Cleaner public space

Our cities have great dirt! And there is a lot of it.

For Marktplaats, we cleaned 15 small shopping stalls on the sidewalk during Queens Day in Amsterdam. We made a nice little movie as well.

We returned after Queens Day and cleaned away the stalls leaving the area in better condition then when we arrived.  It was a win, win situation. We used the public space for one week and in return we cleaned it.

We strongly believe that cities could clean themselves if they would allow appropriate communication messages to be washed out of the dirt of public spaces for a fixed period of time in exchange for those spaces being cleaned. Advertising used as a positive solution, contributing on a massive scale at a local level.

The Marktplaats campaign contributed to the GreenAdsBlue water foundation in an amount that will provide clean water for 4 people for 15 years. 

Giving in Tough Times

“Convert difficulties into opportunities, for difficulties are divine surgeries to make you better.”


President Obama gave his State of the Union speech this week. In it he discusses the development of clean energy technologies and creating jobs. (For an interesting visualization of this speech click here) The recession has hit many countries hard and it’s encouraging to hear that industries are adapting to more sustainable practices as a means of encouraging job growth and working towards energy security. Besides that, though, the State of the Union turned a blind eye to foreign policy that didn’t encourage trade or job growth. We’d like to recommend some material those of you who are looking towards securing a better future for a larger portion of the global population.


The United Nations Millennium Development Goals are guidelines set to improve the condition of millions of people around the world. An important goal that they’ve set is to halve the proportion of the world population without sustainable access to safe drinking water and sanitation.  Millions die every year from preventable disease and illnesses caused by poor access to sanitation and clean drinking water.


GreenGraffiti® is committed to helping improve the lives of those without access to clean drinking water. Though times are tough, we still manage to donate 10 cents per liter of water used to GreenAdsBlue. We hope that we can inspire others to be giving even when money is tight. So take a look at these goals, get inspired and ask yourself, “How can I make a difference?" 

Safe drinking water for school Paak chong sanaam chai

A success to celebrate! 

Only two weeks ago we informed you that the project ‘Safe drinking water for Thai school children’ could kick off after a donation of GreenAdsBlue. Already we received the happy news that the project has been completed. Over 200 children in Paak chong sanaam chai in Thailand have access to safe drinking water at their school now.

We congratulate all our clients with this wonderful result. They have supported this project by choosing to work with GreenGraffiti®. For every litre of water that was used to get their reverse graffiti’s on the ground, five eurocents have been donated to the projects of Green Ads Blue.

At this moment 884 million people still have no access to safe drinking water. Therefor we are selecting a new water project to support in Asia. Keep an eye on our Facebook page, as you can vote for the new project soon!

Our dream is that all companies will compensate their water usage and that everyone on our planet will have access to safe drinking water. That is why we founded Green Ads Blue. Would you like to compensate the water usage in your company? Please contact Jim

PS You can read more about the project of Green Ads Blue at