Comforting George

G: Running a hand through his hair, George bit his bottom lip in an effort not to cry though it wasn’t working all the much as tears had started to flow. Pulling his knees up to his chest, George rested his head on them not wanting anyone to see him like this.

H: Harry walked into George’s flat, it had gotten to the point where they just walk into each others places. He hadn’t seen the older boy all day and he missed him. He walked to his room, frowning at the sight of the sad boy. “Baby, you okay?”

G: "Huh?“ George asked jerking his head up to see Harry. No no he wasn’t supposed to be here. "Yeah I’m fine.” He said sniffing and wiping at his tears. He hadn’t wanted anyone to see him cry, he was not a pretty crier.

H: “Don’t lie to me, George,” Harry said firmly, sitting down next to his boyfriend and bit his lip. “Please don’t lie to me.” He took his hand in his own, lacing their fingers together.

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