Texts from Stephen Amell to Jensen Ackles (probably)

@laurivcr and I have been sending these back and forth and I’m crying

‘Can I call her Greenie?’

‘Why didn’t you just call Zeppelin ‘Oliver’? That would’ve been less ‘fangirly’…’

‘You’ve named your daughter after me… am I your favorite now?’

‘Do you like my show more than yours? Is that what this means?’

‘Does this mean if I have another kid I have to call them Supernatural? I don’t remember making that deal’

‘Mavi and Supernatural? I don’t like it’

‘But seriously, congrats man. You’ve not failed this city’

victorianassassinqueen  asked:

Hey, I love your blog. Have you done a handcannon on what Jacob would do when he got to India?

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Wow thank you so much! It’s nice to hear when people like your blog :)

What did Jacob do in India hmmmm?… Well first of all he’d give Evie a big hug. Jacob may be tough, but there’s no doubt he missed her like hell while she was away. You imagine being suddenly separated from someone who has been by your side since being in the womb. I’m pretty sure that would be tough on the old emotions. For the first couple of days it would be a family reunion, complete with Greenie of course.

I kind of peg Jacob as someone who would like to look at landmarks and see if he could climb famous buildings. I imagine he would want to have a little tour first, before getting down to business with the assassins.

As we know, he definitely had Jack with him. Whether he had a s/o and child there is anyone’s guess. So keeping them entertained, while continuing training with the Indian assassins would be important too. Jacob is the kind of person who can’t sit still, so he would always be doing something, whether it be travelling around the area, or training himself and Jack.

I believe Jacob was in India for about a year. I’m still bitter about the fact that the twins were even apart in the first place lol.


I don’t know if you guys had notice this but look how Newt is all worried about Thomas and he’s like without reaction, he doesn’t know what to do and he just like stands there beside Thomas trying to comfort him. Also, look at his facial expression AND IF YOU WATCH CLOSELY you can also see that Newt is holding Thomas’s hand. I FUCKING CAN’T.

A cool Youtuber ( @therealjacksepticeye ) is playing a cool game (Spyro: Year of the Dragon).

I’m really liking a lot of the series he’s playing right now, but man, this one brings back memories! Memories of little me eating vanilla ice cream with strawberry sauce, sitting on the floor of my room playing this until bedtime. I remember all of the dumb things the NPCs say like it was yesterday, haha!

Headcanon where Newt was considered mute when he first arrived to the Glade and everyone was obsessed with finding a way to communicate with him. And that was when the current Greenie at that time, Gally, decided to annoy the shit out of the blonde by stalking him every second of the day, pissing him off with his constant talking and disturbing him when he was gardening. It took three days of tolerating his shit before Newt snapped and told Gally very politely to shut the fuck up YOU’RE SO BLOODY ANNOYING GO AWAY.

The Gladers were genuinely surprised not because Gally managed to break through Newt’s silent campaign through sheer annoyance but because Newt was British.