OUAT 5x10

*cracks fingers* Let’s do this

Okay, gotta get the green elephant in the room out of the way first

1. Greenie - okay, remember how I said that there are lines that honestly make me want to throw up when I hear people say how funny it is? “Once you go green, you’ll never go queen”… if that was said by a male character, you know that NO ONE would claim that as hilarious. So why is it deemed “funny” when a female character does it? Rape is rape, regardless of gender.

Okay, I’m done. Let’s get to the good stuff

2. Flashbacks - that opening of the darkness creeping around Killian and him seeing all of his worst memories… that was so well done. And Colin screaming was so disturbing but it fit! And… okay, I get the Dark Ones want Hook to do their bidding but you know if I had the voice of my worst enemy in my mind, I’d go completely insane! Like, fuck doing evil shit, I’d just curl up in a ball and lose my mind!

Then there was the whole “ripping out Merlin’s heart”. Yes. That was a bad deed. Good thing they didn’t justify it! Wow, a heart ripping that was not justified in any way, shape or form… it was actually presented as a pure evil deed… incredible…

3. Hooked Crocodile - oh my beautiful FoeTP! Okay, I could not stop laughing when I first saw that scene of Dark Hook in Gold’s shop. Because… you all know my love for Rumple was on a slippery slope from season 4 so I’m gonna be honest… I liked seeing Hook throw everything back at him. Also… this…

Okay, who’s to bet that Colin actually tried the Rumple laugh? You know he had to have tried it! Because he is mugging so much, chewing so much scenery, it is just glorious!

4. The Fight - I. CALL. BULLSHIT! Hook is now a 300 something year old pirate WITH MAGIC and Rumplestiltskin, who has no magic, managed to disarm him. Oh, come on, writers, seriously?! That’s just bullshit! But… very good fight. I always love fight scenes on this show.

I don’t want to talk about the scene with him and Emma for the reason that no matter what I say, antis are going to tear my bloody head off.

Let’s just finish this off by saying - Colin O’Donoghue was definitely the stand out performer in this episode. He portrayed the anguish, the torment, the blatant fury and the insane Joker-like dark humour. He was fantastic.

But.. oh, Eduardo… you couldn’t have created a better Dark Hook outfit? i mean I love the sailor look but… I imagined a long red and black coat…




You make eye contact with him from across the fire. He’s showing the new Greenie around but you keep catching him looking at you. You silently wished over and over that he would just ditch the Greenbean and talk to you, but you watched in disappointment as he turned to talk to the newbie again. You focused in on the boys around you and the drink in your hand.

There was a tap on your shoulder and you turned to see Newt standing with a small knowing grin on his face and a relaxed air around him.

“Hey,” and the way he said it made you want to pounce on him.

“It’s about time you made your way over here,” you said daringly and he chuckled before wrapping an arm around your waist and pulling you in close to him, making your body flush with his.

“All I’ve wanted to do since starting the Greenie’s tour was come over here and do this,” he said quietly and lowered his head to yours letting his lips attach to yours and move hungrily and passionately.


Your back was against the wall and his hand was resting next to your head with his body hovering just close enough for you to feel his heat mix with yours. It was late at night and the other Gladers were asleep, leaving you and Minho in the Map Room all alone with no interruptions.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” you asked, slightly out of breath and nervous and excited.

“Because you drive me crazy. You know how you make me feel,” Minho said and leaned in even closer, letting his shallow breath fan onto your face.

“How crazy?” you asked and in a second his lips were on yours, moving fast. He let out a groan and your hands went up to his hair, tugging and making him growl.


“Baby,” you heard him whine and you turned around. Gally lay shirtless in your hammock and you smiled at him. The two of you were in your private hut and he wouldn’t stop begging you to lie down with him.

“I need to clean up and make sure I’m ready for tomorrow’s Box,” you explained but Gally moaned some more. He got up and stood behind you, wrapping his arms around you and swaying slowly.

“But I love you,” he whispered and his breath tickled your ear. You turned to face him and let your hands roam his chest and shoulders as he continued to sway with you.

“I love you,” you said back and let him dip you towards the ground before bringing you back up. He lifted you off the ground effortlessly and kissed you deeply before carrying you to the hammock. He lay you down before getting in with you and holding you close to him.


“Friends.” You said the word firmly but something tugged at your heart, begging you to stop the word from reaching Thomas’s ears.

“Friends,” he repeated back to you with some sort of unsure certainty.

“We can’t be together because we’re friends and we have a mission to get out of here,” he continued and you looked into his eyes and wished you could just have him to be yours.

“Exactly. We need to have our priorities straight,” you agreed but all you could think about were his lips on yours. You heard Thomas sigh as he looked around the Glade, maybe looking for a distraction or some sort of excuse or hope.

“You know what my top priority is?” he asked and your heart seemed to speed up its beating.

“What?” you asked, your voice dropping to a slight whisper.

“This,” Thomas said and reachd a hand to your cheek, supporting your face and kissing your lips with his soft plump ones.

“I like that,” you said and allowed him to pull your face in and kiss you again.

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Sources on why Greenies are bad? I've been giving Greenies to my dog for a while and....

There are plenty of horror stories on the Internet.. They have the same concerns that go along with Rawhides. They are not easily digestible, they are a choking hazard, they can cause fatal impaction, and they aren’t made of quality ingredients. They certainly clean teeth, but they have also been retrieved from a dog’s digestive tract hard and intact days after ingestion! Any chew or bone is going to be a choking or impaction hazard, though, and not every dog is going to have these issues.

But here are the first few ingredients in a Greenie: Wheat flour, wheat protein isolate, glycerin, gelatin, oat fiber, water, lecithin, natural poultry flavor

And here Natural Balance Dental Chews: Pumpkin, Potato Starch, Chicken Meal, Glycerin, Papaya, Natural Chicken Flavor

So, there are definitely better ingredients for your dog out there that will still clean their teeth.