Study date (closed rp w/ greengalaxies)

Soft humming accompanied by the sound of a guitar resounded through the dorm, not too loud to be annoying, but not too low to have to strain to hear it either. Just perfect. For Parvis anyway.

Perched on top of his bed with his guitar in his lap, the dark haired teen continued to strum the chords in an attempt of getting the right melody. Sure, it sounded wonderful to the untrained ear, but it wasn’t quite exactly what they needed.

All the lights in the sky are falling to the ground. And the chains that pull me down slacken off when you’re around.

Just a little bit. A bit more tweaking and it should be alright. Sliiiightly bit more.

Those were his thoughts for the past two or so hours. He had been working hard on his part.

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Little messages (closed rp w/ greengalaxies)

Now that he was finally alone, Parv curled up on the bed in a kind of a weird position then set his hands on the keyboard. He had logged into his account, ready to message Strife. The only problem was composing the first message.

[txt]: Hello Strifeykins. So. About leaving


[txt]: Yo Strifey. I’m fine


[txt]: Hey Strifey, Parv here. I’m at the Yoglabs at the moment so don’t worry about me. Sorry for disappearing, I had -some stuff- to take care of. Ya know, the usual.

This sounds more like it.

Message sent!

And now the waiting game began.

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