greener than green

The Boy with a Beautiful Smile

You go into the woods to see the boy with the beautiful smile.

Mother has told you to stay away, to look for companionship among your fellow fledgling. Growing up, the elders warned about venturing into his glade, but old people always try to scare the young out of doing what they were too cowardly to.

He is waiting for you, the boy with the beautiful smile. Antlers don his head like a crown, their texture of bark and color of moss. His face is narrow, and eyes are the deepest green, greener than Gladekeeper’s you think. His fingers are long and spindly, and his teeth sharp. He is life and death, he is beauty and despair. You lean in to kiss him.

“I need you.” He whispers, pulling you close. Heart pounding, you smile.

“I need you too.”

“I need your help.” His voice is weak, begging. It breaks your heart.


The word slips from your lips before you can stop it. The boy’s beautiful smile twists, and his grasp grows possessive.

He doesn’t tell you what he wants.

Not yet. .

He takes years from you. At first you dont mind. After all dragons live a very long time. Soon however it becomes draining. Friends you played with as a hatchling fly high, lifted by wind. These days your body feels too heavy, your joints hurt.

The boy remains flawless.

This day is the same. You go to the glade, to see your love. However you soon realize he is not alone. Another boy is with him, younger than you. Prettier.

You want to scream, but your throat tightens. The antlered boy looks up, he stares right through you.

“I need you.” He says to another.