“Her eyes were like galaxies, and everyone could get lost in them. How many stars flickered there, no one knew, but every time she glanced upon someone, a new star ignited, a new star was caught in the gravity of her stare.”

Heraklion 24/9/16 | The best model |
Pure Genius: Couple Builds Greenhouse AROUND House to Grow Food and Keep Warm
Their house is literally an environmentally-friendly house built within a functioning greenhouse. The result? Absolute comfortably sustainable brilliance. Imagine sunbathing and reading a book in the dead of a frigid winter surrounded by fresh fruits and vegetables. Here's how it works,...

Looking for witchcraft blogs to follow

Yes, I know there have been loads of people posting about this recently, but I’m looking for witchcraft blogs to follow. Specifically newer witches, or witches who are looking for active blogs interested in discussing witchcraft. I love the correspondence posts and the beautiful grimoires but I’m also looking for blogs where I can flail and go UM THIS WAS NOT THE INTENDED PLAN OF THIS SPELL (and I’m very happy for folks to flail back at me). Specifically interested in:

- Crystals! ALL the crystals

- Herbal/green/kitchen witchery

- Astrology/cosmic witchcraft

- Tarot, or more precisely people who won’t judge me when I ignore my Tarot deck for three weeks because it acted like a little shit in our last reading