Amazing :) <3


Check him out out on youtube! this kid is really good! :)


Christmas Songs Medley - (I Wish You A Merry Christmas, Deck The Halls & Rockin’ Around) (by greenday3840)


Thank you Janick for everything you made for us. 

“When everyday feels the same, and when nothing seems to change. When I don’t know if I should give up, I’m dreaming, I’m waiting, all my hope is lost.”

“But there’s something in my soul, that keeps me believing in my goal. And all the hope all around me, as keeps me believing in me.”

You made us believe. You made me believe in me again. And I’m proud to be part of AMASIC ARMY…THIS IS OUR GENERATION, THE NEW GENERATION. I’m proud of it. And THANK YOU AGAIN JANICK FOR EVERYTHING. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU. HAVE AN AMAZING DAY =)