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You made a fantastic point on that quote, those comment were way out of line! <3

Awww, thank you! It really means a lot. I know it’s “just the internet”, but it’s still kinda… disconcerting… when someone tells you they are going to piss on your corpse…

So huge thanks for your support -glomp- and I have to mention that I really like your blog. I could always use some more atheists in my life! ^_^



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1. Pokemon or Digimon?  Pokemon!

2. What do you think about homestuck? Wat.

3. What do you think about potatoes? I like them?

4. What’s your favourite colour? Sky blue.

5. Do mis-matched socks annoy you? Nope, always got them on.

6. Do you like to tidy up? Sometimes

7. One thing that’s on your mind right now? Seeing my friends that live on the other side of the world and how amazing it will be.

8. Pants or skirts? Jeans!

9. Would you ever pour milk on yourself on purpose? Not on purpose..

10. Could you spare a moment of your life to hear about Jesus Christ? Probably, but it doesnt mean i will then change for them.

11.  What underwear are you wearing? pink with cherries on lol.

Questions from Kate (thursdaysbaby)

1. Movies or music (choose!)? Movies for sure :3

2. Favourite book? Darren Shan

3. Favourite film? Van Helsing or any of the Pokemon movies. 

4. What would your “famous last words” be? It’s alright, I caught all 151 Pokemon.

5. What was your favourite childhood toy? my bunny. 

6. What would your last meal be? roast beef omg.

7. (a) What colour is your hair? (b) Do you like it that way? my hair is a dark red, i love it, but i miss my blue. 

8. Do you have any annoying habits? What are they? Biting my nails and i think thats it.

9. Coffee, tea or other? Coffee :3 

10. Have you ever fallen up a flight of stairs (either sober or otherwise)? many, many times.

11. How do you like your eggs in the mornin’? Scrambled.

New ones :3 (posted by chew-bacco)

1. Favourite piece of clothing: My Zombie Killing T-Shirt.

2. Love or lust?: Love.

3. Double or single bed: I wish I had a double.

4. Mosquito is on your balls. What do you do? : Smack the shit out of that thing.

5. Star Wars 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6?: 1.

6. One food to eat for the rest of you life without getting fat?: Meat.

7. American Dad or Family Guy: Family Guy.

8. Veggie or vegan: Neither!

9. Religious views?: Nout.

10. Describe your best friend: A one of a kind.

11. One word to describe yourself: Pokenerd.

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1. Bulbasaur, Squirtle or Charmander?:

2. Canon or Nikon?

3. WWE or TNA:

4. Favourite gift someone has given you:

5. Favourite season:

6. Eat one fruit for the rest of your life, what would it be?

7. A band that means something to you:

8. PC or Mac?:

9. Where do you spend most of your time?:

10. What job do you want to do in the future?:

11. Name one country you want to visit?: