greenfield village


Wright Brothers Home at Greenfield Village of The Henry Ford by Larry Syverson
Via Flickr:
Greenfield Village is part of the The Henry Ford (also known as the Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation and Greenfield Village). It is also called the Edison Institute. It is a large indoor and outdoor history museum complex in the Detroit suburb of Dearborn, Michigan. It is the largest indoor-outdoor museum complex in the United States. It opened to the public in 1933. We visited it in July 1984. Wright Brothers Home: Originally built at 7 Hawthorne Street in Dayton, Ohio, in 1871. Wilbur and Orville grew up in the house. The brothers added the front porch: Wilbur personally turned the big posts and Orville made the small turnings.

View of 1930 Bugatti Royale car in front of stone cottage. Stamped on back: “Greenfield Village and the Henry Ford Museum, Dearborn, Michigan.” Handwritten on back: “1930 Bugatti Royale.”

  • Courtesy of the National Automotive History Collection, Detroit Public Library