fosterjunky.. my anon ask got cut off. I was going to also say that this article: talks a lot about occupational therapy (OT) resources and how they can help kids who really struggle with impulse control:

If your county is anything like NYC, you’ll have to fight hard to get him OT (which is not cheap) instead of more meds (which aren’t cheap either but tend to be covered) but I’ve seen it make a huge difference with kids.

It’s going to be up to you to keep asking for a treatment plan that works, that doesn’t leave him catatonic. That strikes the right balance for him between medication and learning to self regulate.
White Woman's Death Following Walmart Shooting Ruled Homicide

Greene County, Ohio coroner Dr. Kevin Sharrett has ruled the death of 37-year-old Angela Williams a homicide due to a heart attack she suffered when police officers stormed a Beavercreek Walmart on Aug. 5 and shot and killed 22-year-old John Crawford III, reports Dayton Daily News.

Severe Storm Damage in North Carolina

Keep North Carolina in your thoughts. At least 10 are confirmed dead, but the number is suspected to climb. The storm that tore through the US from Oklahoma to the coast hit the Carolinas hard today. At least 62 tornadoes touched down in the state as it moved toward the coast.

Greene County Middle School was completely destroyed, a Lowe’s in Sanford was destroyed, and many are now homeless.

Information and local updates from:
(submitted by direwing)

Thanks for submitting this, direwing. I had no idea how severe the weather really had been until recently. The videos and pictures are dolorous. I think the death count is 20+ now, with the most being in Bertie County. I’m thinking of the North Carolinian citizens affected by the tornadoes, and I hope everyone and their families, friends and homes are okay.