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The Greendale Seven (and others) + dabbing

Troy and Abed: They dab all the time. They added it to the end of their handshake. They love it
Britta: Refuses to dab on principle. She has to “reject societal norms. Conforming is a step backwards”
Pierce: Dabs to try to be cool and hip to the youngsters. Does it so much he almost gets Troy and Abed to stop because “he’s ruining it”
Annie: Dabs with Troy and Abed but doesn’t really get it.
Shirley: Doesn’t dab but gladly puts up with it but only after the group assures her it’s not a cult/satanic thing. She tries to understand the fad since her boys dab so much, but she gives up on understanding after awhile.
Jeff: Hates dabbing. Has never dabbed in his life because it’s stupid and pointless and for children. Only Annie knows he’s done it in secret just because he was curious.
Frankie: Has never dabbed. Doesn’t get it, doesn’t want to. Just wants this dumb trend to blow over.
The Dean: Made a dab themed costume. Dabs to try to fit in. Makes dabbing a school dance theme.
Chang: Dabs as he’s fleeing the scene after doing something immoral/illegal/wrong.

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