O Hello!

You know what I never did? 
I never introduced myself. 

Hello hello! I’m Cat Greenfield! I write songs, and play them on my guitar, and I sing them! I also sing songs other people wrote, while playing my guitar. I also ALSO sing songs other people wrote while acting (and sometimes dancing) onstage in theatrical productions! I also also ALSO sometimes do it while carrying a puppet! And sometimes, I also model! Because, I mean, why not explore that medium while I’m out in the world being artsy-fartsy? Stick yer thumb in all the pies, am I right? See where that plum is. That artistic plum.


Anyway, that’s me. 

I sometimes model for the School of Visual Arts in NYC, so you may see some photography from there (I will credit the students whenever I can!). I busk in the NYC subways system (which is wonderful fun, lucrative enough for grocery money, and you meet cool people, like the gentleman who took the photo below). I do musical theatre and puppetry, as I mentioned, and I do lots and lots of other odd jobs around the city to make ends meet, so maybe I’ll see you around! Oh! And I am also just staring out producing beats (predominantly chiptune) for this really nifty rapper, whose stuff I will absolutely be reblogging here, since it’s a combined effort and all, and he’s just so darn neat-o! It might be a while, though– as I said, I’m only just learning. 

Anyway, a lot of what I’ll post here will probably be cover work, because I really dig that sort of thing, and in my experience, so do other people. It can be fun to hear an alternate version of a song you already know!

AAAND… *drumroll*… I have an album out! Well, it’s more like a demo, or an EP, but you can find it on CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify! It’s entitled “One.” I’m partial to it. ;) 

Anyway, I guess that’s that. Thank you for finding me! I hope we can get to know each other through music and art and fun and Tumblr! 



photo by Joseph E Reid