Shattered by greenapplefreak

Nelyafinwe disapeared when his father burned to ashes on his arms.

Matimo was hacked bit by bit until he was no more.

Maedhros was eroded away by the winds of war.

…Whatever remained was not enough to make a one whole.

It is one of my headcanons that while Feanor is spending the afterlife as a big tornado of fire and rageTM, Maedhros is instead a storm of glass, forever trying to reconcile the many facets of his life until he manages to join them together into one whole elf again.

Ok, so I had this idea around 11:00 pm, and I thought it was a good idea… but somehow it looked better in my mind…

so I’m not sure how it looks to you guys, whether you can see the many shades (Nelyafinwe, Maitimo, Maedhros) or not, but I hope it’s not too confusing!

the same fire inside by  greenapplefreak

“So, :iconoosulimeoo: mentioned a while ago that two fav Tolkien characters were Haleth and Feanor.
Saddly, there’s no “Haleth and Feanor”. There can be no Haleth and Feanor because they never lived in the same era. So yeah, it’ll never happen.

…unless! Someone had a hallucination with both of them!


In the image:

In the heat of battle, Caranthir had a vision of his father, and for a moment he could see it, how much Feanor and Haleth resembled each other: the same fire in their eyes, the same focused determination.

If they had meet, they’d have liked each other.

So that’s it folks! I had no way to place these two together in the same scene so I basically hallucinated myself one situation!”