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"Not now, Carisi."

Hi! I love your writing! Would you be interested in writing about Sonny? I’ve always been curious about why he bothered to stick with SVU after being kicked out of so many boroughs.

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“Not now, Carisi!” Lieutenant Benson held her palm out in front of her.

Sonny stopped in his tracks, mouth still slightly open where he had started to speak. Olivia Benson turned and ducked into her office, cell phone held to her ear.

Not now, Carisi, her words echoed in his ears. He had heard them before.

He flopped back into his chair, shoulders hunched over. Sonny glanced around and seeing that the squad room was relatively empty, he let his head fall into his palms.

Not now, Carisi. He had grown accustomed to hearing those words in his previous jobs. But hearing them now, from his lieutenant no less, brought back the memories from his past.

He had begun his law enforcement career as a patrol officer on Staten Island. After making detective, he spent two months with the Staten Island SVU, Brooklyn SVU for almost a month and Queens SVU for a mere week before transferring to Manhattan.

Insensitive, blunt, crass. All words he had been called at these precincts. He sighed and let his mind wander.

“Carisi, what do you want?” the Staten Island captain barked at Sonny.

“Sir, I was looking at a list of potential suspects and you know, it would have been easier to narrow this down if he had actually raped her.”

His captain had squeezed the bridge of his nose and sighed deeply. “Carisi, do you have anything helpful to add?”

“Well, sir, I don’t know if you know, but I signed up for night school, studying Law at Fordham.”

“Carisi, not now. The whole precinct is aware of your after work studies. Let me tell you, you have a long way to go. Now, unless those studies have helped you discover any useful information which will help us break this case, I suggest you try some good old fashioned police work to narrow down that suspect list.”

“But sir, I thought we could get a warrant to get the DNA of all the teachers at the school. They take samples for anyone registered with the education board.”

“I take it they haven’t gotten to the civil liberties lesson yet. Young man, why don’t you join your partner and help him. And don’t come back until you have a solid lead to follow.”

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