greene fort


Lupe, Australian Cattle Dog (2 y/o), Fort Greene Park, Brooklyn, NY • “She turns three on New Year’s Eve. She had a bunny and two cats, but just lost the bunny. She also loves intact boys.”


what tonight’s looking like. 😈 (at Fort Greene, Brooklyn)

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Kaine, Siberian Husky (3 y/o), Fort Greene Park, Brooklyn, NY • “He’s a cancer survivor and is kind of aloof. He’s the stereotypical wolf – a loner.”


The moment that Richard is signing your LLL program and you have no thought but to say “I’ve been a fan since North and South” and he says “Awww thank you” and you try to get a selfie with him but forget how to camera. STILL - pretty amazing :’)

As for the play - I loved it - lots of laughs, even though the subject matter was really quite dark. Richard played 19 through 65 like a boss. Amy Ryan was great, as were Zoe and Ben.

What a great birthday weekend in NYC! I’m angry at myself that I didn’t even think to figure out when Lee Pace would be passing by our place in Fort Greene-the marathon went directly in front of us!

Argos, Alaskan Malamute (10 m/o), Fort Greene Park, Brooklyn, NY • “He ripped open a bag of flour in the house. Everything was white.”

Daisy Lou, mix (2 y/o), Fort Greene Park, Brooklyn, NY • “She’s a noodle, likes to do circles, and loves chicken liver Scooby snacks.”