pour les yeux avec des dessins sublimes et des scénarios interressant je vous recommande vivement ce gros pavet de pratiquement 600 pages pour 35euros
Wonder Woman (2017) - Fan Made Trailer
So they have released a lot lately regarding Wonder Woman, trailers, TV Spots, clips and so on. They have been so good that I thought I'd make a trailer for ...

New video! Fairly happy with this one, check it out!

DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe and Merchandise Store

Calling for DC Comics Super Heroes fans!!! Introducing to you the FIRST Super Heroes Cafe and Merchandise Store in the world! A great place in NusaJaya, JB that you shouldn’t miss! 

Launched and officially licensed by DC Comics, there are two Super Heroes Cafe in Malaysia, one in Nusajaya, JB and another one in Sunway Putra Mall, KL. There is also a newly-opened one in Marina Bay Sands Singapore.

If you are one of the hardcore fans of DC Comics Super Heroes, I am sure you will have the names of the members of Justice League at your fingertips: Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and so forth.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Without further ado, here are some pictures of the DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe and Merchandise Store in Nusajaya JB!

You could see the exterior decor of the cafe is greatly inspired by the heroes!

A sneak peek at the DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe!

Trust your eyes, this is the menu of the cafe!

Here comes the food and drinks to drool over!

Not to forget about the Super Heroes Merchandise Store!

Well, the merchandises sold are quite expensive and probably you wouldn’t want to burn a hole in your pocket just to grab one home, so why not take some photos as memories? 

So are you stunned and amazed by this DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe? Make your way there now!

Address: Lot 14B & 15B, Ground Floor Little Red Club, Persiaran Puteri Selatan, 79000, Puteri Harbour NusaJaya, JB, Johor, Malaysia

Operating Hours: 

Weekday (Sun - Thu): 11.00 AM to 8.00 PM
Weekend (Fri & Sat): 11.00 AM to 9.00 PM