Shelby walked down the hall to Jason’s place, a smile on her lips. She was looking forward to see him, like always. He was a good guy who as easy to talk to. Plus…well, just look at him. What’s not to like? When she finally got to his door, she gave it a knock, stepping back as she waited for an answer.

+ { green-eyedprincecharming & that-weirdo-austin }

Maggie was sat alone in a coffee shop, off in some corner and was barely noticed, despite the seemingly expensive camera that she had masking part of her face. Her eyes focus on a specific individual and just as they lift their cup to their lips, snap! She takes the photo and examines it on the screen with a satisfied smile upon her features. Within seconds she’s finishined her coffee and is up on her feet, moving towards the man and holding out the camera for the other to see their own face on the screen. “Pretty good shot, aye?”

Green Eyes - CLOSED

“Has anyone ever told you that you have gorgeous eyes?” She asks softly, her face leaning in closer to examine his eyes in interest. She felt a small smile tug at the corners of her lips before she pulled away with a small pink tint of pink painting over her cheeks.

[ they met the night of the carnival ]

Stiles loved the annual carnival, she always dragged Scott along with her. She’d make him buy her cotton candy and go on all the rides but sadly this year he was sick and she had to go along with Lydia. She wanted to get mind off of Jackson and Allison was grounded so she had no choice. It was Lydia after all and no one could say no to her.

Stiles was in line for the ferris wheel munching on cotton candy listening to Lydia gab on and on about something, she was just pretending to listen until she noticed a boy staring at her. He looked new- new to town. She realized she was staring back and turned her face away.

{+ 11}

Adyrn stood at the foot of her doorstep, fighting with herself internally. The decision that needed to be made was one of great importance, but there were two halves of her that both displayed different opinions of the matter. It caused her to begin pacing on the old wooden boards, but she ignored how they creaked beneath her. 

High school. To enroll or to not enroll. The graduation year for people her age was around the corner, so it would be pointless up to that point. But if she were to go there, she could be a part of the graduation class next year. Certainly she was educated enough for them to see that she didn’t need previous school records, right? On the other hand, they might reject her completely. Not just the staff, but the students. What if she didn’t fit in because she was a year older than all the other people in her grade? 

Pacing and pacing, Adyrn continued to think and failed to hear the small snap of the wood beneath her. She was too late to realize it before the board caved in, sending her left leg downward and her flesh scraping against the broken edges.