greenhouse door

  • a lot of people, like neville, choose to return to hogwarts for their “eighth year”
  • a lot of them aren’t surprises - hermione, luna, draco…
  • but what is a surprise is when george weasley peeks his head into neville’s train carriage and asks if he can sit with them
  • and, unlike many of the people on the train, he grins and accepts a voucher for a free copy of the quibbler from luna and when he says “cool” she looks so happy she might burst
  • “i thought you left school,” neville says
  • “thought i’d come back,” george says, scratching his arm, “finish learning everything, so my products can be the best”
  • there’s something he’s not saying, but neville just nods
  • they share the jelly slugs they get from the trolley, and swap chocolate frog cards because neville has fabian prewett
  • “i didn’t even know he was on a card,” george says, raising an eyebrow
  • the room of requirement shows up to all the eighth years as another common room, for when they need the peace and quiet and time to themselves or time with those who have been through what they’ve been through
  • neville almost always finds george there, instead of in the common room, and he’s surprised, but he doesn’t say anything again, because he knows george is still reeling from being without fred
  • (the fact he’s even come back is a miracle)
  • but he can’t take that george is always sitting there looking miserable, so after class one day he heads over to george, feeling bold, and asks
  • “would you like to come and help me cultivate the dittany?”
  • fuck, he thinks suddenly, that’s so stupid, of course he isn’t going to want to do that, he probably thinks it’s boring-
  • but george smiles and nods, getting to his feet
  • he’s surprisingly good with the plants, and he even talks to them, just like neville
  • between the two of them, they take the dittany cuttings in far less time than neville would’ve taken alone
  • “thanks for inviting me out,” george says, leaning against the greenhouse door as neville pulls off his apron (can’t be too careful). “it’s been really hard, and you and luna and hermione have been great”
  • neville shrugs: “i just want to help”
  • “well, thank you for it”
  • neville’s not expecting it when george tentatively puts his arms up around neville’s back and leans in close, hugging him gingerly, like he’s scared of the contact
  • he’s a little nervous to do this, in case it’s wrong, but neville hugs back a little tighter and george melts into him for the briefest of moments
  • george starts to settle in a little, after; he stops sitting on the sofa on his own staring into space and helps luna out with making posters advertising for quidditch positions for ravenclaw
  • he even takes up the helm of quidditch commentator, and when neville cheers in the stands with hermione, it almost feels like nothing’s happened at all
  • he’s not going to forget the carrows and what they did to hogwarts, not easily, and george is never going to get over being alone in hogwarts, but it feels like - it feels like things aren’t completely awful, like there’s a light far far away at the end of the tunnel, but there, even if it’s difficult to reach
  • there’s a strange and utterly unpredictable mid-october heatwave, and he helps george and luna hand out ice creams to the younger students
  • george lights up when he’s busy, grinning at the first and second years and giving them a reassuring clap on the shoulder when he sends them off with their cute little ice cream cones
  • neville is struck by how sweet it is, that he’s doing his best for them, no matter how he feels on the inside
  • george is a people person, and always has been
  • “hey, nev, you want some?” he asks with a grin
  • “it’s for the younger students,” neville says stubbornly, but he can tell already that george isn’t giving up on this
  • “come onnnn,” he says, butting his shoulder against neville and giving him a playful look, and neville has to give up with a smile
  • “only if you’ll have some, too”
  • luna takes over, because the rush has died down, so neville and george sit out in one of the courtyards, basking in the peculiar heat (“the hell’s wrong with scottish weather?” george asks with a fake frown)
  • “how are you feeling?” neville asks, trying not to be awkward
  • “okay,” says george. “not feeling like i want to die, or anything, strangely enough”
  • “if you do, i’m here, and so is luna, and hermione, and everyone else…” he nudges george. “maybe even draco malfoy would be nice to you,” he says with half a wink, and george giggles
  • and they spend most of the afternoon out there, even once they’ve finished their ice creams (though george has to finish neville’s cone), just talking and laughing and reminiscing 
  • they start spending time as a group: neville, george, luna, and hermione, and dean and seamus sometimes join them, but they’re tight-knit because they’ve been through so much
  • they can relate to each other
  • but neville and george start to stick together; neville loves george’s quirks, and george appreciates that neville wants to help and spend time with him
  • george helps out around the greenhouse, and neville helps test the products… even if that means being turned into a canary again (he didn’t mind so much the first time, really)
  • they become inseparable
  • neville worries he’s a replacement for fred, but hermione assures him he can’t be, because he’s so different and not exactly a bundle of excitement and energy like fred; he’s quiet and careful, sits and waters his cacti instead of making big jokes
  • it’s an option in seventh year to help out in the first year classes - not that most people take it, because it’s a waste of the time they could be using revising for their dang n.e.w.t.s - but neville has a go, and george waits for him to walk to their next period class, grinning 
  • “next thing we know, you’re gonna be called professor longbottom,” he says
  • “you think?” neville scratches his chin, thoughtfully. “that’d be nice”
  • “you’d be great,” george assures him
  • it’s not a surprise that they get together - the only surprise is that it took them so long, but with feelings all tangled up like vines, maybe it’s understandable (but not to the younger gryffindors, anyway, who have been keeping a betting pool)
  • it’s in mid-december, and they’re sitting out in the rain in puffy jackets testing out george’s magical umbrella that creates more of a bubble than an umbrella, keeping the rain off completely, with no having to dump the umbrella in the bath later
  • neville has a flask he’s borrowed from dean, with hot chocolate and marshmallows and he’s about to share it with george when he suddenly realises how close they are and how much he wants everything for george
  • and wants everything about george
  • he just wants to be close to george, to hug him, to kiss him better
  • he leans in and touches his lips to george, a little uncertain just like their first hug, and george puts a hand round the back of his neck, pulling him closer
  • neville can feel the smile against him
  • they don’t say anything about it afterwards because there’s nothing they need to say to each other that they don’t know, so he takes a sip of hot chocolate
  • (and they kiss again because they’ve spent this long not kissing; they might as well start making use of their time)
  • “how are you feeling?” neville asks, just before they go back inside
  • “a lot like i don’t want to die,” george says, squeezing his hand, “’cause i think i’ve got something to live for”
Accidents Happen PART 2

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A/N: i’m sorry for the dreadful ending. I have rewrote this several times and this is the best I have been able to write it. I will not be writing a part three because of the way this turned out, there would not be much to include. <3

Requested by: @witch-lights @paperrplaness @dontstopxx 

Neither party had any conception on how the events turned out. Shortly after his brief conversation with Blaise Zabini, Draco Malfoy had received an anonymous letter which noted that the author, to whomst he did not know, had deep feelings for him. It also stated that he should meet them at the herbology greenhouses that very night at one a.m. He was very misguided; Draco was completely unbeknownst to who had sent it to him and anticipation riled through his veins until the time was twelve-fifty, when he decided to step foot outside of the Slytherin Common Room and make his way to the greenhouse. His heart was throbbing in his chest and his palms were undoubtedly sweaty - he was so nervous to be meeting a stranger, to which he assured that his wand was at easy access in his pocket, and to be out after curfew. He was never one to break the rules because his father, Lucius, assured that he would know if he did, and the consequences of Draco doing something wrong was always severe.

When Draco had reached the door to greenhouse three, hesitation came over him. Was he really considering meeting this strange person behind the door? Why did they not just tell him who they were? Why did they not tell hm face to face? Was this person ever going to be good enough for his parents standards, if anything between the two of them ever happened? Questions fought through Draco’s mind, making him hold his head between his hands. He placed his hand on the rusted handle, opening the door wide. His eyes widened, grabbing his wand his pocket and holding it up towards the girl.

“Y/N! What are you doing here?” he seethed, extending his arm and readying himself to hex the girl if needed. Her small head looked up to him, a gasp left her lips when she saw his wand. This faultered Draco’s actions; he did not want to cause any harm to her, yet he needed to focus on holding up the act of hating her. Her eyes softened and she sat down on the greenhouse floor, wiping small parts of soil from her trousers. She opened her mouth to speak, and when she did her voice seemed strained and tired.

“Are you disappointed that it was me? I completely understand if you do, I mean I’d be disappointed if it was me too, but I just needed you to know that I do have feelings for you.. If you do not feel the same way, would you kindly leave me alone please? I would not want to come into conflict with you because it would hurt me far too much, and I know that somewhere inside of you, you have a good heart and would not want that for anybody. So, please, I’m begging you. Just leave me alone..” her gaze did not escape the floor. The silver of the moonlight was shining on her from the glass roof and once again, Draco observed her in a completely discrepant way. Irresolutely, Draco slid his want back into his pocket and seated himself directly in front of the Ravenclaw, making her gaze rise six inches. Draco took her dainty hands in his own large, pale ones and locked his grey eyes onto hers.

“W-what are you-”

“I am most definitely not disappointed that you were here, Y/N. You are correct, I do not want to hurt anybody, especially you. I came here tonight in hope of finding you sat here waiting for me, and knowing that you truly feel the same way about me that I do you, I cannot express my inner happiness. I wish not leave you alone, for I may lose you. May I ask, Y/N, would you like to do something together sometime soon? To spend some time fully getting to know each other in a way that is beneficial to both of us? In a kind way?”

The Ravenclaw was taken aback by Draco’s use of words. Never before had she seen him so well spoken and kind, and appreciative of her company. Just a week ago, she would have never even dreamt that the two would be this close, especially in the middle of the night. She noticed his slight shaking and the thin layer of sweat that was gathered in his hands and she beamed lightly at him.

“I would love to spend time getting to know you, Draco. Absolutely nothing would make me happier.”

Every time that the Ravenclaw and the Slytherin met up, they would become much more infatuated with one another. They endured their free time with one another, meeting in a different courtyard everytime and talking anout utter nothingness for hours. Other students were confused; how did the two go from despising each other a week ago to now acting like they were the only two people in the entire world? It left room for many different theories to be created, and they had soon cirlced around the school, leaving many people unhappy.

“Malfoy?! It’s utterly irrational!” Cho cried, folding her arms as she paced in front of Y/N in front of Charms. She had heard the rumours about Draco and her friend, and came to her rescue as quick as possible.

“It is not, Cho. I think I love him, I think I have done for a while.” The Ravenclaw whispered, looking with desperation to her friend. Cho shook her head, failing to see eye to eye with her friend. They had used to be so close, however ever since Y/N started conflicting with Draco, Cho had become quite distant.

“Love?” she scoffed humourously, shaking her head at the girl in front of her. “Let me tell you what love does. Last time I loved somebody, he died Y/N! You-Know-Who came and murdered him. And do I need to remind you about who Draco’s parents are and what they are?” A gasp left the Ravenclaw’s lips as she rose to her feet, confronting Cho. Her fists were balled at her side as she stared in anger at the girl in the front of her. She had the nerve to speak about Draco that way even though he had managed to cheer her up and had been a better friend to her recently than Cho had.

“How dare you! What I do and who I associate with is absolutely nothing to do with you! And yes, his parents may be Death Eaters, but he is not. You do not know him like I, Cho. He is a kind-hearted boy-”


“Yes, ‘kind-hearted’! I have come to realise that he cares so little about himself and a lot about other people. You would not have noticed, with your nose so far up Harry’s arse! You’re ridiculous! As if you spoke about him that way. We are supposed to be friends, Cho. Does that mean nothing to you anymore? Whether you like him or not you should support he and I, as we are very close now.” The Ravenclaw grabbed her bag, glaring at Cho before setting off. “Have fun doing whatever. I don’t want to speak to you any further if you are unable to think about my feelings and what I want for a change.”

Once again, the Ravenclaw had spiralled a crowd around her and her friend and had left people talking again. One of the people who heard all about it was Draco Malfoy. He noticed how the girl defended him, in front of her friend and did not back down through it all. He felt an unfamiliar thumping in his chest as he watched the Ravenclaw run off. He chased after her quickly, grabbing her hand and spinning her around on the staircase and wiping the tear marks from her cheeks. He pushed her against the wall gently and pressed his pale lips against hers. It was weird, this unusual feeling coursed through him. He knew in that very moment - he knew that he was genuinely happy. He had not felt it in a long time, but he knew that the girl he held against his body was the only person who had the power to change all the evil and sadness that was embedded into him.

Better Late than Never

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Character: Harry Potter

Prompt: (Requested)

Harry abruptly apologized to a small group of 3rd years he very nearly trampled over in his attempt to get as far away from the Owlery as fast as his legs would let let him.

His cheeks still burned from the embarrassment of getting rejected by Cho Chang to go to the Yule Ball.

She looked truly sorry, and she had a good reason, but it still made his stomach plunge and his eyes slightly water at the corners.

There was no designated place he was trying to reach, but in his fit of emotions, Harry had started to run and hadn’t stopped since leaving the Owlery.

Eventually, he found himself running through the doors of Greenhouse 3, leaning against the glass door as he caught his breath. A hand tousled his already messy dark hair as he took in his surroundings.

He saw the usual plethora of fauna standing before him at various angles. Baskets of flowers hung from the ceiling and he was surprised to find himself being consumed by warmth as opposed to the whirling winter wind outside.

Harry, now finally calm, made to turn and leave, but the faint noise of humming stopped him in his tracks. The voice was melodic and smooth, making him doubt it was Professor Sprout doing some afternoon gardening.

Intrigued, Harry stepped further into the greenhouse, following the pleasant noise passed an array of greenery.

He stopped infront of a large hedge-like plant, distinctly hearing the humming coming from somewhere behind it.

In an instant the humming stopped, and Harry feared the person had heard his fumbling about, but all worries washed aside as he instead heard muffled speaking.

Slowly, Harry reached out to the plant in front of him and pulled back a section of it’s branches, peering into the scene.

There was another Hogwarts student around his age standing infront of a small wooden desk, covered to the maximum in small, potted plants of various shapes and colors.

He watched you water them and carefully trim some of the taller plants branches.

“Don’t be so fussy with me,” He heard you suddenly speak, “I didn’t mean to forget to vist, but you know I must study.”

Harry absentmindedly leaned foward, as if drawn to your presence, cranning his ears to try and hear your voice.

Unknowingly, he leaned to far and ended up tripping over the pot of the plant he was gazing through and crashed onto the floor, mere feet away from you.

The crash caused you to jump with a start, the packet of seeds you had been holding in your hand fell onto the floor, scattering seeds everywhere.

“I-I’m so sorry!” Harry cried in an embarrassingly high-pitched voice as he raced to try and shove all the miniscule seeds into his palm.

You stood for a second, somewhat frazzled at the fact that another student was in the greenhouse, on any other given day the place was as silent and empty as the grave.

Collecting yourself, you crouched down and started assisting him in cleaning up the mess. “You’re fine, you just startled me is all.” You said to him with a small laugh.

Harry looked up and your gazes met for a breif moment before he blushed furiously and kept his eyes glued to the seeds. “But it was my fault-and I didn’t mean-I wasn’t trying to intrude or anything.”

You paused your movements to look at the boy, you tilted your head as you caught of his floppy hair and circular glasses. “You must be that Harry Potter fellow.”

Harry’s hands froze and he slowly looked up at you again, cheeks still flushed. “Um, y-yes, that would be me.”

“Well I’m (Y/n).” You introduced. “I saw you face that dragon in the tournament the other day,” You said, smiling as you helped him scoop the seeds from his hands to yours. “You really are as brave as they say.”

Harry watched you as you turned to safely put the seeds back into their pouch, he ran his hand through his hair and shook his head. “You were there?”

You hummed in response, turning around to look at him. “I was standing with the Weasley twins,” You explained before a small smirk formed. “You nearly knocked my head off when you came flying out of the ring.”

Harry’s cheeks went aflame and he sputtered apologizes. “Did I really? I’m so sorr-”

“You say sorry a lot for someone who’s supposed to be a legend,” You said teasingly as you helped him off the ground, a more concerned look flickered across your face. “You weren’t hurt or anything? I didn’t get see you much after before all the Gryffindors carried you away.”

Harry shook his head slowly. “No, I’m fine. A couple scratches and lots of sore muscles but I’m fine, thank you.”

“Don’t mention it,” You brushed your hands on the beige smock you were wearing. “What brought you here then?”

Harry laughed awkwardly, scratching the back of his neck. “That really doesn’t matter,” He said, thinking of Cho’s rejection unhappily, before an idea crossed his mind.

“Uh…,” Harry started before he closed his mouth to recollect his thoughts. “I know it’s rather late, and I don’t even know if you plan to go to the Yule Ball at all or if someone’s already asked or-”

You gave him a knowing smile.


The boy’s gaze snapped to your’s and his rambling came to a stop. “Y-Yes?”

“You just have to ask me nicely.”

A wide grin broke out on his face. “Right. (Y/n), would you go to the Yule ball with me?”

You gave him a small nod, and a smile to match his own. “Sure, sounds fun.”

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Hopping on your search for fluffy prompts, I'd love to see Stiles as a horticulturist who owns a nursery and Derek as a potter who really enjoys walking around Stiles' nursery and uses the plants there as inspiration for making pots. Either Stiles finds Derek's "store" (which is, really, half gallery half shop run from his house), or Derek gives in and brings Stiles a pot one day when he notices one of the growing maples at the front is in a broken one.

Oooh, cute! I’m actually working on a nymph!Stiles AU but I think I’ll make this a human AU for today ;) I hope you enjoy!

The bell over the shop door rings and Stiles check the clock on his table and notes that it’s 2:15 and smiles before jumping up from his work bench. He stops at the door leading to the front of the store from his work room and runs his fingers through his hair and makes sure his apron is on straight.

Walking out into the brightly lit shop, Stiles instantly catches his eye. Derek is just walking in and grins when he sees Stiles. He lifts a hand carrying a sketch pad in a wave that Stiles returns.

“Here to plagiarize my plants again?” Stiles asks cheekily watch Derek shake his head.

“Simply gathering inspiration, it’s not -”

“Not plagiarism if you’re using it as reference, yeah yeah. I still think I’m entitled to royalties,” Stiles tells him primly as he walks out from behind the counter and over to where Derek seems to have taken inspiration in his chrysanthemum bush. 

Derek had first appeared two weeks ago, looking around the room and gently petting flower petals and looking at the saplings Stiles kept in his greenhouse next door. Stiles had watched him walk around for nearly half an hour before asking tiredly if he was ever going to buy something. Derek had blushed from the tips of his ears and all the way down his next, flustered and shy.

Derek had explained that he was hoping to use the plants as inspiration for the pots he made and sold online. And how could Stiles say no, not to those precious bunny teeth and earth toned eyes. So, now, Derek came in everyday at 2:15 with his sketch pad and kept Stiles’ boredom at bay while they engaged in idle chit-chat. Stiles had come to the point where he counted down the minutes until his standing date with Derek arrived.

He watched at Derek sat himself down in front of the chrysanthemum plant and started to sketch, adding the sound of pencil scratches to the sounds of leaves in the wind and the water Stiles poured on thirsty plants. He couldn’t help but get caught up in watching Derek every now and then, distracting himself with the fan of his eyelashes, catching the sunlight and the way he must be biting the inside of his cheek as he drew.

All too soon, Derek was packing up to leave once again and Stiles would have to wait another 23 hours before he came back. The hours dragged by until Derek returned and not empty handed.

“What’s this?” Stiles laughed as he opened the front door to let Derek in.

“Your maple sapling is in a broken pot and I knew I had a pot big enough to replant it in before it dies.” Derek places the pot down next to the sapling in question, looking up shyly at Stiles as he stands up right again.

“Oh, is this my royalties, then?” Stiles asks, heart beating a bit faster.

“I guess you could call it that.” Derek shrugs as he makes eye contact.

“Well, I guess I’ll have to find new ways of keeping you in my debt then, shouldn’t I?” Stiles asks, hating the idea of Derek leaving.

“No, no I don’t need anything, really I-”

But Stiles cuts him off with a kiss. It’s quick and a little dry but warm and heart melting all the same.

“That’s nice, too.” And then Derek’s kissing Stiles and all he can think is that this is very nice indeed.

I hope that’s what you wanted? Yeah, fluffy stuff :) The nymph!Stiles AU will be up in the days to come so feel free to check out my Ao3


Ey-up I’m still alive - I was just away over the bank holiday weekend visiting my sister, and more importantly my doggo nephew Binks. Here he is modelling one of his new bandanas (helping to hide the bald patch from stitches after he had a clumsy disagreement with a greenhouse door), practicing his puppy dog eyes and then being a lap dog, despite 30kg of greyhound not really fitting on my lap…

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pansy & neville!!!!! 179 please

for @hprarepairnet and @slytherdornet‘s hogwarts challenge

“Please, just leave me alone.” Pansy snatches her hand from his, a violent motion that leaves it hollow and cold. 

Neville’s heart sinks as he watches her turn and step away, placing herself further and further away from him, closer to the greenhouse doors. “Pansy, I-” 

“Save it, Longbottom.” She uses his last name like a dagger, aiming it straight for his gut. “This was never supposed to last and you know it. So let’s just cut this off now before you get hurt.” 

Anger, indignation, begins to mix with his pain, swirling around until it gave him his voice, his words, back to him. “Bullshit,” he spits, his tone stopping her in her tracks. She takes a deep, shaky breath but doesn’t turn around. “You leave if you want to but don’t you dare act like this means nothing to you- like I mean nothing to you.”

He sees her hand go to her face, knows she’s crying. In a few quick strides he closes the distance between them, steps around and in front of her. She looks away, out of the glass greenhouse wall at the expanse of the Hogwarts lawn, tries to remember what it all looked like, felt like, before eighth year, before him. But she can’t. All she sees now is their strolls around the lake, their lazy Saturdays under the trees, their long walks to Hogsmeade. 

His takes her chin in his hands, forcing her to face him, to look him in the eye. “Tell me I don’t mean anything to you.” 

She frowns and opens her mouth to do just that, but nothing comes out. 

“Tell me! Tell me and I will walk away right now.” 

“I- I-” 

Pansy.” He uses her name like a blanket, wrapping it around her in a warm, comforting embrace.

“I’m scared,” she finally breathes. 

He smiles, even chuckles a little. “Me too.”

“You’re not scared,” she says, shaking her head. He’s been too sure of this the whole time, too open, too invested. “Not of this, you can’t be.” 

He takes her by the shoulders. “Pansy, I’ve never felt this way about anyone before… and it scares the shit out of me. The only difference is I’m not running from it. Because I trust you, I trust us.” 

She searches his face, his eyes, but all she finds is truth and vulnerability. 

“Do you trust us?”

She doesn’t know if she trusts them, because she doesn’t know if she trusts herself, but she looks at him and she’s overcome with a wave of confidence. “I trust you,” she says, and pushes her self on to her toes, crashing her lips to his.

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Do You Want to Build a Snowman? - Dick Grayson x Reader

Request:  One where Dick tries to hit Jason with a snowball, but last minute his Dick’s s/o comes around the corner and now there is a snowball fight between the entire batfam?

This may not be what you had in mind, but as soon as I thought about Dick singing Frozen to Jason I just couldn’t let it go (no pun intended)

- Mod Drama Queen

Words: 925

Jason frantically slams the greenhouse door and leans against it as if someone is trying to break it down. You look up from your flower clippings with a raised eyebrow and snort at his wide eyes and disheveled hair. Before you can ask him what the problem is, you hear Dick calling from the other side.

“Jason?” Dick gives five rhythmic taps to the door before singing. “Do you want to build a snowman?”

“NO!” Jason yells.

“Come on, let’s go and play,” Dick continues singing unfazed. “I never see you anymore. Come out the door. It’s like you’ve gone awaaaaaay!”

“Because I’m running from you!” Jason exclaims with an expression of complete bewilderment.

“We used to be best buddies, but now we’re not. I wish you would tell me whyyyy!” You can vaguely see Dick’s figure as he leans against the greenhouse door.

“It might have something to do with that time that I died!”

“Do you want to build a snowman,” Dick’s figure gets darker as he leans his face against the frosted glass. “It doesn’t have to be a snowman.”

“Go. Away. Dick,” Jason emphasizes every word through gritted teeth.

“Okay, bye,” Dick responds sounding dejected, and his image slowly disappears into the blurry white scape.

Jason sighs and slides down the door to the floor.

“What was that about?” you ask as you finish up the flower arrangement you were working on for the Manor Foyer. You tie the flowers together and set them aside before starting on a smaller bouquet for the dining room.

“Your boyfriend is crazy!” Jason states.

“He’s not crazy. He’s just… overly enthusiastic,” you say.

“Overly enthusiastic,” Jason scoffs. He stands back up and looks at the door with a pained expression. “Next time let him chase you across the Manor grounds in seven inches of snow and see how ‘overly enthusiastic’ you think he is then.”

You roll your eyes as you finish the other bouquet. You grab both bunches of flowers and walk over to Jason. “Well, he’s gone now. I’m going back inside. You can either stay out here with the roses, or you can come with me.”

Jason thinks about it for a minute before huffing and turning to open the door. A blast of cold air temporarily takes your breath away as you step into the snowy yard.  You snort at the two separate trail of tracks leading to the greenhouse from Dick and Jason’s earlier chase.

“This is actually the perfect kind of snow to play in,” you say as you make your way to the Manor. Jason is ahead of you by a few paces, apparently anxious to get inside before Dick can pounce again. “It’s not too dry and it packs really well. I bet it’d make some great snowballs.”

Jason rounds the corner of the house with you close behind. “I don’t care how great it is. It’s cold and wet and—”

You don’t hear the rest of what Jason was saying. Your vision goes dark and your face is cold. You squeal in surprise but the noise is muffled by snow.

“JASON WHY DID YOU MOVE?!?!” You hear Dick yell.


You wipe the snow off your face with one hand and slowly place your bouquet on the ground. Dick and Jason keep arguing with each other, and you suddenly regret not wearing gloves out to the greenhouse as you scoop up a handful of snow. Slowly you pack the snow into a perfect sphere and look up at where the two boys are hashing it out.

Dick’s cheeks are pink from the cold, but other than that he is fully equipped for winter play. Even through his heavy coat you admire his lean figure. He turns his back to you and you eye his butt with a smirk. Taking aim, you throw your snowball at your desired target.

But at the last second Titus runs behind you and throws off your balance. The snowball flies past Dick and Jason to hit Damian in the face.

“You will regret that, L/N,” the youngest brother says, and for a minute you genuinely fear for your life.

“Sorry Damian! I was aiming for Dick’s ass, but Titus messed up my aim,” you apologize.

“You were what?!” Dick asks, his attention suddenly redirected.

“To be fair, love, you hit me in the face.”

“But I was aiming for him!”

“It’s not my fault your aim sucks,” Jason quips.

You eye Damian preparing a snowball, and slowly you creep to Dick’s side in an attempt to get out of the snowball’s range. Before he can throw the snowball, another blob of snow hits Damian on the back of the neck.

Tim rolls in the snow a few feet away, laughing hysterically. “Your face! You should have seen your face!”

With a yell, Damian throws his snowball at Tim, who throws a fistful of unpacked snow in his brother’s direction as he scrambles back up to his feet. Jason laughs at the scenario, but Dick suddenly throws a snowball at him, causing you to yelp and jump back in surprise.

“Oh, that is it!” Jason yells as he gently tosses his flowers on the ground and starts making a snowball of his own. Dick takes your hand and runs in the other direction, laughing the whole time.

“Well, it’s not a snowman,” he laughs at the chaotic yelling from his brothers. “But I guess a snowball fight will do.”

Salazar stared at Helga, catching her in his arms, and holding her close for a brief moment. “Don’t you see Helga? Everything I do. I do for you, for us! For all of us! So that we may be safe!”

Helga, Sweet Helga, they called her. They all forgot that the woman had a firey temper when angered. There was a reason the Badger was her house symbol. She wrenched herself from his grip and took a step away from him. “Why do you lie to yourself? This world you’re building? It’s not for me, it’s not for my son. Or Godric, or Rowena! It’s for no one but, yourself.” Her words were harsh, but not untrue. She knew it. He knew it.

The man she cared for took a step toward her. Trying to appeal to her gentle nature. “Helga, please…”

When he advanced it was then she drew her wand. “Get out of my greenhouse, Salazar. I can’t even look at you right now. Godric & Rowena… They were right… I shouldn’t trust you. I can’t.” Her words must have been the straw that broke the camel’s back, because he left her greenhouse alright.

At the door, Harlon watches one of his only father figures leave the school. Leave him & his mother behind. He wouldn’t see Salazar again until he was a grown man & his mother lay dying. He was by her side when death came. She might have been the last of the four to join, but he was the last to die.