greenhouse building

a simple day at college, attending high level grammar class with only four other students in the back room of a building turned greenhouse, seriously analyzing and beating to death we were supposed to bring in on the chalkboard. except these were half of the sentences:

1. “cash me ouside how ‘bout dah” and my professor goes into the structures that are and are not there and the grammar of memes

2. my sentence about demons casting spells over the walmart pa system as a family of goblins picks an ice cream flavor in the frozen food aisle

my professor five minutes into the analysis: “we can add the phrase ‘running over with blood’ here”

me: “no, they’re just trying to get their groceries”


I love Mammillaria cuties :D These little babes are growing in one of the Smith Building greenhouses at Boyce Thompson Arboretum. The first is Mammillaria tesopacensis. The second didn’t have a label I noticed!

Expect many more pictures from my day trip down south! I took ~500…Boyce is my fave arb/garden in AZ. 

Lizzie had been given the responsibility of building a school house, looking after the wall, building a greenhouse, and a few other tasks that all required using her hands. She also tried to work outside her tasks, she was very intelligent and tried to invent things in her structures that would make life easier for the town. She heard someone behind her but didn’t bother to turn around to see who it was. She was working diligently on her latest creation that hung on the side of the green house. “Just a few more adjustments..” She said as she finishing screwing in and twisting the piece that hung on the side of the greenhouse. “There.” She said with a small smile. Glass was hard to come by in the apocalypse so even though she had built a green house they still had problems with the sunlight getting to all the plants as it moved. “As the sun moves, we move this lever with it…” She said moving the level to the left and the roof of the greenhouse tilted towards the sun, letting in all the light instead of blocking it. “That way, no matter where the sun is we can use it. 


Our family garden in high summer :)

i’ve met most my goals this year…

☑ vegetables growing like weeds
☑ grow weird cucumbers
☑ grow weird tomatoes
☑ have too much butternut squash
☑ befuddle neighbours with giant pile of woodchips
☑ harvest dandelion for tea
☑ save heirloom seeds
grow medicinals
grow cereals

>>See my previous post on establishing the garden<<

Dad is building a greenhouse, more updates to come on that!