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reading my feed like-
  • Marvel fans: how come there's no LGBT representation in superhero worlds!
  • Dc: anyway here's LGBT characters in ALL of our shows. Also, lets let LGBT youth know that they can ALSO be kickass superheroes OR a badass supervillans.
  • Marvel fans: how come there's no strong female characters?
  • Dc: Anyway here's strong, empowered female superheroes- or if that isn't your cup of tea we have career driven women in the STEM field
  • Marvel fans: how come there's no-
  • DC: here's Kitana- an Asian woman superhero
  • Marvel fans: how come there's-
  • Dc: hopefully everyone's tuned in to see Cisco Ramon to harness his powers and become Vibe- a Latino superhero- this august!
  • Marvel fans: how come-
  • DC: we hope everyone's excited for Vixen!
  • Marvel fans: but-
  • DC: Supergirl!
  • Marvel fans: wait-
  • DC: guess what? A black man as green lantern!
  • Marvel fans: stop-
  • DC: lets address PTSD!

Merry Xmas Skarlet & Green))) 

I’m a little late… as you know who XD But I just finished translation of 2 chapters of “Flash and Green Lantern: Brave and Bold” series into russian,and instead of resting I draw this ) 

There’s a little joke from “Brightest Day” (when Parallax was in Barry) about his favorite book - Wells’s “Time Machine”) I think Jordan may present Barry’s instance of the book as Christmas present… because he’s really poor! And he worked hard to find this book in the flat! XD 

ну я ввернул немножечко флаффа, свитеров, пожирающего взгляда - и мятую “машину Времени”))