greenbrier valley

Bligh Allen Lynch, although born apparently human on 20th June 1990 (West Virginia Day) is in fact by right of his long lost genetic heritage the Witch-King of the Greenbrier Valley , the chief of a nearly-extinct clan of dog-human hybrids that came to be from the pseudo-historic (in this universe abundantly historic) voyages of Saint Brendan and Prince Madoc of Wales.

The spirit of West Virginia – wild, witchy, untamed, sexual, protective, one with the forests and mountains – abided deeply in Bligh whilst he was human…now that he has come into his true form, he is, essentially, the ancient spirit of West Virginia itself in flesh and fur. His true name is Wukwuff: powerful, savior, guardian, defiance.

Here he wears the traditional raiment of his tribe, the Dogfolk, in their own language the Wufflak: a cloak of turkey feathers, but with a sceptre of a Megatherium’s femur and a crown of crow bones and whitetail antlers to denote his supereme tribal power and kingship.

His story is a human struggle to accept who he really is, and who he must love, as he becomes this kingly creature. Will he come to his long-guarded, nearly-forgotten place of Appalachian monarchy honorably? And how will his best friends, the Lightfoot brothers, accept and love him in his new form, and his new destiny…?

Character by @down-in-the-willow-garden, a.k.a. Aux Chiens.

Art by @skyebluew0lf


Cryptid Themed Alcohol

Mothman Black IPA is described as  “a balanced bitterness of citrus, hints of floral, with a touch of roasted toffee and chocolate”. It is made by Greenbrier Valley Brewing Company out of West Virginia. This specific drink has a 6.7% ABV.

Beast of Bodmin Moor is “deep chestnut red ale, great complex malt flavours with a berry, fruity bitter finish.” Made by Penpoint Brewery, this alcohol has a 5.0% ABV and is from Cornwall, England.

Brewed in Mexicali, Mexico, Chupacabras Pale Ale is made by Cervecería Cucapá. Its ABV is 5.8% and it is described as “tastes like hops, caramel, malt and shows notes of fruit, toasted bread.”

Yeti Imperial Stout is an umbrella that covers several different beers including:  Yeti Imperial Stout, Oak Aged Yeti, Espresso Oak Aged Yeti, Chocolate Oak Aged Yeti, Belgian Yeti, and Oatmeal Yeti. The brewery is located in Denver, Colorado and is called Great Divide. Yeti Imperial’s ABV is 9.5%.