Why is Keith the only one who gets flack for his fashion sense. I mean:

Shiro’s aesthetic is similar to Keith’s: fingerless gloves, double fanny packs, rly tight black pants.

Hunk has pointless kneepads and a weird ass muted green vest and feels the need to wear an orange headband 24/7 for no reason.

Pidge has the audacity to combine short pants with a long sleeved shirt, not to mention said shirt is just fucking weird looking. I can’t even tell if it’s supposed to BE a shirt or some weird futuristic hoodie or what. What the fuck is it.

Lance is literally the only paladin with decent, normal looking casual wear. Just a normal shirt, jacket and jeans.

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matt and sam holt invited shiro to go golfing with them once before the kerberos mission can you please describe what happened its for Science™

Matt, Commander Holt, and Shiro go golfing to Bond™ before the Kerberos Mission, oh my god. This is the stuff of dreams.

  • Shiro has never gone golfing once in his life. He was shocked to learn that Arnold Palmer was a real person.
  • Shiro: Hey so do I wear, like, the outfit?
    Matt: What?
    Shiro: You know, the outfit. With the little hat and the white pants that are kinda like capris?
    Matt: ………
    Matt: Yes. You have to wear the outfit. It’s essential to the golfing experience.
  • All three of them wear the Golf Outfits. Commander Holt and Shiro don’t get why Matt is taking so many selfies.
    • Commander Holt is wearing a pea green argyle vest. 
  • They all pile into the golf cart. Shiro insists on driving because he’s the pilot for the mission.
    • Matt and Commander Holt decide their ride doesn’t go fast enough and they make Shiro pull over behind some random shack so they can do semi-illegal modifications to it. They make Shiro stand guard while they prop open the hood.
  • Matt falls into the lake.
  • He does this three times.
  • (TBF, one of those times happened because Shiro chased after him in the golf cart and Matt was scared for his life.)
  • Commander Holt is Ridiculously Strong and keeps whopping his golf balls directly into the sun. And then he can’t find them, so he makes Matt go into the lake to fish up some spares.
    • Commander Holt: Well boys, it appears that I’ve lost my balls :/
    • Shiro: (to Matt) Can he legally say that to us??
  • All three of them are constantly doing the golf clap. Shiro comes out of the bathroom and the Holts are there waiting for him, politely cheering him on.
  • Commander Holt is like. Blatantly cheating. But Matt and Shiro don’t know enough about golf to call him out on it.
    • Commander Holt: Okay, so, because I accidentally hit that bird, that counts as a birdie!
    • Matt: What? That has got to be fake.
    • Commander Holt: Oh yeah? Why else would it be called a birdie, Matt?
    • Shiro: That doesn’t sound right, but I don’t know enough about golf to dispute it.
  • Shiro keeps trying to run Matt over with the New And Improved golf cart and Matt flips out and tries to fend it off with his golf clubs. They break. The golf cart remains unyielding.
    • Shiro: WITNESS ME
  • Sam: wait, you lost Alex??
  • Magnus: yeah, help me look for her. She's got this amazing green hair, it's surprisingly soft, and these mesmerizing hetrochromic eyes-you could get lost in them forever. Oh, and she's always wearing that cute pink and green vest-her whole outfit is green, its adorable. And she's got that look going on that looks like she could melt your heart and forcibly remove it, too. Looks that could kill, you can't miss her.
  • Sam: I know what my sister looks like, Magnus.

Height Chart Main Cast of the LLSxHarryPotter AU!

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Hi, do you know what Adam Lanza wore to Sandy Hook on Dec.14? I've heard stuff about masks, hats and I'm not sure what to believe.

Yes! Let’s do a top to bottom run through!

Adam Lanza wore a Flexfit brand Booney style hat, which he remained wearing when he committed suicide, as you can tell in the photos below.

He wore yellow foam ear plugs. There’s not a picture of those, but here’s the box for them next to his damaged hard drive.

On his way to Sandy Hook, he had two black sweatshirts, but it’s unclear whether he was wearing one or both of them. Either way, he discarded them both on the ground after exiting his car.

Underneath that was a size small green colored Eddie Bauer vest with four outside pockets and three inside pockets. The photos of the vest are redacted, but the report further describes it as: “A full zip front with two snap close breast pockets and two zip close lower front pockets. There were two Velcro close pockets in each inside flap of the vest and one vertical zip close pocket on the inside upper left chest area.”

Adam wore two black shirts, a medium Old Navy polo over a small Hanes T-shirt.

On both hands, he wore black Toesox brand gloves, which were size small.

Black suspenders paired with a black belt.

A camouflage drop holster.

Black Propper brand cargo pants that were size 32R.

A pair of medium black underwear.

Size 8 ½ black Nunn Bush brand sneakers.

And a pair of black socks.

So, I decided to make another playlist. Just in time for inaguration day! You can jam out to this and become empowered and stand up for what is right. Here are the tracks:

1. Rise Above - Black Flag

2. Franco Un-American - NoFx

3. Nothing Recedes like Progress - Anti-Flag

4. White Riot - The Clash

5. My Generation -The Who

6. The Power and The Glory - Cockney Rejects

7. Fabled World - Anti-Flag

8. Life less Frightening - Rise Against

9. Shamless Halo - The Descendents

10. Subdivisions - Rush

11. Bright Lights of America - Anti-Flag

12. ‘Merican - The Descendents

13. Right Side of My Mind - Angry Samoans

14.Killing in the Name - Rage Against the Machine

15. Clampdown - The Clash

16. Are we the waiting- Green Day

17. This is the New Sound- Anti-Flag

-Enjoy and stay safe.


A -very-very- complex plushie I completed recently!!  He took nearly two  and a half weeks alone! @_@ It started with me wanting to tint his armor vest green (I couldn’t find an appropriate fabric~ xD; ) and sewing the lines into it… and ended with me learning a bunch of new techniques and stuff in the process!!  

He’s Prince Caspian from The Chronicles of Narnia~!

This was my first time crafting chain mail for a plushie. it’s removable too with a series of magnets!

This was also the first time I airbrushed a plushie! You can see his brown leather armor has a slight gradation on it. :D I can’t wait to find more reasons to bust out the airbrush machine!!

It was a lot of fun to craft him even though he was so time consuming especially because I got to try a lot of new things!! <3

I hope you guys enjoy him as much as I liked making him!