black riddler is so good y’all just the aesthetic, sharp green eyes that are almost glowing would be such a nice contrast against black skin especially a darker skinned guy. green or purple sweater vest. green undershirt with the sleeves rolled up. bowtie. always smirks at you and has a way of making you feel inferior without even having to say anything. he’s a skinny guy but he can go from flirting and quizzing you with riddles to bashing your head in with his question mark cane so fast.

  • Sam: wait, you lost Alex??
  • Magnus: yeah, help me look for her. She's got this amazing green hair, it's surprisingly soft, and these mesmerizing hetrochromic eyes-you could get lost in them forever. Oh, and she's always wearing that cute pink and green vest-her whole outfit is green, its adorable. And she's got that look going on that looks like she could melt your heart and forcibly remove it, too. Looks that could kill, you can't miss her.
  • Sam: I know what my sister looks like, Magnus.

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