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Im 19 5'2 short black hair with bangs, always have lipstick on, i write a lot and i love greenbeans, my favorite hours of the day is right before and during the sunrise, i love holding hands and always sleepy. i like the mountains and dr pepper

Oh you sound so cute! Sunsets always so pretty. Absolutely

Foolish has grown up to be such a handsome boy! 😍 #WhosFoolinWho #Foolish #standardbred #thoroughbred #grey #dapplegrey #english #hunter #eventer #jumper #dressage #americanwarmblood #warmblood #greenbean #personal #shae #maydayshae #equestrian #equine #equinesponsor #horse #horsesponsor #horsesponsorship #pony

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okay so my whole views on the tyler thing are that yall misunderstood him. i think by “the burden” or w/e he meant all of the negative responses he would get if he posted anything, like that he’s just jumping on the bandwagon or whatever or he’s just trying to get people to love him. honestly, yall are overreacting. tyler and josh are about as problematic as vanilla ice cream. and the whole shit w zack honestly cannot be used to show how anti-lgbt top is bc newsflash:: zack is not in the band??? i’m gonna stop this post before i start getting annoyed but like. take a chill pill. pet a dog. relax.

Foolish was so terrific today! He’s really starting to get super catty with his grid work and he’s almost actually cantering now! Can’t wait for the Smoky Mountain Horse Show Series this weekend because I think that Foolish is going to be great if he keeps this up! 😋 #WhosFoolinWho #Foolish

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You Don’t Mess With the Greenburg

When I landed, the wind was knocked out of me.  My ribs hurt, my head hurt, and I’d accidentally bit my lip because the impact dislodged my mouth guard.  Blinking hard I looked up to the opposing team member (number 43) who had tackled me unwarranted.

“Little girls shouldn’t play lacrosse,” he taunted just before his team captain pulled him away.

Scott offered me a hand but I waved it off.  Determined and vengeful I took my rightful position once more.  When the whistle sounded, signalling the start of a new play, I forged ahead with all of my might.

43 went down lack a sack of potatoes and, to top it off, Jackson had just gotten us our first point of the match.

“Who’s the little girl now, bitch?” I seethed after spitting out my mouth guard.

The distinct sound of Stiles’ cheering filled the air.  I tried not to swell with pride.