greenday illustrated


How to use the invert/flip to make your art look nicer

This is what I use when something looks a tad off in the rough sketch. It may be a bit discouraging to use at first (the flipped image usually always ends up looking way more weirder that the main sketch), but all that means is you’re now able to see what parts of the drawing you’re over looking and trust me, it’ll end up being something very useful to help you improve on your proportions!

I feel like a dick for not giving this blog a proper sendoff so here it is…

Thank you everyone for sticking around to see my drawings of Green Day, it’s been a wild and emotional ride having been a fan for 10 years, but all things must eventually come to an end. The reason for my departure from this blog is mainly due to me being tired of living in their shadow, I’m glad you all have enjoyed my art of Green Day, but that’s not what I want to be known for. With that said it’s time for me to move on. Although, I will always appreciate this band and the artistic inspiration they’ve given me throughout the years… Thanks again!